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Synergy Jackson Pest Control FAQ’s: January 20, 2022

Best mouse exterminator near me?

Getting rid of mice and rodents in your home involves more than just using traps to kill the ones you can see.  Rodent extermination takes several steps to eliminate or reduce the number of mice entering your home.  The first step is the most important, a thorough inspection to identify points of entry and recommend structural repairs.  Rodent stop caulk can be used as a temporary measure to deter mice from entering your home.

After that, your mouse exterminator company will likely use a number of methods including: rodent bait/poison, rodent snap traps, and rodent glue traps. Mouse extermination can take time to be effective as mice are notoriously trap-shy.  Bait rotation may be necessary to find the best bait to attract and trap mice.

How to catch a rat fast?

Catching a rat quickly in your home can be a challenge.  Rats are notoriously trap-shy so sometimes homeowners resort to rat poison first.  Rat poison should be used as a last resort due to the danger of accidental poisoning of humans, pets, and other animals.  The best rat traps for most homeowners are snap traps and glue traps.

If using snap traps first pre-bait the traps without setting them.  After the rats begin consuming the bait, set the traps.  After all rats have been either captured or killed, consider structural repairs to keep new rats from invading your home.

What does a baby German cockroach look like?

German cockroach infestations in your home or business can be the worst.  German cockroaches are prolific breeders and what starts as a small infestation, can quickly grow out of control. Proper identification of the type of roach infestation you have, especially German roaches, is a critical first step to determining how to get rid of them quickly.

The presence of baby German cockroaches could be a sign of a rapidly growing cockroach infestation.  Adult German roaches only grow to about 1/2 inch in length.  Baby German cockroaches are brown in color and as small as grains of rice.

Squirrel poop vs rat poop images?

Squirrel droppings and rat droppings look very similar in both shape and length.  Determining the type of pest poop you have is essential to developing an effective plan to eradicate the unwanted visitors from your home.  Color and the ends of the poop are two important distinguishing characteristics.

Squirrel poop has rounded ends vs, the pointed sharp ends of rat poop.  Squirrel poop will also lighten over time in color; whereas, rat poop remains dark.  

Bat bug bites.  Are bat bug bites the same as bed bug bites?

Bat bugs and bed bugs look very similar.  Determining which you have is key to getting rid of the infestation.  Under magnification, bat bugs have longer hairs on their bodies than bed bugs.  

Unlike bed bugs, bat bugs’ hosts are usually big or little brown bats; whereas, bed bugs choose humans for their blood meals.  The most common place for a bat bug infestation to start is in the attic where bats may have taken up residence.  Eliminating bat bugs for good involves removal of bats from the attic and structural repairs to prevent them from re-inhabiting.

Mouse poop vs rat poop.  How to identify mouse poop?

Determining the type of rodent infesting your home can be difficult.  Rodent droppings or poop can be a great indicator as to what type of rodent you are dealing with.  Rodent droppings from rats and mice can look very similar, though there are some key differences.

Rat droppings are larger at up to 3/4 inches in length.  Rat poop is wide, with either blunt or rounded ends.  Mouse droppings resemble small pellets.  The pellets are only up to 1/4 inch long and have pointed ends.

Lizard droppings vs mouse droppings?

Mouse and lizard droppings can look very similar in size and appearance, with one important distinction.  Both types of droppings are small, pellet-shaped, and dark in color.  Both types of droppings can be found in garages, basements, and on roofs.  

Lizard droppings; however, may have a distinctive appearance.  Since lizards eliminate both liquid and solid waste through the same opening, lizard droppings can have white tips at the ends of droppings.  These white tips are due to crystallized uric acid.

How to tell if a spider is poisonous?

With Mississippi’s climate of warm temperatures and high humidity, it is the perfect habitat for spiders.  Add on to that the number of flying insects in Mississippi and you have the perfect storm for a spider infestation in and around your home.  But are all spiders dangerous?  Fortunately most spiders you may encounter in Mississippi are not poisonous and harmful to humans.  Spiders are actually beneficial as they play a key role in preying on unwanted insect pests.

The top poisonous spiders you may encounter in Mississippi include: Black widow spider, Brown Recluse spider, and the Wolf spider.  The top non-poisonous spiders in Mississippi include: cellar spiders, jumping spiders, garden spiders, hobo spiders, and the American grass spider.

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