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Synergy² Pest Control Service Company

Leaders in the Field of Integrated Pest Management in the Jackson Metro Area

When Barry and Kim Pitts met 25 years ago, they never dreamed they’d one day own an exterminating company for pests and rodents. Both pharmacists by training, pest control was never a consideration. As a matter of fact, when Barry met Kim shortly after she graduated from pharmacy school at Ole Miss, his biggest decision was deciding what pizza to woo her with that day at her pharmacy.
Kim was working at what once was Eckerd’s pharmacy (now CVS) on North State Street in Jackson when Barry, a pharmaceutical rep for GlaxoSmithKline, called on the pharmacy one day. The rest is history.

The couple got married and had two children, all the while continuing their work in pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. Both kids, Luke and Tyler, attend Ole Miss. When they purchased a home in Reunion, Kim says Barry was relentless in the pursuit of the perfect lawn. “He knows chemistry really well, and he created his own combinations of highly effective weed control chemicals. Before we knew it, neighbors were asking Barry to help with their lawns.” Thinking that may be a good sideline business, Synergy² was created starting first with weed control but quickly adding full-service pest control too.

“We hired Mike Blamberg, who, at now has over 33 years experience in the pest control business,” says Kim. “He opened our eyes on how big it could be. We decided early on that the way we would do business would be different. As a local family-owned business, we try to take care of our customers as if they are also our family. Our business has always been based on relationships, not on making money. The bottom line is we always want to do the right thing. The business has evolved organically, and it’s been more successful than we could have ever imagined.”
Their company is called Synergy². “Barry named the company,” says Kim. “It’s Synergy with a squared symbol, referring to the synergy of science and exceptional customer service to produce unbeatable results for our customers.

Their methods have paid off, and today, Synergy² offers the full range of pest control services from ant control to wildlife removal. Their clients include:

●  Homeowners

●  Restaurants

●  Healthcare facilities

●  Hospitals

●  Hotels, mobile home parks

●  Multi-family housing complexes

Would You Like to Reap the Rewards of Synergy² Experience and Dedication?

Thanks to this approach Synergy² has over 300 5-Star reviews to their name.

If you’d like to experience exceptional service and the best pest control services in Jackson, MS, get in touch.

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