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Pest Control Madison MS - Synergy²

Cutting Edge Pest and Extermination Solutions

Serving Madison, Brandon, Ridgeland, Jackson, Flowood, Pearl and Clinton


Premier Pest Inspection & Pest Control Solutions in the Jackson Metro

Synergy² specializes in commercial and residential pest inspection services and pest protocols for a wide range of common Mississippi pests.

We use only the very latest technologies to ensure the best, results and optimum customer satisfaction.

Our services are flexible and tailored to your unique situation.

Pest Inspection and Removal Services in Jackson, MS

We inspect your property and offer solutions for all the most common Mississippi household pests, including:

We have years of experience dealing with all these pests and more, so you know you’re in capable hands when you call on us. No pest problem is too complex for us to handle!

Pest Control Your Way

Our tactics include comprehensive home inspections to determine the extent of your problem, followed by a detailed consultation with the homeowner as to the best course of action.

We employ the latest, most advanced methods of integrated pest management including treatment, trapping and exclusion to ensure your home is safe against current and future pest problems.

When you choose to call on us for your pest management needs, you have the choice of several affordable packages. These include a one-time service, quarterly service, and bi-monthly service.

Uniquely, our bi-monthly extermination and pest prevention program includes free re-servicing in the event of a pest breakthrough.

You can opt for an ongoing preventative program or stick to once-off treatments when needed. It’s entirely up to you, won’t pressure you into any extra unnecessary services that you don’t need or want.

Our Pest Inspection and Management Portfolio

Are you looking for pest control in Jackson, MS? Synergy² covers the entire Jackson Metro area, including Jackson, Ridgeland, Madison, Flowood, Brandon, Pearl, Byram and Clinton.

We have over 300 5-Star Google reviews online.  Are you a business owner interested in commercial pest services?  Synergy² services over 130 commercial properties in the Jackson metro.

Do You Want to Live Pest-Free in your Jackson, MS home?

Get in touch to schedule a pest inspection service with Synergy². We are certain to have a pest management program that suits you.

For friendly and efficient pest control services near you, call us at 601-718-0262 right away!

About Our Family

Kim and I feel blessed to have been able to call Madison, MS home for over 20 years. We live in Reunion along with our 20 year old son(Luke), 19 year old daughter(Tyler), and Springer Spaniels(Rusty and Abby). Between golf cart rides, fishing, skiing, and tubing, it feels like we are always on vacation. Reunion is an awesome place to live! Our family loves attending Broadmoor Baptist Church where Kim enjoys singing in the choir and on Broadmoor’s praise team. Our kids are very active in all of the awesome youth activities and programs offered at Broadmoor. It’s hard to believe nearly 24 years have passed since Kim and I met, shortly after each of us graduated from pharmacy school. 

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Our Services


Pest Services-Residential

Providing cutting-edge pest control and extermination services to the residents of Jackson’s metro area, Synergy² is proud to offer our customers “Pest Control Your Way” with no long-term agreements required! It really is that simple: You tell us what you want and we provide it. Synergy² focuses on science-based integrated pest management principles and pest prevention to build a barrier of protection around your home. Synergy² keeps bugs where they belong, outside of our customers’ homes. Try us once or use us as often as you like!

Pest Services-Commercial

Providing pest control service to over 130 commercial properties in the Jackson metro area, Synergy² Pest is committed to providing the highest levels of cutting edge pest control and customer service. From sensitive accounts such as food processors and healthcare facilities to restaurants and multi-family housing, Synergy² can solve your toughest pest control issues. In addition to areas in the Jackson Metro(Madison, Ridgeland, Brandon, Jackson, Clinton), we also service commercial properties from the Gulf Coast to Vicksburg to North Mississippi. Whether it is disease transmission, food-borne illnesses, or other health-related concerns, pest infestations can cause serious disruption to the daily operations of your business. Oftentimes; however, the damage from a pest infestation is one that impacts the lifeblood of your company, your company’s hard-earned reputation. Synergy² will work with your company to design a pest control plan focused on protecting your company’s valuable reputation. Whether your company needs a comprehensive pest prevention program or assistance quickly diagnosing and solving a one-time pest infestation, Synergy² can help.


