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Common Pest Control Questions in Mississippi: Synergy2 Jackson Pest Control

How do I get rid of aphids and lace bugs on roses and azaleas?

Aphids and lace bugs are common garden pests that can cause extensive damage to common plants such as roses and azaleas.  Lace bugs feed on the underside of leaves but the damage they cause is seen on the top of the leaf.  Aphid’s feeding on plants causes yellowing and stunted or curled leaves.

To get rid of lace bugs and aphids, systemic insecticides may be the best option.  Systemic insecticides have a longer duration of action and may be applied as a granular or soil drench. Direct contact liquid insecticide sprays can also help manage common garden pests, including aphids and lace bugs.

How To Get Rid of Scorpions?

Scorpions are common in areas of the US with high temperatures and dry weather.  In Mississippi, scorpions are usually only found in the Northeast corner of the state.  Scorpion stings are extremely painful and scorpions should be avoided if possible.

Scorpions area attracted to areas of the home and landscape with a source of water.  Eliminating leaks and standing water around the home is a critical first step.  After that, applications of liquid insecticides can help manage or kill scorpions around the home.  Scorpion stings can be deadly, so if stung, medical attention may be required.

What Are Most Common Ticks in Mississippi and how to get rid of ticks?

Deer Ticks, American Dog Ticks, and Blacklegged Ticks are some of the most common ticks in the Southeast.  Getting rid of ticks in your yard, your home, or on your pet is essential.  Ticks carry a number of diseases as vectors for parasites.  The most common disease for which ticks are vectors is Lyme disease.

For ticks on pets(which can also invade your home), manual removal or flea and tick treatments are the best option.  To kill ticks or prevent ticks in your lawn and landscape, consider using liquid and granular insecticides.  These tick treatments need to be repeated every 6-8 weeks during the warm summer months.

Best Rat Poison To Kill Rats Quickly and Safely?

Rat poison is very effective in the hands of a professional at getting rid of rats quickly.  Despite its effectiveness, rat poison is also extremely dangerous due to its potential for non-target poisoning of other wildlife, pets, and even humans.  For the average homeowner, rat snap traps and rat glue traps are a much better option when combined with structural repairs to prevent other rats from getting into the home.

For those homeowners who make the decision to use rat poison, it is essential that the poison be contained in locked rat poison bait boxes.  There are numerous effective options for rat poison on the market.  Brand names include Fastrac, Contrac, Terad, Ditract, Talon, and Final.  Another downside to utilizing rat poisons is the risk the rats eat the poison and then die in the walls of your home creating a terrible smell.

Get rid of Bats Quickly in Mississippi? How to remove bats?

Bats are very beneficial to have around your home as they eat a ton of insects, including mosquitoes.  Unfortunately, bats like to nest in attics and under eaves of our homes which can sometimes create a mess.  Bat guano can contain spores of histoplasmosis.  During cleanup of bat guano, the spores can become airborne and infect humans with serious possible consequences.

To get rid of bats, first make sure all bats have been removed from the attic.  Bats are federally protected so killing them is not an option.  One way bat arms will help bats safely leave the attic and prevent them from returning.  Next identify areas of access for the bats and make structural repairs.  After that, enjoy the bats around your home as they take care of all of your flying insect problems!

Mosquito Fogging: Best Option To Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes transmit a number of serious and deadly diseases.  Getting rid of mosquitoes quickly and protecting your family from mosquito-borne illnesses is critical.  To get rid of mosquitoes, first eliminate all areas of standing water around your home.  The areas of standing, stagnant water can also be treated with mosquito dunks to prevent mosquito breeding.

After that, fogging with liquid insecticides and insect growth regulators is an effective method to reduce mosquito populations around the home.  Mist blowers apply low concentrations of insecticides in small droplets across the entire landscape with a focus on bushes, trees, and shrubs.  Mosquito mistblower applications need to be re-applied every 28 days or more often during rainy seasons.

How to kill or get rid of rollie pollies, pill bugs, and sow bugs?

