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Jackson, MS Pest Control Experts

Whether you’re a commercial business, property manager, or homeowner located in the southern United States, you’ve experienced the need for pest control. In the South, mosquitoes, roaches, termites, and ticks abound. But that doesn’t mean they have to affect you!

Finding a good pest control service to do all the dirty work frees you up to live your best life. And the expertise a pest control company can offer is well worth the cost of the service. There are plenty of reasons to choose to hire a leading pest control service Jackson, MS trusts for your home, business, or real estate holding.

The Many Types of Pests:

Ants in the kitchen. Bed bugs under the mattress. Flies slipping through your screen doors or appearing on your fruit bowls. Gnats in the backyard. Fleas on the cat. Ticks in the long grass. Mice in the cupboard. Rats in the basement and attic. And we’ve all run away or jumped out of our skin at an appearance from American cockroaches, German cockroaches, or spiders!

And let’s not even get into the annoyance of yellow jackets, wasps, bees, termites, and even wildlife like raccoons or squirrels when they’re buzzing, crawling, and nibbling around your yard. 

The presence of pests in your home or office can make life generally unpleasant or even dangerous. Cockroaches, ticks, bats, mosquitoes, flies, and rodents carry harmful diseases. People with asthma issues or other lung conditions often find they have an increase in health issues, their breathing condition worsened by the debris and shedding left by insects and other small pests. And termites, wasps, fleas, and bed bugs all pose their own unique set of discomfort and sometimes danger. 

But there is a solution for all these, and more. Pest control services using cutting edge commercial insecticides can offer control and sometimes complete extermination for all of the creepy crawlies mentioned above, at least in your personal space.

You don’t have to face these pests alone. When you work with a professional exterminator Jackson, MS homeowners trust, you can manage these and other pests safely, effectively, and affordably.

Best Pest Control Insecticides

The best pest control insecticides tend to be chemicals specifically manufactured to target each specific insect or arachnid. It’s also helpful to point out that for an infestation, chemical pest control methods and a pest control company are the most effective.  If you can deal with the problem before it becomes an infestation, a few well-placed bait packs or traps may also do the trick. 

Some pests can be controlled by spraying while others will require more targeted treatment. And when you get to the point of an infestation, a simple spray around your foundations won’t do enough to stop the issue. A pest control service can attack the problem at the source and help you figure out the best prevention to keep it from happening again.

Professional Pest Control Products

When you’re working with a professional extermination service, they’re going to use the best pest control products and be certified to use them. It’s always good to check with the company to see the ingredients of what they’ll be using in your home or office. Strong chemicals are almost always unavoidable if you want an effective solution, but always be aware of what chemicals you’ll be interacting with. 

When you choose the professional pest control Jackson, MS businesses and homeowners rely on, you get the benefit of more effective products: heavy-duty professional-grade concentrations more powerful than the consumer spray or bait traps you can purchase at your local hardware store. And the technicians who apply these products should be trained to safely apply them while avoiding contamination. 

Always pay attention to the instructions provided by the extermination service. Remove all pets from the areas to be treated, relocate food items that could be contaminated by the chemicals, and keep small children away.

Emergency Exterminators Jackson, MS Trusts

When you need pest exterminators, you need them right away. There’s nothing like seeing a cockroach scamper down the hall, and if local exterminators for roaches don’t respond quickly, it leaves you hanging out with a nasty neighbor. In Jackson, like most places, we deal with a lot of bugs and other pests, so it’s good to find an exterminator with a proven record of good response times. 

Be sure to check the references and reviews of the company before you hire them. You can often get a free quote before any contracts are signed, so take advantage of that opportunity and compare a few quotes to find your best purchase. But always take into account the quality of the company.

Pest Control for Home and Lawn

With just a quick Google search, you can find images, horror stories, and tips for dealing with bed bug bites, but what if you could deal with nasty pests like those without becoming one of the cautionary tales? 

Your home should be a safe space. And although pest control starts with keeping a clean environment and reducing opportunities for pests to establish themselves, sometimes they get in and set up shop anyway. And that’s where a pest control inspection and service comes in. A pest control company can evaluate your home and property to find where the pests have made their homes, knock out any infestations, and provide regular maintenance or checkups as needed to keep everything pest free.

Pest Control for Business

As nasty as it is to feel like you have bugs in your home environment, it’s even more of a priority to keep your work environment free and clear of pests. A clean environment supports a strong reputation and a healthy workspace and works to help keep your employees, contractors, and clients all happy. 

In business and commercial extermination, you should look for a pest company that can work discreetly and with a history of satisfied customers

There are often regulations and safety hazards in play in commercial settings, especially in any kind of food service or health-related industry. Educate yourself about what is and is not permitted before engaging a contractor to deal with the issue. A professional exterminator who has done work in your industry will be able to help you know what to watch out for.

What Does An Exterminator in Jackson, MS Cost?

Depending on the services you need and the extent of the pest problem, the price range you can expect to pay will vary. But a good extermination service will offer an inspection and quote based on your individual needs. In every case, what happens will be situational. 

For example, if you found yourself typing “pest control near me, wasps swarming,” it probably will mean that you need a pest control service and fast. So in that case, your situation would warrant a quick turnaround and someone who offers a wasp exterminating service. Not really time for an inspection, just quick action to get rid of the problem. But if you noticed a couple of wasps buzzing around your porch railing one morning creating a little nest, definitely be sure to look at a variety of quotes and weigh your options.

