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Home Renovation: Ideas and Tips for your Wedding

Home renovation  is a complex operation that, if not done carefully, could lead to major problems and become an odyssey for homeowners. Maybe you’ve heard from a friend that since he decided to  renovate his house  , his life has become hell!

So before looking for a celebrant it is important to understand  how to renovate the house , which interventions to carry out, without making mistakes, based first of all on the available budget and trying to satisfy the needs and requirements of those who live there.

But how much does it cost to renovate the house?

The very first question that arises when you decide to renovate is what is the  cost to completely renovate your home . It is good to get an idea from the beginning, to understand what kind of expense  you are going to meet and above all if we can afford to carry out all the work we would like. It is obviously not possible to give a precise figure of the  price , but we can still try to  calculate  the  cost  for  home renovation  ,  albeit indicatively.

The costs to completely renovate the house  will be greater and the duration of the work will also be longer.

An important element to take into consideration when  calculating  the  renovation cost is the location where the property is located.

Another element that will affect the  cost estimate  is undoubtedly the quality of the materials chosen. So it is important to immediately have clear ideas about which solution is the most suitable for your home.

There is only one way to be able to save! The only way is to request more quotes  from specialized companies in your area, so that you can compare more offers.

The experts will carry out an inspection and will be able to offer you their  quote . Please note that inspection  and  estimate are completely free and obviously without obligation! In the end you will have the opportunity to compare the quotes and choose the one that best meets your needs.

The mortgage

We therefore found that it is really convenient to take advantage of tax breaks to renovate your home . In fact, the property  will greatly increase its value and when you decide to resell it, the gain will be much greater.

However, the  crisis  that hit our country has decreased the economic availability of Italian families. So what to do to take advantage of tax incentives if you do not have the necessary amount to carry out the  building renovation ? Simple, opt for a mortgage.

There are different types of mortgage , so you need to choose the solution that best fits your needs.

The mortgages are:

• Variable rate

• Fixed rate

Which one to choose? The fixed rate  has a higher cost, since you are sure of what you will pay for each installment, without unpleasant surprises. The  variable rate  has a lower cost at the time of stipulation, but over time it could suddenly grow, creating many problems.

There is, however, a third solution, a kind of compromise. Choose a  variable rate mortgage  , but which still has a fixed rate. What would not be fixed in this case is the duration. In this way you would enjoy a lower cost, being the variable rate, without having the nightmare of suddenly finding yourself facing too high an installment. If the rate increases, you will continue to pay the same installment, but for a longer period.

Nowadays we know how much it costs to  organize a wedding ,  wedding dresses  have exorbitant prices, not to mention  floral decorations ,  honeymoon ,  lunch  and so on. Consequently, the couple who is already facing this  expense  will look after the renovation of the property  trying to  save . One idea could be  DIY .

How to get organized with a wedding in sight

Many times marriage is the  occasion in which it is decided to renovate the house, in order to start life together in a welcoming home that reflects the lifestyle of the two spouses. Marriage  is an important choice for a  couple , it is the  choice with a capital s, the one that changes all things and transforms a relationship into a stable relationship, with the promise of spending a lifetime together. Marriage is the   big step and after the  wedding  the  couple  will have to share everything, first of all their  love nest !

This is why the renovation of the house before getting married it is an operation that must be carried out with the utmost attention, since the house will have to respond to the needs of both and be designed according to the  couple ‘s habits .

For both the groom  and the  bride , the period before the  wedding will be really hectic and the renovation of the house will have to be planned and started well in advance so as not to risk not doing everything in time and to end up running like crazy for finish the preparations!

To prevent this unpleasant situation, which occurs much more often than you think, it is good that the company that will carry out the building renovation works  has included the  completion date in the estimate  and that there is also a penalty in the event that this deadline is not met.

The important thing, in case you decide to undertake the  do-it-yourself way , is to calculate the timing well since obviously a  do-it -yourself renovation  requires longer times.

If it’s a little practical, you can take care of the work yourself. Maybe ask for help from a practical and willing friend who wants to give you a hand! On the net there are many  tutorials  on the various jobs that must be carried out for a  building renovation , on how to  paint the house , on plumbing ,  carpentry , etc. So you just have to roll up your sleeves and get busy!

The phases of a renovation

The thought of  renovating your home  can be truly inspiring! Giving free rein to your  ideas and transforming a  property  according to your tastes is certainly exciting, but you need to keep your feet on the ground, trying to understand how it is best to act so as not to make mistakes.

The first step is definitely to think locally and reflect on what we would like to achieve. Analyzing one’s own needs and the needs we want to satisfy is undoubtedly an operation not to be neglected.

Who will live in  the house to be renovated ? Surely two young spouses will not have the same needs as a family with four children or a single boy!

After clearing your minds you  can move on to choosing the construction company .

First of all, the company will have to carry out an  inspection  to carefully evaluate the state of the property and be able to provide a  detailed estimate  . It is always advisable not to stop at the first quote, but to receive more than one so that you can compare multiple offers and choose the ideal solution.

We know that receiving more professionals at home is a bit annoying and takes a lot of time, but the  inspection  is essential, since a quote made without having seen the property live it will certainly not be precise, on the contrary it will give a purely summary expenditure forecast.

The choice of the construction company and the  budget  will undoubtedly be conditioned by a non-negligible element: the  budget  you have available! Immediately calculate the exact amount of money that you will have the opportunity to invest for the renovation and evaluate the  estimates  in light of this. Also take into account the fact that the  budget  will have to cover all the work and also any additional unexpected expenses that may arise during construction.

At this point the restructuring can begin. We have three basic phases

1. Realization of  the house project  and delivery of the necessary documentation to the municipality of residence

2. Carrying  out the renovation work 

3. Completion phase  

The first phase begins with the drafting of  the house project . This must be complete with all the works to be carried out and must be drawn up by a qualified technician. Thus begins the boring bureaucratic part. You can rely on an expert who will show you which files to deliver or alternatively you can ask in common and you will be given all the information you need.

The second phase consists in carrying out the works. In principle, the main elements of a renovation are:

• Demolition

• Division of the interiors

• Plants

• Plasters

• Screeds

• Floors

• Fixtures

• Painting

• Furniture

Obviously it is not certain that in a renovation all the elements are renewed.

In the third and last phase there is the re-registration (only if the consistency of the property changes) and the drafting of the documentation at the  end of the works .

There are still many things to say, but if you rely on someone in the sector it will not be that difficult: you will be followed step by step and you will soon see your home take shape!

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