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How Do You Kill Mosquitos And What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent

Spring signals many things like the start of warmer weather, longer days, and more time spent outdoors. Unfortunately for those who enjoy the outdoors, it is also the time that insects and wildlife begin to wake from hibernation, hatch, and reproduce. Among some of these appearing animals are mosquitoes. Many find themselves wondering “how do you kill mosquitos?” and “what is the best mosquito repellent?” In this article we offer a list of ways to deal with your mosquito problems and get back to enjoying your season of sun.

Where do Mosquitoes Come From?

Mosquitoes seem to appear out of nowhere. Large swarms appear overnight to bite and bother in hoards. However, upon closer inspection, you should find that they are breeding in large and small bodies of still water. This is why they emerge in late spring and early summer. Pools of water are left from spring rains and ponds are evaporating from the hot sun. Here the mosquitos lay their eggs and hatch.

Killing Mosquitoes at the Source

If you are experiencing a mosquito problem in your residence, the first thing to do is eliminate the source. You may be aware of the campaign to reduce mosquito infestation stating “Flip it. Drain it. Dump it.” Essentially, doing what you can to rid your property of any warm standing water can drastically minimize your mosquito problem. This looks like flipping any buckets or tubs that may have collected rain water, draining any puddles or ponds that accumulated during the spring thawing, and dumping out small pools of pet water, bird baths, and kiddy pools.

In the Meantime… Repellent

Until you have finished the process of how to kill mosquitos swarming on your property, you can benefit from a good bug repellent. This way you can enjoy all the lush greenery of spring and soak in that long-awaited sunshine. The best mosquito repellent looks different for different people, so this list covers a few different categories of what types of repellent are available, and then the tops of those Individual categories.

Different Types of Mosquito Repellent

When thinking about mosquito repellent, most people think of the spray on kind to keep the pests from landing on your skin and biting you. But there are so many more options now that not just keep your skin, but your property and home as well, mosquito free.


A common mosquito repellent used is citronella candles. They omit a citrusy smell that wards off insects. This technique has been around for awhile, is pretty old fashioned, and definitely low-tech. Many people are also offended by the smell, making this repellent less than desirable. If you want people to hang around, try taking another route.

Mosquito Yard Spray

Think the spray on type for your skin, but large scale, and full of chemicals. This one here is heavy duty and super effective. It works almost instantaneously and can kill pests on contact. Some of these sprays are even efficient enough to last up to 12 weeks, which means low maintenance mosquito control for three months — say “Hello, backyard barbecues!” Their only downside is that some people aren’t comfortable using insecticides in their yard.

Portable Mosquito Repellers

This is the latest and greatest on the mosquito repeller scene. These devices, which range anywhere in aesthetic from cute lanterns to Amazon Alexa look-a likes, activate with heat and release a scent-free repellent into the surrounding area. Your mosquito free zone spans around 15 feet in diameter and eliminates the intense smell and mess that accompany most other repellents.

Mosquito Dunks

These tablets are great for pools of water that can’t be flipped, drained, or dumped, such as pools or ponds. They kill mosquitos and mosquito larvae right where they are breeding; just drop and go. Their active ingredient that is poisonous to mosquitos also won’t harm any people, plants, or wildlife.

Best Mosquito Repellent by Category 

Now that you have the facts, which repellent is right for you? Different people have different needs. While some may be looking for an economically savvy option, others are more concerned about environmental impact, or prefer toxin-free. Below are the hand selected best mosquito repellents no matter what your search criteria.

Best Bang For Your Buck — Ortho Home Defense

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer For Lawn and Landscape is the number one reviewed yard spray repellent, coming in at a total of $13.99 on Amazon. For a concentrate that can last the whole summer season, and works in as little as 10 days, it’s safe to say this repellent blows the competition away.

Best All Natural Solution — OFF! Citronella Candle

While sprays and other repellents rely on chemicals and poisons to kill off pests, citronella candles use the power of — you guessed it — citronella oil. No DEET to be found here, so you can safely use these candles around pets, babies, and kids, and they don’t harm the environment either.

Best Invisible Defense — Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller

These invisible shield devices work their magic without any intrusion on the occasion. Whether you are using them for camping or hosting a backyard dinner, Thermacell repellers go unnoticed and seem to blend into their environment. Because they are spray and scent free your guests don’t even notice there is a mosquito problem to begin with. They are more on the expensive side, as you have to pay for fuel cartridges, repellent refills, and the pod, but we think this purchase is well worth the investment. You can enjoy a 20 foot mosquito free zone without the hassle. Of all the mosquito repellents, this hi-tech option takes the cake. 

Time to Bid those Pesky Mosquitos Goodbye

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to conquer your outdoor enemy, enjoy this summer mosquito-free. Don’t forget to flip it, drain it, and dump it as the weather begins to warm to stay on top of mosquito infestation before it gets out of hand.  If the mosquito problem becomes too much to handle, consider bringing in a mosquito extermination company.

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