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Trapping, Exclusion, and Removal Services of Raccoons, Possums, and Squirrels

We all love wildlife when it’s roaming free in the forests and fields of Mississippi. Not so much when it’s destroying the structure of our homes.

Not only do these critters damage the infrastructure of your house, but they also create entry points for other pests, create fire hazards and can be dangerous to your family and pets.

These are the most common wildlife pests in Mississippi and what you can expect from them:


In an urban setting, these masked marauders frequent garbage bins and dumpsters in search of food. They’re also inclined to help themselves from bird feeders, vegetable gardens, and even your pet’s food.

Once a raccoon establishes a territory around your house, you can bet they’re there to stay. In ideal circumstances, they breed rapidly and will become quite bold in their efforts to steal from you.

Their most popular hiding places in the suburbs include chimneys, attics, and woodpiles.


Much like raccoons, possums hide in the dark reaches of your home and emerge to feed on anything they can find lying around.


Squirrels are cute but they’re also voracious and will gnaw on anything they can find. They need to do this to keep their teeth trimmed and avoid starvation, but not at the expense of your garden trees and structures.

Ground squirrels live in burrows in suburban gardens, while tree squirrels make nests in tall trees out of reach of predators.

Defending Your Home Against Wildlife Invasions

Apart from the damage these creatures cause to your home, they can make disturbing noises at all hours of the night, their droppings are unsanitary and filled with toxins.

If one of them dies in an unreachable place, you’re in for weeks of foul odors wafting through your house while it decomposes.

All of these creatures are best controlled by exclusion methods to prevent them from entering your home, and by restricting their access to food sources like garbage.

Do You Need Help With Wildlife Removal?

Call us as soon as the first raccoon, opossum, or squirrel moves in.

Our fast and effective trapping and wildlife removal services in Jackson MS put these creatures back in the wild where they belong, far from your Jackson residence.

Get in touch now, before they take over.  Learn more wildlife removal services in Jackson MS by visiting our recent blog posts below:




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