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Tips For Renovating New Home For Marriage Celebration

Whether you already live together or if you are going to open your love nest after the wedding, here are some tips to renovate your home as much as possible.

Many couples today already live together before the wedding but there are still some who decide to move in together after the wedding or who, taking advantage of the commitment, go further and look for a permanent home for both. Starting this adventure together will be much better if your home is a reflection of you as a couple and has everything you need. Renovate your old home is as important as choosing a celebrant for your marriage.

5 signs that show you need to renovate your home

Pay attention to these signs and prepare for a change.

If you return home after a long day at work and you don’t quite feel comfortable, you may need a renovation. Sometimes routine and lack of time make us neglect our space, making it impossible for us to enjoy it or feel it is our own. Here are some of the signs to watch out for when implementing a change:

1. Look messy or abandoned : to feel in harmony with your home, there is nothing better than starting with cleaning. Feng Shui indicates that you have to get rid of the old so that the new can come. So do a general cleaning and take the opportunity to put your home in order, so you will be able to renew the energy and, incidentally, you may get rid of several things that you do not need.

2. You lack light – Dark spaces can be depressing. Add color to your walls, install bright light fixtures and get rid of heavy curtains that block out natural light.

3. It lacks nature – Flowers and plants stimulate relaxation, eliminate stress and create an atmosphere of harmony and balance. Try adding some planters on your patio or balcony, or find indoor plants and add some green to your decor.

4. You envy the decor of other homes : If every time you visit a friend’s house you don’t want to leave, maybe it’s time to incorporate some of the details you love so much into your own home. Ask him where he buys his furniture or ask him for advice on decorating your house.

5. It has been looking the same for more than a year : if you are already bored with the distribution of your furniture, go ahead and change it. This will help you enjoy your space but feel different, renewed. In addition, by changing your environment you will see your energy transformed and you will improve your mood.

Remember that your environment can affect how you feel; So, if you feel that it’s time for a change, don’t delay any longer and keep these tips in mind to restore the harmony you need for your day to day life.  

So Here, From where you can start:

  • Start with the color of the walls. Remember that light colors make rooms more spacious and that it is better not to use dark ones so as not to obtain the opposite effect. Choose colors that make you feel comfortable even if they are different for each room.
  • The most important thing in terms of furniture is to buy the basic and essential to live. A well-equipped kitchen, the dining room, the rooms, especially yours. As you live there you will see other needs and it is better to add accordingly.
  • Decoration is what makes a house truly unique. Put your personal touch on it with paintings or photos of you, with souvenirs that you have bought together on a trip and then complete it once you live there.
  • The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and your home is a welcoming place to return to every day, where you can enjoy each other and where you can form a family in the not too distant future.

Some tricks to renovate your home

Take into account your budget and your deadlines. This is a very important part of the planning process, and while it may seem obvious, if you want to get things done, it’s a must. Set yourself some realistic goals and do not move away from your possibilities. If you let yourself be advised by specialists in reforms, they will help you choose the best option for you at the best price.

Be creative. Try to imagine and plan every aspect of your home renovation. It is highly recommended that you be inspired by other projects that you can see online, or in magazines, stores, etc. Then you will be able to incorporate all those ideas and inspiration into your project and assess its viability with the professionals who are going to carry out the reform.

Create more space with mirrors. Sometimes expanding a room is impossible, and it is also usually quite expensive. Instead, you can strategically place mirrors to make a small room look much larger . This will not cost you as much money as a larger renovation and will also give your home a very glamorous style.

Try to focus on the space. A home renovation is the ideal time to make the most of your space . For example, consider putting in new shelves and racks that not only have practical functions, but also function as decorative elements. Hanging shelves are very trendy and you can use them to hold photos or other small items.

Let nature in. If you want to give a fresh touch to your home, placing fresh flowers and plants is an easy and economical way to do it. Plan where larger planters will go when you design spaces, and use shelves for smaller plants. Your house will appear more natural and organic.

Finally, let yourself be advised by professionals when choosing lighting and colors. This is one of the most important decisions, since it will establish the general atmosphere of your home. Lamps can enliven the space, and soft, light colors will bring more natural light into the room. If you want to add focal points, try painting just one wall a darker, stronger color.

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