Pill bugs, or rollie pollies as most commonly referred to, are beneficial in their role around our homes eating dead and decaying matter.  Pill bugs are easily identified with their hard grey crustacean shell including seven plates on their backs.  When threatened, pill bugs roll up into a ball.  

The best option to get rid of rollie pollies in the garden is sanitation.  Removing dead and decaying organic matter and leaves is a great first step.  Insecticides, baits, and traps can also be used to help manage rollie pollies.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Waking up to bed bugs in the bed or noticing bed bug bites on you is alarming.  Your first question is usually how did I get bed bugs in the first place.  Bed bugs are extremely good travelers.  Bed bugs can come into your home a number of ways including:  kids’ backpack from school, luggage from a recent business trip, purses, recently purchased used furniture, or clothing from a vacation.

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of due to their ability to hide.  Bed bugs hide in mattress seams, cracks and crevices, furniture, baseboards, curtains, and light switch and outlet covers.  Bed bugs do not usually come out of hiding until they detect CO2.  CO2 is what humans exhale during normal breathing.  The most common time for bed bugs to come out is while we are sleeping, spending hours in our bedrooms.

What are palmetto bugs?

Palmetto bugs are cockroaches.  The two most common types of Palmetto bugs are the American cockroach and the Smokybrown cockroach.  Larger than most cockroaches, Palmetto bugs are outdoor pests that sometimes attempt to come indoors.  

Palmetto bugs do not bite humans; however they can trigger allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals.  To get rid of Palmetto bugs, reduce clutter, organic matter, and garbage around the home.  For bugs that do come inside, insecticide sprays are effective.   Boric acid baits specific for cockroaches are also effective.

What to do about snails or slugs in the garden?

Getting rid of snails or slugs in your garden needs to be a top priority.  Slugs and snails can quickly damage or kill garden plants by devouring their leaves.  Slugs and snails are not insects, but mollusks.

Traps for slugs and snails can be effective eradicating them completely from your garden.  Traps include shallow dishes filled with beer or yeast.  To prevent snails and slugs, remove all dead and decaying organic matter each spring.

What are drain flies and how do you get rid of drain flies?

Drain flies look like tiny moths and are also sometimes called moth flies.  Less than 1/4 inch long, drain flies have a furry appearance due to tiny hairs on their bodies.  The most common areas in the home for a drain fly infestation are bathrooms and kitchens.  Any room of the home that holds moisture is a perfect breeding area for drain flies.

To get rid of drain flies, it is essential to first identify the cause of moisture and organic matter in your home.  Correcting a moisture and organic matter problem is the first step in getting rid of drain flies.  Drain cleaners and bleach may only be a temporary solution if they do not completely correct the problem.  Organic drain treatments can provide a more permanent solution.

What is the best mosquito killer or mosquito trapper?

Mosquitoes around our homes and landscapes are a terrible pest problem during the warmer months in the southern US.  In addition to annoying bites from mosquitoes, mosquitoes transmit a number of deadly diseases including malaria, dengue, Zika, West Nile, and Chikungunya.

Mosquito repellents and mosquito trapping systems are one alternative to reducing mosquitoes.  Before using them, first eliminate all sources of standing or stagnant water on your property.  Repellents such as citronella can be effective.  Also electronic mosquito traps or repellers including Thermacell, Mosquito Magnet, Dynatrap, and SkeeterVac can also help.

How To Tell If a Spider is Poisonous in Mississippi?

The most common poisonous or venomous spiders in Mississippi include the Black Widow spider, Brown Recluse, Brown Widow spider, and Hobo spider.  The Black Widow is easily identifiable by its shiny black body and distinctive red or orange hourglass on its abdomen.  The Brown Recluse, also called Fiddleback spider, often has a violin shaped marking on its thorax.  Hobo spiders are less distinctive and can look like many common house spiders.

Fortunately, most dangerous spiders in Mississippi and the Southeastern U.S. and not very aggressive and will only bite when threatened.  Insecticides in dust or liquid formulations are effective in controlling spiders, including dangerous spiders.

Horse Flies and Horse Fly Bites: Make Horse Flies Go Away!

