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Ashley Helms
19:37 17 Jul 20
mckinna powell
17:50 06 Jul 20
Great company!!! Very well put together And efficient
JP Mastal
16:06 06 Jul 20
Westbrooks Ross
22:30 02 Jul 20
Great company and great service!
Olivia Stevens
23:59 01 Jul 20
Ann Ross Berry
19:01 01 Jul 20
Reed Collins
16:50 01 Jul 20
Jack Barr
16:38 01 Jul 20
Great work for great price. Got the job done quick and efficient!
Trey Ellison
20:48 27 Jun 20
Payton Holtsinger
19:38 27 Jun 20
Baylee Graning
15:00 25 Jun 20
David DuCote
05:12 24 Jun 20
Lily Crawford
19:38 22 Jun 20
Camille Felder
19:21 22 Jun 20
charley blount
03:59 22 Jun 20
Elizabeth Knotts
00:53 22 Jun 20
James Dees
21:07 20 Jun 20
Charles Gehringer
10:07 18 Jun 20
Ashlyn Eaves
17:20 17 Jun 20
Maddi Hinson
02:07 16 Jun 20
Amber McAlpin
02:01 16 Jun 20
Bradyn Eaves
21:46 15 Jun 20
Anna Leigh Montgomery
03:25 12 Jun 20
Beth Peale
16:31 10 Jun 20
I can’t say enough good things about Dave McCalister. He was right on time and very professional. He took a lot of time to explain things thoroughly,which I really appreciate, and I learned a lot from him. He did a very thorough job (unlike services I’ve used in the past) and I was vey impressed. I believe he went above and beyond and I believe the results will be excellent. I highly recommend!
Jack Ferguson
00:58 10 Jun 20
Alexa Ainsworth
00:12 10 Jun 20
Abby Miskelly
19:44 09 Jun 20
callie hall
14:33 07 Jun 20
Synergy² was a great resource for pest control. Very efficient, reliable, and honest. Would recommend them to anyone. Couldn’t be happier with the service.
Lizzy Self
18:00 06 Jun 20
Parker Williams
16:56 06 Jun 20
Isabelle Sandridge
16:01 05 Jun 20
Grace Gober
22:15 04 Jun 20
Annie Parkes
22:01 04 Jun 20
Gabriela Rico
21:59 01 Jun 20
Dailee Ellis
21:59 01 Jun 20
Ansley Fava
21:57 01 Jun 20
Sara Martin Meyers
21:53 01 Jun 20
Victoria Stevens
18:59 01 Jun 20
Kirsten A
18:59 01 Jun 20
Casey Blackwell
13:22 01 Jun 20
Jason Strong
14:11 28 May 20
Awesome folks, very responsive and great experience. Definitely would use again.
Jude Stubbs
00:48 28 May 20
Dave with Synergy called and text me promptly after I called the office to inquire and he informed me of what all he does to treat my property. He showed up on time and was quick and thorough. Highly recommend.
Dan Countiss
15:09 25 May 20
Excellent. Took care of mosquitoes around the patio, pool, and deck so we can enjoy those areas.
Ruth Barber
13:59 24 May 20
Jim Roberts
22:22 21 May 20
Billie Godwin
20:30 21 May 20
Joe was prompt to come out to my home and eliminate my bee problem. He was very quick and professional. I would recommend him to anyone. I will definitely be calling him back if needed. Thanks
Jon Calder
18:38 21 May 20
They did a great job and took care of our needs. Explained everything to us clearly and didn’t rush through.
Marc Sanders
18:07 15 May 20
Sheila Haynes
12:09 15 May 20
Billie Skipper Grogan
19:50 12 Aug 19
I have used Synergy2 from the very beginning. I cannot say enough good things about their service. I am thankful for such an excellent and dependable company.
Josh Sims
15:26 21 Jun 18
The best in the business! The employees are very friendly and they do a great job. We have been using them for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Glen Gregory
13:05 07 Apr 18
They were great! They were quick to schedule and on time. Mike was very friendly and knowledgeable. We were having so many pests outside it was hard to enjoy our back yard. Not anymore, their safe products worked quickly.
Gray Pace
09:59 14 Mar 18
Julie Everett Koestler
19:40 12 Mar 18
Dianne Kirk Swanson
19:35 12 Mar 18
Barry and his crew are wonderful! My grass looks amazing!!! Wonderful service! Highly recommend!!
Julie Watts Reed
17:36 12 Mar 18
Best service around! Scheduling is easy and very friendly staff!
Edward Joe
15:55 12 Mar 18
Barry and his staff do a great job with pest and weed control for our home! Highly recommend!
Christie Farese
15:28 12 Mar 18
The service is always wonderful, but the people are what makes Synergy my first choice! They truly care about providing top-notch service.
Sam Cockroft
15:28 12 Mar 18
We’ve used Synergy for over 3 years. Barry and his staff do a great job and are excellent to work with!
Call synergy today for excellent service and great products!
Kyla Hathorn Sanford
14:36 12 Mar 18
Wonderful service owned and managed by great people! I highly recommend!
Beth Webb Bryan
14:31 12 Mar 18
Ashley Pullen
14:22 12 Mar 18
Great quality and awesome service.. repeat customer for years
Lauren Dove Williams
14:19 12 Mar 18
We love Synergy! Vet couldn’t believe our outside dogs had no signs of any fleas or ticks. All thanks to a yard maintained by Synergy!
Shana Cook
14:19 12 Mar 18
Barry and his staff are wonderful! They service inside our house for pest control and keep our lawn weed free and fertilized! Love that they are local and more so, that they treat their clients like family!
Lori Gaston Haight
13:50 12 Mar 18
Excellent service! Highly recommend! Best we’ve ever had.
We’ve been using Synergy for over a year & love them! They take the cob webs down & take extra care for our two dogs & 5 ducks! They come in & spray even if we are not home, you can trust them! I highly recommend them!
Ginnie Walters Ingram
03:50 31 May 17
Todd Sandridge
03:20 31 May 17
Hands down best pest control company out there. If all the restaurants in town trust them then I do as well!
Heather Wood
01:40 16 Oct 16
Will Ballard
22:50 15 Oct 16
Josh Crump
14:58 18 Aug 15
Mike and Baxter are two of the genuinely nicest people you will ever meet. I was so happy with the excellent job they did at my business that they now cover my house as well! Best customer service of any service provider I’ve ever used! You guys are awesome!!!
Mary Lambdin Dennis
16:36 14 Aug 14
Good products, great service, fantastic people!
Luke Pitts
16:46 08 Jul 14
Blair Chandler
14:12 05 May 14
Trey McClellan
23:24 28 Apr 14
Eunice Aycock Harlow
21:33 28 Apr 14

