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A Guide to Bed Bug Treatments and Bed Bug Treatment Costs in Mississippi

Bed bugs are tiny reddish-brown insects that bore holes on the skin and feed through the blood. They, however, do not cause the spread of any known disease. Because of their small size, they hide in places such as the cracks of beds, bed spaces, and even objects close to the bed. 

Bed bugs cause a series of complications to individuals, ranging from allergic reactions to itchiness and even a complete home infestation. It is, however, more harmful to some individuals than to others. Regardless, one ought to take the necessary measures needed to exterminate these insects. 

There is a high chance of developing health issues if the infestation of bed bugs is left unattended. You are most likely to encounter bed bugs if you frequently stay in places with lots of nighttime guests, such as hotels or even hospitals. Bed bugs primarily feed on individuals or animals during the night and feed on visible body parts such as the neck, hands, and arms.

Problems of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs tend to be annoying to most individuals as compared to being a severe health problem. These insects bore on any host insight while using their blood for food. After a bed bug bite, a red bump appears on the skin and is most at times itchy. 

Some treatments can cease the itching. However, other complications are associated with a bed bug infestation. They include:

  • Infection: Although it is not typical for a bed bug bite to cause an infection, it is still possible. It has been documented to have occurred in some instances. It happens when an individual itches and introduces germs to a wound caused by the bite of bed bugs. Therefore, you must observe any bed bug bite to ensure that it does not get infected.
  • Allergic Reaction: The reaction of bed bug bites in individuals varies. It ranges from mild reactions to extremely severe reactions. If you have an allergic reaction to the bites of these insects as an individual, you must seek medical attention immediately to prevent further problems.
  • Insomnia: Bed bugs are known to be nocturnal insects. This is the primary reason why they feed on individuals when they are asleep during the night. Their bites can irritate your skin, thereby making you uncomfortable. You might be awakened by the itching, which leads to a restless night’s rest. Lack of sleep causes other difficulties such as loss of appetite, irritability, anxiety, and even depression.

Asides from the health problem and issues posed by the infestation of bed bugs in the homes, there are also mental and social problems. The invasion of bed bugs causes the development of social stigma on individuals in society. 

Other members of society may desist from coming to your house because of the fear of attracting these insects. Individuals may also avoid going out because of the fear of embarrassment if seen with bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Treatments and their Costs

Bed bug treatments can vary on both price and effectiveness. Therefore, different methods are used in getting rid of bed bugs, but these methods are applied depending on the particular type of bed bug influx at hand. 

Bed bugs treatment can be affordable and effective depending on the particular type that you wish to use. In addition, more than one bed bug treatment can be used to get rid of bed bugs in a particular area. 

There also needs to be a regular follow-up to ensure that the environment is bed bug-free. The different types of bed bug treatments include:

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

The cost of this treatment ranges from $3,000-$5,000 for average sized homes. During this treatment, hot air at about 120 degrees is released into the infested area. This air is in circulation for about an hour with the aid of fans. 

This technique is best used for areas with little or no furniture or objects. This is because the heat can cause severe damages to the objects. 

This technique does not involve chemicals, but it ensures the termination of bed bugs at any stage. It, however, does not prevent the bed bugs from infesting the area again. Therefore, most exterminators make use of their generators not to increase the electricity bill of their customers.

Bed Bug Chemical Cost Treatment

This bed bug treatment exterminates these insects using chemicals that can be laid or sprayed in the affected area. Its cost ranges from $1,800-$2,500. There are different types of this bed bug treatment, such as liquid and aerosols. 

This particular treatment, however, needs to be combined with another treatment to achieve full effectiveness. It is usually incorporated with the fumigation treatment.

Bed Bug Steam Treatment Cost

This treatment costs about $250 to $1000 for a particular room. This treatment does not make use of any chemical. Bed bugs cannot tolerate extremely cold or hot temperatures. With these techniques, steam of about 200 degrees F is pumped into the infested environment. 

It can penetrate tight corners and spaces easily, thereby making it one of the best techniques. However, it is best to be used in areas with little or no furniture as the cold temperature damages some objects.

Treating Bed Bugs with an Exterminator-Synergy²

It is highly recommended to hire an exterminator to eliminate bed bugs because home remedies are usually futile. Their services vary depending on the area f infestation and the degree of infestation. Nonetheless, their services are affordable and very effective. 

If the infestation occurs in few parts of the homes, the procedures would be mild and less technical than a complete home invasion. 

A professional exterminator investigates the house to figure out the areas which have been infested and the proper methods to employ to ensure that they are well-ridden.

Bottom Line

At times, bed bug infestation is inevitable, and it can be gotten from your workplace, hospitals, and even hotels. It is nevertheless relatively easy to get rid of, with the proper techniques and consultations. Hiring an exterminator can make the job easy and efficient.

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