Horse flies are among the largest flies we have in Mississippi and are both annoying and aggressive.  What makes horse flies really bad is their bite.  Horse fly bites are quite painful as their bite doesn’t pierce, but tears, the skin.  Like other species, it is the female horse fly that bites to feed on the blood of its victims.

Horse flies are most active during the day and are attracted to movement and warmth.  Getting rid of horse flies can be a challenge.  Applications of insecticides using a mistblower to fog an entire area is often the best option to get rid of horse flies.

How can I kill rats instantly in my Mississippi home?

Having a rat infestation in your home can be alarming.  Based on rats’ ability to rapidly produce young, getting control of a rat infestation in your home quickly is advised.  To kill rats instantly, there are really only two options: rat poison and rat traps.  For the average homeowner, rat traps are recommended.  Rat poisons are extremely dangerous if not handled properly and can cause accidental poisonings of humans and non-target animals.  Rat poisons should always be placed in locked rat bait boxes.

Rat traps are an effective and safe option for homeowners.  The most common rat traps include: rat snap traps, rat glue traps, rat live traps, and rat electric traps.  For traps that require bait, consider bacon, cereals, meats, fruits, vegetables, and peanut butter.

How to identify squirrel poop, rat poop, and chipmunk poop?

Finding poop or scat from an animal in your home can be disconcerting.  The most critical step to solving your wildlife problem is determining what type of animal is inside your home, possibly building a nest for its young.  Poop or droppings are a great way to determine what type of pest issue you have.

Squirrel poop is similar to rat poop and can be easily mistaken.  Squirrel droppings, though, are rounded on the ends with droppings that lighten over time.  Rat dropping are thick and oblong with pointed ends.  Rat droppings remain dark in color regardless of age.  Chipmunk poop is oblong like rat poop but much smaller in size(similar to mouse poop).  Chipmunk poop hardens and becomes brittle over time.

What Are Cicadas and do Cicadas bite?

Cicadas hatch in enormous numbers every 17 years; however, cicadas are harmless to humans.  What is disturbing is the loud noises that they make.  The noises are mating calls to reproduce.

Getting rid of cicadas is usually not necessary as they do not harm anything.  Insecticides can kill cicadas but due to their short lifespan, are not recommended.  To get rid of cicadas on your home, garden plants, or patio furniture, use a hose or blower.

How To Select The Best Exterminator Near Me in Jackson, MS

Selecting the best exterminator to solve or prevent pest problems in your home is essential.  Some exterminators are focused on general pest problems while other exterminators specialize in specific pest control issues like rodents, bats, bed bugs, and mosquitoes.

To select the best exterminator, first research the options for pest control in your local area.  Visit pest control companies’ websites, check Google reviews, and ask neighbors for recommendations.  When requesting a quote for pest services, be prepared to ask specific questions about your pest problem and how that company may solve it.

How do I get rid of little black ants or sugar ants?

Small black ants in the house are often called sugar ants, piss ants, or little black ants.  After determining which type of ant is in your home, aggressive action is needed to make sure the ant infestation does not quickly grow out of control.  Ants are attracted to our homes, especially kitchens and bathrooms, for either food or water.  Proper sanitation to remove the food source and possible repairs to remove the moisture source are critical.

After that, ants can be controlled with a number of insecticides in both liquid and dust forms, along with insect growth regulators.  Also, ant baits specific to the type of ant infestation you have are very effective.

What is the best way to get rid of mud daubers?

Mud daubers are a type of wasp that are beneficial to have around the home as they feed on insects and spiders.  Mud daubers are not aggressive and rarely sting humans. A downside to mud daubers are the unsightly mud nests that build under porches and garages in your home.

To get rid of mud daubers, first remove all mud dauber nests.  Mud daubers construct nests to raise their young so eliminating the nest will reduce future mud dauber hatches.  Contact and dust insecticides can then be used to manage existing adult mud daubers.

What are springtails or firebrats and what do springtails look like?

Springtails are not easy to see or identify due to their tiny size of about .3mm.  Springtails do have a distinctive quality in that they jump to move around.  Firebrats are similar in appearance to springtails; however, they run instead of jump.  

