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Guide to Mississippi Spiders | Black Widow Spiders, Brown Recluse Spiders, & Wolf Spiders

Mississippi has 22 species of spiders. Some of the spiders in Mississippi are poisonous. So, it’s important to know how to recognize a dangerous spider if you see one.

The three most dangerous spiders in Mississippi are;

  1. Black Widow
  2. Wolf Spider
  3. Brown Recluse

The Black Widow spider inspires fear just by saying its name. What’s more, there are four different types of Black Widow spiders who live in Mississippi. Some are venomous spiders.

The Wolf Spider usually lives outside but when it is cold outside they sometimes come into homes. Because they are big and hairy they are scary to look at and they are venomous.

The Brown Recluse Spider like to live inside any building or home. Their bite injects a necrotic poison which can burrow into and eat flesh down to the bone.

Mississippi Spiders

There are many ways to determine if a Mississippi spider is venomous. It is important to learn dangerous spider markings so you can help yourself if one bites you or crawls near you.

  • The Black Widow Spider has a red underbelly. This red abdomen is usually noticeable even if you don’t see the spider upside down.
  • The Wolf Spider can be up to 2 inches long. They chase and leap on you like a wolf. They are hairy and a mixture of orange and brown or gray and black.
  • The Brown Recluse Spider is brown in color and has a violin-shaped mark on its head. The mark is a dark color which sometimes looks like dark red or maroon.

Poisonous Spiders Medical Care if Bitten

If a poisonous spider bites you in Mississippi or elsewhere, we recommend seeking medical care as soon as possible.

Some bite symptoms you will have you need to know. Knowing the symptoms can help you determine which kind of spider bit you. They are;

  1. Black Widow Spider – Symptoms
    • An hour or so after the spider bite you will notice intense pain from the bite site to your stomach, back or chest.
    • Stomach cramps or a tight feeling in the abdomen which is so bad you may feel like you have appendicitis or a perforated ulcer.
    • Profuse sweating that goes on and on and won’t stop.
  1. The Wolf Spider – Symptoms
    • The bite from the wolf spider is poisonous but its venom is not lethal. But, the bite will cause redness and swelling.
    • An increased heart rate can occur if you start moving around a lot after a bite.
    • They are not aggressive but can move very fast if disturbed.
  1. The Brown Recluse Spider – Symptoms
    • The bite rarely hurts but within 2-6 hours you will have itching, swelling, and redness at the bite mark.
    • What looks like a small blister or pimple will appear at the bite mark.
    • The wound will become bluish or purple due to lack of blood flow and is very painful.
    • The bite aftereffects can go deep into your body so seek medical consultation as soon as symptoms appear.

Spiders of Mississippi

Spiders of Mississippi is known to live indoors and outdoors. Also, all spiders of Mississippi have preferred locations to live and reproduce.

Spiders of Mississippi is also very diverse with different sizes and shapes. Many of them have very unique marks so you should be able to determine if they are poisonous.

There are four very common spiders in Mississippi and thankfully none of them are venomous. They are;

  1. The Huntsman Spider – the Huntsman Spider looks like a crab. It prefers to hunt at night. Its favorite foods consist of cockroaches and other insects.
  2. The Spiny-Backed Orb Weaver – The Spiny-Backed Orb Weaver is between 1/8 – 3/8 of an inch long. They have spiky stomachs with two spikes on each side and two on their rear. They live in gardens and shrubs and eat small insects.
  3. The Green Lynx Spider – The Green Lynx Spider has a green abdomen and orange or grey legs. They live in tall grasses and open fields and eat almost anything. They are very aggressive and eat other spiders, wasps, bees, grasshoppers, etc.
  4. The Golden Silk Orb Weaver – The Golden Silk Orb Weaver spider has an abdomen shaped like a banana. Its legs are orange, yellow and black. They can grow to 3 inches long and can sometimes eat small birds or bats.

Spiders in Mississippi

Unless you study spiders in your profession, most people do not want to be around a lot of spiders. Those same people don’t care if the spiders or venomous or not.

People in Mississippi are no different. But, spiders in Mississippi can be diverse with some being dangerous.

It is very important to find a way to manage the dangerous spider risk around you. We have a few ways we can help you manage and treat spider populations which live in or around your home.

What’s more, we can help you address spiders or any other type of insect or infestation you have in your home or living area.

The worst thing to do when you notice spiders or insects in an area you live or work is to ignore it by thinking they will go away.

In fact, the insect or spider population around you may increase without a targeted and effective treatment to control them.

What Do I Do About the Spiders Living Around Me?

 There is only one thing to do about the spiders which live around you. You need to get rid of them or control them so they are not a danger to you or your family.

We help commercial businesses and private homes get rid of their spider or insect issues. We have the references to prove our insect elimination services help the spiders in Mississippi problem.

 Reach out to us today so you don’t have to worry about what spider or insect you need to be looking out for every day. We help end any spider or insect worry.

Please check out our references for our many satisfied customers. Then don’t hesitate to call or contact us. We can make sure you never have to worry about the creatures which may be living around you.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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