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The Best Pest Removal Solution for Your Jackson, MS

There are certain pests that rarely cause hassles inside your home, but they can lead to big trouble overhead. So as soon as you spot an unknown or miscellaneous pest, give Synergy a call and we will remove that pest for you. A few pests we have experience with are:


How do you prevent or get rid of silverfish?  If you have a silverfish infestation inside of your home, the first key is to locate the area of moisture or source of food for silverfish.  A common area to inspect for silverfish is in a bathroom.  A leak in the roof or around pipes can provide enough moisture to sustain silverfish indoors.  Silverfish are also know to prefer starchy and adhesive food types including book bindings, paper, carpet, glue, photos, and clothing.  Silverfish do not bite and are not harmful to humans or pets.  What is the best spray to get rid of silverfish?  First, and most importantly, you must locate and eliminate the source of moisture to keep them from returning.  Most common pyrethroid insecticides are effective at killing silverfish.


If you have seen earwigs before with their large scary-looking pinchers, the first question is do earwigs bite?  Earwigs do not bite but will use their pinchers in self-defense.  Earwigs before to live outdoors around your home in areas that are moist.  They are most active at nighttime.  If you do find earwigs in your house, the most important first step is locating the area of moisture that is attracting them.  The most common areas include stacked newspapers holding moisture, underneath wet carpeting, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, and in house plants.  Insecticide sprays are effective when combined with eliminating sources of moisture in and around the home.


Springtails are tiny and wingless insects that, like earwigs and silverfish, prefer areas of moisture both in and around your home.  Springtails jump, similar to fleas, when moving around.  Wondering how to get rid of springtails?  The critical first step is to determine the area of moisture(leaky roof, bathroom pipe leaks, etc.) that is causing the springtail infestation.  Once the moisture problem is corrected, springtails will quickly die off.  The use of pyrethroid insecticides both inside and outside of your home will also help reduce the infestation.


The two most common types of crickets homeowners will encounter are the black field cricket and the house cricket.  Outdoors crickets will feed on dead and/or living insects and plants.  Indoors, crickets become a major pest by feeding on fabrics, including clothing and carpet.  Exclusion is a great first step in the management of a cricket infestation in your home.  Additionally, removing sources of moisture nearby will also help discourage crickets from trying to get into your home.  Granular boric acid baits applied around the perimeter of the home are very effective.  Indoors, use an approved liquid pyrethroid insecticide.

Asian Lady Beetles

Asian lady beetles are often confused with ladybug beetles.  When comparing asian lady beetles vs ladybugs, asian lady beetles are slightly larger and orange in color; whereas, ladybugs are red.  A common question we get is why does the orange ladybug bite.  Ladybugs don’t bite, but asian lady beetles do.  Asian lady beetles also have an awful smell when crushed.  While not dangerous, Asian lady beetles can be a serious pest.  Colder temperatures in the fall cause them to seek shelter indoors to escape winter conditions.  Asian lady beetles will congregate on the West and Southwest sides of your home around windows seeking warmth and a way to get inside.

Liquid pyrethroid insecticide sprays are effective at reducing Asian lady beetles outside of the home.  Inside, it is best to just vacuum them as they come indoors.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees can look similar to honeybees and bumble bees. Carpenter bees are important pollinators though the only honey they produce is for their young.  Carpenter bees drill holes in softer woods outside of your home for nests for the young and to overwinter.  Carpenter bees do not eat they wood but can become a nuisance by damaging the wood around your home.  Wondering how to get rid of carpenter bees?  The best option is an application of a dust or liquid pyrethroid insecticide into the holes they are making.


There are several different types of centipedes, but the most common is the House centipede.  House centipedes are easy to identify as they have been 20 and approximately 200 pairs of legs.  A house centipede bite can be very painful to humans due to the venom injected as the time of the bite.  Removing sources of moisture both inside and around the home is the key to preventing an infestation of house centipedes.  Liquid insecticides and insecticide dusts can be effective managing house centipedes.


When comparing millipedes vs centipedes, millipedes have two pairs of legs per body part while centipedes only have one.  Millipedes feed primarily on decaying matter.  Another big difference is that millipedes will not bite or sting.  Control of millipedes is similar to that of centipedes with the primary focus being on removal of sources of moisture around the home.

Meal Moths

Meal moths, such as the Indian meal moth and mediterranean meal moth, can quickly become a serious problem.  Meal moths prefer flour and grains and lay between 100 and 700 eggs at a time.  These eggs hatch into larvae within 3 days and become adults within a month.  The critical step to control of a meal moth infestation is to find the source of the infestation.  All bags of cereal, grains, rice, flour, and meal must be carefully inspected.  Those that are considered to be infested need to be thrown out immediately.  If you are unable to identify the source of a meal moth infestation, a pest management specialist may be able to help by installing pheromone traps.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs can become a significant pest issue in the cooler months as they attempt to seek shelter indoors.  To determine how best to get rid of stink bugs, it is first helpful to understand stink bug biology.  While most stink bugs will attempt to enter a structure during the day, lights at night can also attract stink bugs to a home.  Once there stink bugs release a pheromone that attracts other stink bugs to the site.  The top 3 ways to get rid of stink bugs are: exclusion, removal of food sources, and decreased lighting.  Liquid and dust pyrethroid insecticides are useful outdoors while vacuuming is the best choice indoors.


The first sign of chiggers is often the red, itchy rash resulting from chiggers’ bites.  As the reaction to the chiggers’s bites becomes more severe a rash can develop.  Looking for ways to get rid of chiggers?  Chiggers rarely make it indoors, so the focus needs to be on outdoor areas around your home.  Chiggers like to hide under pine straw, ivy, mulch and shaded areas of your lawn.  A liquid pyrethroid insecticide applied by backpack sprayer or mistblower can usually get rid of chiggers within one to two treatments.


A child or adult bringing head lice home is a major issue, but it is not a pest issue.  Understanding what causes head lice and head lice symptoms will allow you to seek earlier treatment from a healthcare professional.  Head lice are transferred person-to-person most often affect children.  Head lice symptoms include the presence of nits(or eggs), adult lice, and itching.  How to do you best treat head lice?  A visit to your physician or pharmacist is essential.  They can assist with the best choices for head lice sprays and shampoos.

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