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Synergy² Pest Control Service Company

Leaders in the Field of Integrated Pest Management in the Jackson Metro Area

How do small family-owned businesses compete with the big guys?  Cutting-edge science and exceptional customer service.  As a pharmacist, owner Barry Pitts, is constantly evaluating pest management products to insure every product selected is best-in-class.  Cost of products is never a consideration; only effectiveness.

Once selected, the products used are combined with cutting-edge pest management protocols to insure Synergy² is delivering the most effective, best-in-class service to its customers.  Product rotation is key, as pests are rapidly-evolving and may develop resistance to products used for extended periods of time.  Additionally combination insecticides, which incorporate traditional pest-killing chemicals with insect growth regulators(to disrupt insect reproduction) are a main-stay of Synergy’s pest management strategy.

From less complex residential accounts to highly complex and regulated commercial accounts, Synergy² is positioned to provide the highest levels of service to a broad range of customers. Our team of pest specialists has over 40 years of combined experience in the pest control industry.  With this extensive experience, Synergy² is able to solve difficult pest issues that other companies simply can’t.

The strategy has paid off, and today, Synergy² offers the full range of pest control services from ant control to wildlife removal. Their clients include:

●  Homeowners

●  Restaurants

●  Healthcare facilities

●  Hospitals

●  Hotels, mobile home parks

●  Multi-family housing complexes

Would You Like to Reap the Rewards of Synergy² Experience and Dedication?

Thanks to this approach Synergy² has over 350 5-Star reviews to their name.

If you’d like to experience exceptional service and the best pest control services in Jackson, MS, get in touch.

Synergy² is available for emergency pest control calls 24 hours a day, six days a week. Call us anytime.

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