Customer reviews

Based on 483 reviews
Robert Butler
13:03 12 Jan 22
We used this company and they done a jam up good job they were always on time they came and solve the problem when we called them, and we have no complaint with this company I will recommend them to anyone so I give them wish they deserve a five-star.
J. Curtis
16:50 10 Dec 21
This is a really professional company and always responsive. Dave is always on time and very informative when we have questions about potential issues at our property. It is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience every Friday he comes to service our units. Keep up the good work!
Holli Hennington
14:49 10 Dec 21
Dave is always on top of everything! He remembers his clients and their individuals pest control needs at my property.
Clorisha Cooley
17:55 09 Dec 21
My service today with Dave McAllister was awesome and informative
Kristen Fleming
19:20 02 Dec 21
Anna Lerant
16:35 06 Nov 21
Excellent, quick and thoughtful service! Great communication, nothing left to guessing. I wish we would have had contacted Synergy2 service earlier. Highly recommend.
15:15 22 Oct 21
15:14 22 Oct 21
I received an exterior and interior extermination service.
Greg Tant
16:53 15 Oct 21
Juliano D
14:01 15 Oct 21
Amber Arnold
13:58 15 Oct 21
emmanuel shoulders
14:18 14 Oct 21
Im truly grateful for having This company to service the business i works for. Dave is very professional, when he comes to spray and inspect.
Amanda L
17:28 08 Oct 21
Joe Strickland at Synergy is AMAZING! We love him here at Stoney Creek Mobile Home Community! Highly recommend!!!
Marty Glenn
16:59 08 Oct 21
Barry and Joe at Synergy we’re great! VERY responsive and professional. The work was scheduled and completed in a matter of days and I felt that the price was very fair compared to some of their competitors. Would definitely use them again in the future!
Aleshia McKnight
16:03 08 Oct 21
Aleshia McKnight
16:03 08 Oct 21
Kim Hunt
18:36 06 Oct 21
Ali Sheikh
18:53 05 Oct 21
Ali Sheikh
18:52 05 Oct 21
I have been using this company for almost an year. Never had any issues. Mike Blamberg is so professional and such a sane guy. I just love supporting my locally owned company. Beyond 5 stars from my family. Thank you guys and keep it up. 👍🏻
Sharon Moulder
17:58 05 Oct 21
They do a great job keeping those mean red wasp away from my porch and pool area.
Mitch Rogers
14:49 05 Oct 21
Did a great job! Excellent communication and came out very quick! No more spiders!
Bobby Smith
14:00 05 Oct 21
Mike does a great job of coordinating convenient times to service my home. He is very professional and thorough. I also appreciate his follow up when I text between schedules visits if anything comes up.
Lucien Bourgeois
13:50 05 Oct 21
Laurie McClintock
11:28 05 Oct 21
I recently purchased a home and realized I had lots of mosquitoes in the backyard, which I wasn’t used to having at my previous home. I texted the owner of Synergy2 and he immediately responded. Within the hour, the general manager texted me and later that day treated the exterior and interior for pests and the backyard for mosquitoes. He said the mosquito treatment should last 3-4 weeks. I also plan to do the pest treatment quarterly. I love using a family-owned business and appreciate their quick and attentive service!
Cathy Havens
19:44 01 Oct 21
Cathy Havens
19:44 01 Oct 21
Brandon Norton
19:23 01 Oct 21
Brandon Norton
19:23 01 Oct 21
Allie Saults
17:14 28 Sep 21
Joe was kind, prompt, informative and left me several glue traps
Krisha Curry
16:31 28 Sep 21
Sue Ann Bernard
16:15 28 Sep 21
Mary rather
15:40 28 Sep 21
Corinne Farmer
15:26 28 Sep 21
Al Cummins
15:06 28 Sep 21
Synergy was great! Service was exceptional and really appreciate the urgency their team placed in meeting our needs. Dave did a great job and we have not had any problems since they treated the house.
Caitlyn B. K
15:02 28 Sep 21
I’m afraid of spiders and any kind of crawling creatures showing up in my house. Synergy quickly responded to my inquiry and already showed up twice in 2 months to spray without delay. Dave was friendly and addressed my concerns. At this point of my life,I care very much about good customer service and synergy provides both good customer and high quality work. They don’t have monthly plan and don’t need it to get customers because customers will come back to them.
Jennifer Ballard
15:10 16 Sep 21
Jennifer Ballard
15:10 16 Sep 21
Elizabeth Garner
11:56 15 Sep 21
Wonderful customer service. They always send reminder text and/or calls regarding service dates and times and when they are on the property. We live on the water and they spray for all bugs, spiders (spider webb removal) and mosquitoes and we have been very happy with the services that they provide. Friendly, timely and professional and they get the job done! Would highly recommend.