Springtails and firebrats are attracted to moisture.  The most common area of the home to find springtails and firebrats is the bathroom.  To control them, the source of moisture must be corrected.  After that, contact insecticides in the form of liquids and dusts along with insect growth regulators can be used to get rid of springtails and firebrats.

What are silverfish bugs?  How do you kill silverfish?

Silverfish are strange-looking wingless insects; however, they are harmless to pets and humans as they do not bite.  Silverfish are easy to recognize with their protruding antennae, three-pronged tails, and swervy fish-like motions.  Silverfish love moisture and feed on any items in the home containing polysaccharides.

To get rid of silverfish, first identify what is attracting them to your home in the first place.  This can include wallpaper, glue, paint, books and carpet.  After removing the items Silverfish are feeding on, next focus on correcting moisture problems in the home.  After that, insecticides in either dust or liquid formulations are effective getting rid of Silverfish.

I have lady bugs or asian lady beetles in my house.  How do I get rid of them?

Asian lady beetles are often confused with lady bugs.  Asian lady beetles are more orange in color; whereas, lady bugs are more red.  Asian lady beetles are considered occasional invaders of our homes.  This typically occurs during cooler weather as they seek shelter indoors.

Asian lady beetles will often congregate on the west side of homes seeking warmth from a cold snap.  If there are cracks and crevices, they will also enter homes.  To get rid of asian lady beetles, exclusion is the best method.  Repair all points of entry to prevent them from coming inside.  For asian lady beetles that are already indoors, vacuuming is the best way to remove them.

What are stink bugs and how do you get rid of stink bugs?

Stink bugs are considered occasional invaders of our Mississippi homes.  The most common times for stink bugs to try to come indoors is during the cooler months as they seek shelter in more favorable conditions.  Keeping exterior lights off at night is a good practice to make your home less attractive to stink bugs.

To get rid of stink bugs, exclusion is a must.  Identify areas of your home where there are cracks and crevices and make the necessary repairs.  After that, insecticides applied in either dust or liquid formulations can help manage stink bugs.

What are spider mites and how do you get rid of spider mites?

Spider mites are arachnids that feed on the sap of garden and indoor plants.  Spider mites can reproduce rapidly so a spider mite infestation can quickly grow out of control.  Identifying spider mites correctly is essential.  Spider mites are tiny(1mm and smaller) with red, white, or black coloring.

To get rid of spider mites, insecticide sprays and systemic insecticide soil drenches can be effective.  Other natural solutions include washing the leaves of the plants, using horticultural oils, or essential oils.

Best way to trap a possum or raccoon?

Killing possums or raccoons around your home is not recommended.  Trapping and relocating a nuisance animal is a much better option.  Both possums and raccoons are beneficial in a number of ways including keeping the insect population around your home down.   

Live catch traps are available at most local big box stores.  For possums, consider baiting the traps with fish or apples.  Smear the bait over the entire inside of the trap to help make capture for likely.  Baits effective for trapping raccoons include marshmallows, watermelon, bacon, fish, and cat food.

What to do about bee hive in wall or house?

Bee swarms are common in the spring and early summer as bees seek to establish new hives.  Bee swarms outdoors are usually temporary and do not pose much risk unless a person has an allergy to bee stings.  Bees indoors can create a significant hazard though.

A bee hive establish inside a home or its walls needs to be taken care of immediately.  Killing bees should be the last option and as honeybees are important pollinators for our environment.  Calling a beekeeper to relocate the hive is a great first option.  If the hive is not accessible, a pest control company specializing in bee hives and bee hive removal may be necessary.

 What is the best way to trap raccoons?

Raccoons causing problems around your home and landscape can be difficult to get rid of.  Raccoons can carry rabies so caution is advised if coming in close contact with them.  Raccoons also are carriers of leptospirosis and roundworms.  When raccoons chose to use your home to establish a nest, immediate action is needed.

The most effective way to get rid of raccoons without killing them is the use of live traps.  The bait you choose for the trap is very important.  Raccoons like sweet foods including watermelon, marshmallows, and vegetables.  Other bait options include canned fish, bacon, cat food, and fatty meats.

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