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Wondering How to Tell If a Spider Is Poisonous? How Do I Find the Best Spider Exterminator?

Spiders are dangerous insects that can cause people severe health issues by delivering their poison, some even being able to kill people. However, not every spider has the ability to do that kind of damage to humans, so it’s important to identify if the spider you are dealing with is poisonous, venomous, or harmless to people. 

Some spiders can even help you protect your house since they tend to eat other pests such as roaches and flies. We want you to be completely sure of what you are dealing with before calling a pest control company, so keep reading this article to know how to tell what kind of spiders are in your home and how to find the best spider exterminator for you. 

Common FAQ’s About Poisonous Spiders

1.Is a Wolf Spider poisonous?

2.Are Banana Spiders poisonous?

3.Is a black spider with white spot on back poisonous?

4.Is a Jumping Spider poisonous?

Venomous VS Poisonous Spiders 

Before learning how to differentiate a poisonous spider from a harmless one, you need to know what types of spiders you can encounter in your house and the differences between them. You can’t address venomous spider issues as you would address a poisonous one since that information determines what you should do and how dangerous the spiders can be. 

The difference between poisonous and venomous spiders is how their poison gets to you, both being highly dangerous to you and the people living in your house. You should never try to take on these animals on your own, but it doesn’t hurt to know more about them, so here are the differences between venomous spiders and poisonous spiders: 

Venomous Spiders 

Venomous spiders are the most aggressive spiders since they are constantly looking for prey to hunt. These arachnids inject you their venom when they bite you, causing you diverse health problems and pain depending on the spider species you are dealing with. However, some venomous spiders are harmless to humans since they don’t have big enough fangs to penetrate human skin. 

Poisonous Spiders 

Poisonous spiders are also dangerous to human beings but don’t inject their poison by biting you like venomous spiders do. These insects deliver poison when you interact with them, being more dangerous to your pets than to you, since not many people tend to eat or touch spiders. However, some poisonous species can spread their poison when you come in contact with them…or when they come into contact with you, so stay as far as you can from them. 

Both venomous and poisonous spiders are dangerous to you, your pets, and your family, so the best you can do when noticing them is calling a pest control company and staying in a safe place where they can’t reach you. 

Identifying Venomous Spiders

Now that you know the differences between poisonous and venomous spiders, it’s time to learn how to identify them and differentiate them from harmless spiders. However, the following information only tells you how to identify venomous spiders since poisonous spiders are not that common in the US, and venomous arachnids are the only ones that could appear in your household. 

Although poisonous spiders do exist, they share many resemblances with venomous spiders, so you can tell if a spider is dangerous by checking the same things. However, as we mentioned before, it’s not common to find poisonous spiders wandering around your house, so don’t worry about them.

That being said, the best way to tell if a spider is dangerous or not is by checking if there are any kind of markings or distinctive colors on the back part of its body. Venomous spiders have those markings to scare and keep predators away, protecting themselves from any kind of danger, so if you notice that a spider is particularly bright-colored, stay away from it.

Some spider species are more prone to appear in your household, being harmful to people. We want you to be as safe as possible, so here are the most common venomous spiders that could appear in your home and how to identify them:

Brown Widow Spider

As their name suggests, brown widows spiders are light brown, almost having an orange color. Their most noticeable characteristic is the yellow and white stripes around their body so keep an eye on the back part of spiders to check if they have any stripes or color singularity. 

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are the most difficult-to-notice ones in this list since they tend to hide more than the others. They are also brown and have a violin shape that distinguishes them from other spiders. However, their characteristics and tone of color may vary depending on which subspecies you are dealing with, so the best way to identify them is by making sure they have six eyes and not eight like normal spiders.

Black Widow Spider

Black widows are the most popular and noticeable spiders in this list because of their distinctive black color with red markings on their abdomen. However, male black widow spiders are smaller than females and lack red markings. These spiders only attack you when they feel threatened, so don’t do anything that could scare them.

Harmless spiders can bite you too, but they don’t represent any harm to human beings since their fangs can’t penetrate through human skin, and thus, they can’t inject you their venom. If you don’t notice any special color or marking on a spider, don’t worry about it since it can help you reduce pests in your household. Regardless of that, if you are not entirely sure if the spider is venomous or not, call an expert to help you with that matter.

How to Find the Best Spider Exterminator? 

A great pest control company should be able to take care of your spider issue with no problem. You should choose the most reliable exterminator you can find, so try asking your neighbors to tell you if they know any high-quality pest control company and if they had pest problems in the past. However, you can check our website to see if we can provide you with our pest control services. 


Venomous spiders are dangerous animals that can cause you severe health problems and cost you a lot of money from hospital bills. Regardless of that, harmless spiders can help you deal with other pest issues, so learning how to identify these animals and differentiating them is a great skill you can learn to save you a lot of money and time in the future. However, if you notice venomous spiders in your household, ask for pest control service from a spider extermination expert as soon as possible. 

If you’re looking for the right team to handle the issue for you, Synergy² is here to help. We provide trusted services throughout the area, so contact us for the best pest control services around.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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