Allie Saults
13:15 13 Sep 21
We opted for a one time interior/exterior spray for bugs after finding a black widow in our home. They were responsive, professional, quick and we decided to continue to receive treatments from them. Great team!
Karen Countiss
18:40 12 Sep 21
Tom Halford
14:14 12 Sep 21
Very effective in addressing the problem. Reasonable costs. Timely, courteous, etc. I was relieved to find someone who would and could deal w/ the squirrels in our attic.
Kerry Heerssen
21:46 11 Sep 21
Took care of our insect and spider problem. Have not had any problems since. Great company to use for pest control.
RobdoB 601
20:26 11 Sep 21
My technician, Joe, did an amazing job with A+++ exceptional service. Will definitely be using their services again.
RobdoB 601
20:26 11 Sep 21
My technician, Joe, did an amazing job with A+++ exceptional service. Will definitely be using their services again.
Heather Rasmussen
16:15 11 Sep 21
When my husband and I bought our new property, it had fleas in the house. These exterminators came and fix the problem. They answered all of our questions, and they didn’t seem to think it was silly that I was concerned about the chemicals harming our cats. They assured us that they would not, and our cats showed know affects. of course we all stayed out of the house for the recommended period of time. We had no further problem with fleas after just one treatment.Additionally, we had originally planned to treat the yard. The guy who came out inspected the yard and did not find evidence of fleas. He told us there wasn’t really any need to treat the yard since all the fleas appear to be in the house. This shows that they are more interested in building good customer relationships than just making money, which we really respect.
Randy Williams
12:37 11 Sep 21
Very responsive and made the process easy. Many thanks
Jessica Truong
18:13 10 Sep 21
Dave was very helpful and professional. Will definitely use again!!
Pamela K Jones
17:41 10 Sep 21
This company and its employees are the best!! Especially Dave and also Joe. They Really helped me with a squirrels in the attic problem. I highly recommend Synergy!!
Amy Pinkerton
16:01 10 Sep 21
Before Mike from Synergy sprayed for mosquitoes, I literally could not go into my backyard for 30 seconds without being bitten 10 times!!! It was misery! After he sprayed for mosquitoes two weeks ago, I have not been bitten 1 single time, and I have spent HOURS in my backyard playing with my dog! I will never go back to the DIY mosquito treatments I tried. Thank you, Mike and Synergy, for giving my backyard back to me!
Amy Pinkerton
15:59 10 Sep 21
Before mike from Synergy sprayed for mosquitoes, I literally could not go into my backyard for 30 seconds without being bitten 10 times!!! It was misery! After he sprayed for mosquitoes two weeks ago, I have not been bitten 1 single time, and I have spent HOURS in my backyard playing with my dog! I will never go back to the DIY mosquito treatments I tried. Thank you, Mike and Synergy for giving my backyard back to me!
Davis Roberts
15:18 10 Sep 21
candie simmons
15:06 10 Sep 21
I have used Synergy for about three years and they provide exceptional and professional service. Immediately after rendering service, I was able to sit peacefully in my backyard and not have mosquito bites.
candie simmons
15:04 10 Sep 21
I have used Synergy for about three years and they provide exceptional and timely service. I noticed an immediate difference when sitting in my backyard after they rendered service. I no longer felt mosquitoes biting me and I was able to sit in my backyard and enjoy it in peace.
Miranda Calder
14:55 10 Sep 21
Super nice and gets the job done!
Katherine Kline
14:44 10 Sep 21
Professional and efficient!
Salam Rida
14:22 10 Sep 21
Very responsive and professional company. Appreciated their process: came out in a timely manner, inspected the house, emailed me a quote that I could review before accepting and then was emailed a receipt for the work.
Noel Lee
14:21 10 Sep 21
Nathan killingsworth
14:19 10 Sep 21
So glad we called this company. Sent in a request for quotation on Saturday morning and received a call within an hour to schedule a Monday visit. The technician spent 2 hours at my house and got rid of ants that Orkin had been chasing around for months. If service stays at this level of excellence, we will be a Synergy customer for life.
Spencer Farmer
14:15 10 Sep 21
Belinda Woods
00:14 24 Aug 21

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