Pest Control in Jackson

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Do you have a pest problem on your Jackson property? Call Synergy² today for the region’s most efficient, thorough, and comprehensive approach to pest control. Our team has spent years perfecting their techniques and strategies for combatting even the most challenging pest infestations.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, Synergy²’s unique approach to pest control will give you your property back. Don’t sit around and wait to see if the problem improves or goes away. What’s the rule with pest infestations? It won’t. So, call Jackson’s leading pest control experts today and take back what’s rightfully yours.

IPM, or Integrated Pest Management Strategies

Here at Synergy², we use integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to manage outdoor pest infestations. The basic idea behind IPM is to limit the risks that pesticides present to people and the environment, while still eliminating the pest problem. IPM uses a four-point approach to extermination:

Setting up multiple perimeters beyond which alternative actions must be taken

Identifying the type of pest and monitoring the size of the infestation

Threat prevention through sanitation, land preparation, etc.

Use of pesticide only where necessary

After doing a careful examination and inspection of the property, we begin our pest management programs by using the least risky approach. Depending on the type of infestation, this may include the use of pheromones, traps, removing standing water, and weeding or pruning foliage. If these measures fail to work, or if the situation calls for other types of action, we may have to resort to targeted pesticide application.

We believe that it’s the responsibility of everyone to take care of local water quality and to limit the environmental effects of pesticides (for other people as well as the local fauna). Protecting the natural environment is very important to us!

Mosquito Barrier

We offer mosquito control programs that are tailored to the specific needs of you and property. Before we take any action, we do a full assessment and inspection of the property. We identify problem areas and build a plan that strategically targets the causes of your infestation. This may include standing water, overgrown shrubs, excessively shaded areas, and more.

Our mosquito barrier application doesn’t just fight the symptom. It gets at the origin and ecological causes of your infestation. It’s this synergistic effect that has helped us become one of the regions most respected pest control companies.

Termite Barrier

Termites cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. In many cases, pesticides just won’t do the trick. After a period of time, the termites might come back—unless you employ a multistage approach to pest control that accounts for environmental and other physical causes for infestations.

We guarantee our termite barriers for up to one year. After that, we offer termite bonds for annual service checks. Please contact Synergy² for more details!

Fire Ants

Fire ants might be the natural predators of many other nasty pests, but no one wants them on their property. Especially if you have children or pets. Our fire ant control strategies aim to take out the colony at its heart: the queen. We work with the natural features of the soil and with fire ant pesticides that have been specially developed in the lab.

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