How Can Expert Pest Control in Jackson, MS Help You?

In Mississippi, we have lots of creepy crawlies, so it’s great to know who you’re going to call if you start seeing them around the house or at your commercial facility. Some exterminators will offer maintenance services like scheduled sprays on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.  Maintenance treatments are most effective at preventing serious pest infestations.

Exterminator for Ants

There’s nothing like picking up a jelly jar from the counter and finding your hand covered in ants that somehow managed to make it past several feet of concrete or brick and into the house. A few bait traps set around in safe places will get you started, but if they’ve gotten a well-established trail or made an anthill somewhere inaccessible, it’ll be time to call a service. 

There are a few important steps for getting rid of ants and keeping them out. First, you’ll want to clean up the area where you spotted them. Ants are attracted to food and water, so try to remove any supply they might have found, including leaky pipes and refrigerator drip trays.

Another important thing is to close up any entry points you can find. The easiest way to do this is to follow the breadcrumbs- or in this case, the line of marching ants- to find the hole they’ve been coming in through. 

A pest control service knows how to find the nest and can supply you with more details about how to get rid of a nasty infestation.

Exterminator for Mice

As with all pests, the best way to avoid a mouse or rat infestation is by prevention, which is not easy. Mice and rats can fit through any space they can get their head through, which means that a mouse can fit through any hole less than the size of a dime, while rats can enter through anything the size of a quarter. 

A pest control service may offer a few options to rid you of an infestation. Rat traps, snap traps, glue pads, and poison are the most common methods, but each has downsides. Poisoned rodents will die wherever they are without trying to escape, which could leave you with a stinky carcass in your walls. Glue traps will catch mice and possibly smaller rats but can be dragged away by a larger rat. Snap traps and rat traps are an easy way to go but only catch one at a time. It’s best to listen to the advice of the exterminator for your particular situation. 

If you do find that you have a rodent infestation, a pest control service will help you place traps and poisons in a way that will effectively eliminate all rodents in your home.

Exterminators for Bed Bugs

One of the most repulsive bugs you’ll ever see  is the bed bug…if you see them. They like to hide in corners and seams, and the nymphs (young bed bugs) are almost see-through. Adult bed bugs pick up color as they feed, which turns them a rusty reddish-brown, because like the pesky mosquito, bed bugs feed on human blood. And although bed bugs do not normally carry diseases, some people react strongly when bitten, while others do not react at all. 

Getting rid of bed bugs is particularly challenging. They don’t just live in beds, as their name suggests, but also under carpeting and baseboards and inside furniture and clothing seams. Most consumers will find themselves in a never-ending battle trying to be rid of them. 

Due to their hardy skin and their ability to hide, a consumer bed bug bomb will only kill some of the bugs and won’t ever solve the problem completely. 

When you hire the bed bug exterminator Jackson, MS homeowners can rely on, Synergy², your treatment will consist of multiple elements combined for maximum efficacy:

  • Insecticide dusts: Diatomaceous Earth is a sustainable, naturally sourced insecticide that breaks down bed bugs’ exoskeletons abrasively, killing adult bugs and preventing larvae from reaching maturity. Applying it as a barrier also prevents bed bugs from reaching already cleared parts of the room or building.  Other powdered insecticides and baits can poison bugs in more targeted areas, providing an additional chemical attack.
  • Liquid insecticide: Pyrethrin, released as a fog or spray, can get into hard-to-reach spaces, flushing bed bugs out of the smallest nooks and crannies. However, some bed bugs are resistant to pyrethroids and will not respond to this treatment.
  • Extreme heat: Using specialized space heaters and house wrapping, an exterminator in Jackson, MS can raise the temperature of your house to 140 °F, killing any bed bugs that may be inside. 

Our professional pest control in Jackson, MS has the expertise and experience to use these treatments as effectively as possible, eliminating this unusually persistent and disgusting pest from your home and restoring your peace of mind.

Choosing the Best Pest Control in Jackson, MS

First, do your research. Find someone trustworthy who has a proven record. Check on their certification status and their standing with the community and the Better Business Bureau. Look at the services they offer and make sure they’ll be able to help you. Read through a few of their reviews, good and bad, and see what their customers have to say about them. 

Next, request an inspection, consultation, or quote for your space. If they offer a quote without ever inspecting the issue, there’s a possibility that they are generalizing and won’t give you the most specialized, effective treatment service. 

We recommend that you request a quote from at least two companies. The best decision is an educated one, and you can learn a lot about a company by holding it up to its competitors. You want to feel good about the people you let into your personal space, be it home or office. 

Finally, choose the pest control service that makes you feel the best. Once all your research is done and you’ve eliminated all the unhelpful options, go for a company that values you as a customer. A service company should make you feel as if you’re being served, right? 

Find a pest control company that checks all the boxes, does their research and provides a personal, specific service that makes you feel good, and you’ll be in the right spot.


About Us

Founded by a pair of pharmacists with a passion for finding the best solution for controlling pests, Synergy² first started when founder Barry Pitts began experimenting with insecticides and herbicides in early 2013. Since then, Synergy² has grown to offer our clients the comfort of an experienced team with proven results and over 220 5-star reviews on Google. Our passion is to treat you like our own family and build a relationship with our clients to provide exceptional service and results. We want you to know you’ve been heard and understood.

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Synergy² is available for emergency pest calls 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Call us at (601) 718-0262 for an exceptional and effective pest control service experience, or email us at synergy2pestms@gmail.com!

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