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What To Do When Rat Poison Is Not Working Getting Rid of Rats Quickly

Are you searching for alternative ways of getting rid of rats in your home? Are you tired of using poisons to get rid of rats but don’t provide the best results? If so, then you are in the rat place. Rats are very smart pests. They don’t just eat foods that are new to them; this might be one of the reasons why poison usually doesn’t work.

Rats carry disease as well as bacterial infections. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate rats as safely and as quickly as possible. We asked the professionals to figure out the most efficient ways of getting rid of annoying rats on your property.

Common FAQ’s About Rat Poison

1.What is the best rat poison?

2.Is Tomcat rat poison good?

3.Is there a just one bite rat poison?

4.Is Home Depot rat poison any good?

5.Is there homemade rat poison?

Signs Your Home is invaded by Rats

The first indication of rat issues is noise. Rats will create scratching noises that can be heard easily from attics and within walls. Pay attention to their scratching as well as rustling noises after sunset when rats are most active.

Another sign is rat dropping. Usually, you can find droppings in food sources like pet dishes. The droppings will be small and look like a rice grain, black and glossy. You must also search for nests and burrows. You’ll find burrows under places such as compost piles and in gardens. Look for nests around boxes, near woodpiles, as well as inside of drawers. A couple of other indications of rat infestations are grease marks together with rafters and beams due to a rat’s greasy fur and gnawing marks on wiring and boxes. If you notice these signs, perhaps you have a rat issue and must call an expert exterminator.

Best Alternatives to Poison To Get Rid of Rat

The overpopulation of rats has been an issue in homes for many years; therefore, you are not alone in eliminating the pesky rats out of your backyard and neighborhood.

However, how you carry it out can ignite a neighborhood argument, which includes risks of utilizing poison, both on kids and the ecosystem.


Baiting traps to kill and lure something a lot of homeowners are familiar with. These are considered the humane methods of eliminating rats as it a fast kill. However, you need to ensure to place the traps under milk crates or inside boxes so other animals cannot be hurt. You can also use peanut butter as your bait. It is fragrant, cheap as well as extremely attractive to rats. You can try what works in your backyard.

Using traps rather than poisons provides clear verification of captured rats and enables you to gauge the efficiency of traps. Also, you can dispose of rats right away instead of dealing with the annoying smell of rotting bodies.

Utilize Smoke Bombs

Another effective alternative to using poison to get rid of the rats is using smoke bombs. This is considered the best solution once you notice burrows produced by rats in your yard. According to experts, burrows usually have lots of loose oil as well as a hole made at an angle. You cannot utilize smoke bombs when the burrow is located near a porch, tree as well as other flammable structures.

Use Eucalyptus Oil

This pest has a very keen sense of taste and smell. While this oil has a pleasant smell to us, it’s overpowering to rats. There’s a proof which they do not love the taste of it. Even if the scientific proof is slim, there’s enough to back it as being partially efficient at getting rid of rats.

Essential oils are easy to use; just combine ten to twenty drops of oil in 2 cups of water and place them in a bottle. Spray the parts where you have seen signs of rats, entry points, areas where you have seen droppings, and areas you are trying to keep rats out of. Essential oils do not last long when used, so you will need to reapply or re-spray them every two to three days.

Clean Up

This pest love places and shelters to hide. One effective way to get rid of rats if the poison doesn’t work is to eradicate their hiding places. Make sure to clean the mess within and around the home and also move things away from the walls.

Keep all garbage and food in a closed bin and clean any spills fast. Also, you need to make sure you keep the drains and pipes clean.

Use Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes are identical to snap traps in which you need to bait the box with peanut butter or cheese as your attractant. If the rat goes inside the box, an electric current kills it. This is considered effective and reliable than poison. However, electrical boxes are risky and dangerous to pets and children. So, ensure to place them far from your kids’ reach.

Consider Trapping

As harsh poisons and rodenticides have been outlawed or fallen out of favor, trapping turns out to be the most efficient method to get rid of rats. It is what slays rats effectively and fast. This is free of poison so safe to use inside your home. If you are going to put your own rat traps, make sure to use many of them, and you put the traps in a high-activity area. You can use unsalted seeds, peanut butter, apples as well as bananas as your bait.

Using Natural Methods

With regards to eliminating annoying fats in your home, some simple natural ingredients can help a lot. You can try these home remedies:

Spread cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, cloves or black pepper around the exterior of your home to avoid rats from going inside. Choose the best substance of your choice generously along the line between the ground and your home’s foundation.

Spray pepper spray or sprinkle crushed pepper closer to rat holes and openings. This will annoy the rat’s airways and noses as well as discourage them from going inside your property.

Contact An Expert Pest Management Company

Once you gave rats, call an expert pest management firm in the area to assists you get rid of them out. This expert will help in determining the entry points and find the nesting as well as food cache areas. Professional can assists you in knowing the main cause of rat infestation and prevent rats from going inside your home.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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