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About the Best Termite Treatment and Prevention

We Have Solutions for Your Termite Problems in Jackson, MS

Termites are everywhere in Mississippi and the damage caused by these voracious insects adds up to $5 billion every year.

Termites’ favorite food is wood, but they can also chew through plaster and metal siding to get at the wooden features inside your house. Wooden flooring, ceilings, cabinets, and other furniture are all fair game to them.

That’s not the only trouble with termites either. Subterranean termites burrow through the foundations of your home, weakening it as they make their way inside.

The worst thing about termites is that you often don’t know your home is at risk until it’s too late.

Usually, construction companies apply a termite treatment when they build your home. Unfortunately, this protective measure only lasts five years.

After that, your only hope is maintaining a termite bond as well as regular termite inspections.

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Termite Bond or Contract?

If you aren’t protected by a termite bond, you need to act fast! Call us immediately and we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your home to look for signs of termites and assess the damage.

Once we’ve completed a comprehensive assessment of your home, inside and out, we’ll give you a termite inspection report with recommendations on what you should do.

Steps in Termite Treatment and Prevention
Before we start, we’ll explain the procedure to you as well as the options available.

Usually, our termite control measures include a liquid termiticide application, termite bait stations, or a combination of both. We’re proud to offer the BASF’s Trelona Baiting System which is the latest and most advanced termite protection available.

When Should You Get Started With Termite Treatment in Mississippi?

The only answer to the above question is, “Immediately’’. Every minute you delay, termites are eating away at the infrastructure of your home.

Are you worried that your house isn’t protected against termites? We can assist with the best termite treatment available in Jackson and prevent further damage.

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Synergy² Guarantees Termite Inspections For Real Estate Transactions in 24 Hours Around Madison, MS


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