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Top 7 Pests Faced by Universities and Colleges

If you’re moving into a new dorm or are simply starting college, you must be aware of your school’s pest problems. Not all schools have this issue – but if they do, it’s better to be aware of it and address it as quickly as possible instead of ignoring it. Make sure you research the school you’ve chosen and then, its surroundings. Check the school’s website to see if there is anything on pest problems there. If there’s not, you might have to call Residential Life (at your desired college) to check personally.

It’s better to do your research and move in prepared than have no idea how to deal with a pest problem when it appears. Insects can be damaging and not fun to live with, I’ll tell you that. We will discuss some of the most common problems you might have to deal with and then, offer you advice on how to address this issue. Let’s get started.

Top 7 Pests Faced by Colleges and Universities

  1. Bed bugs. You could carry them on your backpack or other clothing items, so beware.
  2. Roaches. They can spread quickly throughout school buildings, so make sure their eggs don’t transfer to your shoes or any other clothing items. 
  3. Ants. If ants come into your building, they’re most likely looking for water, food, or shelter. Put all food away after you consume it. 
  4. Flies. Large flies can be really dangerous and carry disease, which is why you must be careful if you see too many of them. 
  5. Rodents. Mice and rats can multiply quickly and are dangerous, as they also carry disease. 
  6. Wasps. They won’t stay in the house for too long, unless they must (for example, it’s too cold outside). Watch out so that they don’t lay a nest or eggs in your room, this gets hard to clean. 
  7. Caterpillars and butterflies. As cute as they are, they can be dangerous and toxic. For example, the monarch caterpillar can affect your cardiac function, be careful. 

 How Can I Keep My Dorm Pest-Free This Semester?

  • Check for bed bugs. Always check for bed bugs. They are more common than you could imagine, and they’re gross. They could hide literally anywhere, but you’ll most likely find them under your mattress or under your carpet. Check your dorm out and make sure you don’t have any living in your dorm before you move in. They’re very uncomfortable and they can quickly infest the rest of your living area.
  • Clean up after yourself. Do a general clean-up at least once a week. This is really good for bugs; they cannot stand clean places. Do not leave your empty pizza box on the desk for months, make sure you keep your room tidy and organized. This is also good for studying; you will be able to focus better in a tidy room anyways.
  • Clutter, watch out for it. If your laundry is quickly piling up or you’re shoving everything in your closet and forget about it, this might be a trigger for bugs. They can breed quite fast, so again, make sure you don’t have too much clutter lying around. If you don’t have time to clean because you’re late on homework, do not postpone cleaning. Use Studyclerk to get your assignments done on time. Health is more important than grades, so don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you need it. Online writers are effective and prompt, which might be exactly what you need. You can find thesis example statements on Studyclerk or any thesis writer for hire. You can literally search for “write my masters thesis” on your favorite search engine and get started now. It’s really simple. 
  • Take your trash out, don’t let it sit in the corner. If your trash is also piling up quickly, you need to take it out regularly. You cannot have trash around the room, it will attract bugs and other insects. If you cannot remember to take the trash out regularly, write sticky notes for yourself. 
  • Keep everything dry. If you leave umbrellas or any other wet clothes around, you might be attracting bugs again. Keep your clothes dry and use the washing machine regularly. Dirty clothes will attract bugs too. 
  • Try to avoid bringing bugs at home. If you’re staying at a friend’s house or visiting someone, be careful not to pick up bugs on the way. Once you pick them up, they’ll multiply, and you might have a real pest problem coming your way.
  • Keep your snacks to yourself. Don’t leave your bags of chips on the table. Eat them and then, put them away in the cabinet. If you leave them out overnight, this might attract bugs and other insects. 
  • Understand how pest(s) work. Once you’ve got yourself a pest problem, there might be more to come. If you found one bug, make sure you look well and find the next two. They always come together since they multiply so fast. If you found one, you’ll find more, so keep looking. 

Wrapping Up

Dealing with a pest problem in college might not be easy, but it’s a lesson worth remembering. Make sure you check out your college in advance and ask Residential Life about potential pest problems. Fighting bugs is not easy, so please respect the tips and tricks above to avoid getting bugs inside your dorm. Besides that, have fun and enjoy your first year of college. Also, call your mom – she probably misses you. 

Brandon Kryeger is a writing specialist and author. He works with students worldwide, helping them get their work done on time. In his free time, Brandon likes to cook and runs marathons. 

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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