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Kim and I feel blessed to have been able to call Madison, MS home for over 20 years. We live in Reunion along with our 21 year old son(Luke), 20 year old daughter(Tyler), and Springer Spaniels(Rusty and Abby). Between golf cart rides, fishing, skiing, and tubing, it feels like we are always on vacation. Reunion is an awesome place to live! Our family loves attending Pine Lake Madison.  Our kids, Luke and Tyler, are juniors and sophomores at Ole Miss.

It’s hard to believe nearly 24 years have passed since Kim and I met, shortly after each of us graduated from pharmacy school. Kim was working as a retail pharmacist at Eckerd’s in Jackson while I was working with my current employer, GlaxoSmithKline, as a pharmaceutical sales representative. After several days in a row of me showing up with pizza at the pharmacy, Kim gave in and agreed to go out with me. Our first date was at Iron Horse Grill in Jackson. And the rest is, as they say, history. We dated for several years and were married in 1997 in Kim’s hometown of Louisville, MS. 

Our wedding gift from my sister was a cute chocolate lab named Murphee. As any pet owner knows, Murphee became our first child. In November of 1999, God blessed us with a son, Luke, and our world was changed forever. A short 15 months later, our sweet (however unexpected) daughter Tyler entered the picture. Although we are both pharmacists and know a little bit about conception, our good buddy Dr. Todd Adkins convinced us that becoming pregnant while breast feeding was nearly impossible. Well, it turns out that it is very possible and thankfully so. We couldn’t imagine our lives without Miss Tyler. Thanks, Todd! 

The next 20 years have been a blur: Like most parents, we stay super busy, sometimes barely able to catch our breath. Kim works as a consultant pharmacist in several area nursing homes and I work with GlaxoSmithKline as a Respiratory Biologics specialist. Between church, traveling to Oxford to see the kids, and sports, we seem like we are always racing from one activity to the next. While hectic, we would not trade one minute of it for anything. It’s been a blast! Blessings, Barry, Kim, Luke, Tyler, Rusty, and Abby

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