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Dianne Swanson in Reunion

There is no comparison between Reel Lawns and the experience I had using the major national company. Barry\’s team is personally invested in the quality of my yard.. My grass looks like a golf green! Informative, professional and local! Perfect!
Apr 28, 2014

Blair Chandler living in Lake Caroline

My family and I have been using Reel! Lawns for two years now. My yard looks better than it ever has and 10 times better than I ever thought it would. Barry and his crew always do a great job keeping us informed and updated. My yard has become the envy of my neighbors!!
Apr 28, 2014

Scott Pedigo in Glenwood of Reunion

We have been using Reel! Lawns for the last two years. Before using Reel! Lawns, we had gone back and forth from being dissatisfied with other other weed/fertilizer services to battling the yard ourselves. Ever since we entrusted Reel! Lawns with our yard, however, we have enjoyed a beautiful yard with no worry and no effort. Reel! Lawns is always on schedule with always the correct application, and all the while provides detailed updates about the services being provided via email. Reel! Lawns provides services that are far above and beyond that of any other lawn service in town and at a reasonable price.
Apr 29, 2014

Billie Skipper Grogan Vinings in Reunion

We love the dependable and superior service of Reel Lawn. It is very reasonably priced and provides great lawn service! Would recommend to anyone looking for worry free lawn maintenance ! You stay well informed about your service and can communicate with Barry very quickly if a special need arises. He is very reliable and dependable! Can\’t say enough good things!
May 03, 2014


We have been using Reel Lawns for 2 years and have been abundantly pleased with the service and the superb appearance of our yard. It is very well maintained. I would recommend this service to anyone.
May 04, 2014

Kenny Cannon Ridge Brandon MS

Dependable, professional, knowledgeable folks with a service second to no one. I don\’t do reviews but these guys were so good I felt it was my responsibility to let everyone know. Thank You.
Mar 29, 2015

Paula R

Extremely Courteous. Very Professional. Prompt and quick turn around with great customer service
Sep 06, 2015

Lester R

I live in Colleyville and hired Synergy to handle a wasp problem at my home in Jackson MS. I requested service the same day and Synergy had a service technician at my house within the hour. Hey sprayed all my shrubs and resolved the wasp problem. Thanks for your quick response and for resolving my pest problem. I will be using Synergy in the future.
Sep 06, 2015


No more pests! Go ahead and hire them today!
Sep 06, 2015

Brandon Homeowner

Great business. Rated 4.5 due to the fact that not all my services have come to full yet. Have like everything so far. Definitely would recommend their service.
Sep 06, 2015

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