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Top 5 Pests Schools and Universities Deal With

Unfortunately, pest spreading doesn’t have a single and one-time solution to keep these situations under control. Pest situations commonly arise in buildings and establishments which are visited by huge numbers of people every day. Thus, schools and universities are in bigger danger than small clothing stores, for example, based on articles on writing service best essays

We would like to take a closer look at what pests educational establishments commonly struggle with and what actions should be taken to prevent their spreading within buildings and harming the students.

Top 5 Common Pests in School and Universities








Roaches are considered to be the most frequent guests for school and university students, especially if they live on a student campus, where not all students keep their rooms and items clean. Commonly, roaches appear and reproduce in unsanitary conditions, which should not be a common state for schools and universities. Roaches are really cunning pests, as from several roaches they can grow into a huge swarm, diving into warm places and students’ things as well. 

Roaches commonly hide in places where you can hardly see them, which makes this kind of pest dangerous and hard to eliminate completely from the room or building. They can live in your clothes, behind your fridge, in your computer, under your bed—literally everywhere where they feel safe. 

To get rid of roaches from schools or universities, it is important to eliminate all of them by using pest control services to stop their reproduction and scale within the building. Students are also recommended to check their items to ensure they will not bring any of these pests to school again. 


Flies are the kind of pests that exist everywhere, under any climate and weather position. If it is warm, they are practically everywhere in the streets, when it is cold, they hide in buildings like schools, hospitals, stores, and so on. At first sight, flies don’t seem to be very dangerous to sanitary conditions and the health of students. But we all should remember that flies can carry various viruses like Senecavirus A and PRRSV that are harmful to people’s lives. 

Basically, there are different types and sizes of flies, but all of them are annoying and quite dangerous for the health of students and tutors. Flies are very hard to get rid of completely as you need to use various sticky tools that will not harm the flies but will help you eliminate them in classrooms.


Ants are the most common pests that can appear literally in any location and conditions where there is a place for unsanitary conditions. Usually, ants are gathering in swarms at the pieces of food left on the table or floor in school or university canteens. There are hundreds of different species of ants that exist on our planet. Some of them provide no harm, but some can carry viruses and sting people carrying strong pain. 

The main problem with ants is in their sizes because they can go through any tiny holes in the building, you cannot actually prevent them from getting in. To get rid of lots of ants, you will surely need to hire a pest control company to treat the entire school or university building with protection. It is vital to find the source of ants getting into the building, whether it is many holes in walls, poor sanitary conditions, too old wood furniture, etc. 


Termites are much more dangerous pests for building than those species we mentioned before. Termites commonly appear in wood and actually destroy wood things completely. They eat everything related to wood like paper, leaves, and soil. However, they not only destroy the items made of wood, but if we talk about soil, they also destroy the quality of that area making it impossible to plant anything for several years. 

Some of them live above ground, and you can see them eating the wood from the outside, while others live inside the ground or wood. So sometimes it is very challenging to find the reason for destroying the house, the furniture, etc. It is critical to find out about termites in time to prevent eating everything wood at school or university including walls,  equipment, furniture, books, and so on. Termites look quite similar to ants and also gather into swarms living mostly in wet conditions, but have a bit bigger bodies and bring much bigger harm.


Based on reviews from the writing service Trust My Paper, ticks are supposed to be one of the tiniest pest species that are easy to gain and complicated to find and eliminate. If you have ever been hiking, you have probably gotten acquainted with ticks. These pests sting the human skin and drink their blood from the inside. It is very hard to notice that you got a tick as it is very small from the beginning, but it becomes much bigger after some time being in your blood. 

It is crucial to get rid of ticks very gently to ensure you insert the entire body to avoid the development of viruses that these pests can carry. Ticks can expect you everywhere but mostly they live in bushes, near trees and grass, so students can easily find thousands of them in the school or university yard. It is critical to protect parks, gardens, and other public areas yearly with special poisons that eliminate ticks and make these places safe. 

The Importance of Pest Control in Schools

The responsibility for pest control and protection within schools and universities completely lies in the administration of the educational establishment. They need to ensure safe conditions for their students and regularly do checkups of the buildings to reveal the need for repair, pest protection, and any other upgrades. Pests are not just unpleasant guests for schools and universities, but there are lots of species that are really dangerous for the health and life of students, especially those who are allergic.

 Surely, there are pests that are impossible to get rid of completely, but the school or university administration has to make maximum efforts to make their educational establishment a great place to stay and study. Further, we would like to emphasize the essence and benefits of performing pest control activities for schools and universities. 

Provide Sanitary Conditions for Students

Can you imagine being focused on this or that subject at school or university when your class is full of insects? Probably, that would be really hard and ineffective. As educational buildings commonly include hundreds of different people at the same time, it is crucial to provide high sanitary standards and a clean environment to prevent spreading viruses, diseases, pests in canteens, and other potential problems. So each school and university needs to implement pest control policy and standards that each worker must follow and teach students to do the same.

Prevent Building Damage

Thanks to regular inspection of pest control companies in the building, school administration can reveal the harmful species of pests before they become a real issue, like termites, for example. Pest control can eliminate the swarm of pests that were found in the building and prevent the building from serious damage and expensive repair. Thereby, the pest situations will never get out of control and harm the students in any way. 

Care for Sensitive Students

Some species of pests are capable of causing different reactions to the stinging of different students. This is mostly related to allergic people who can have anaphylactic shock, which can lead to a fatal ending of a story. Some stings can cause an asthma attack and other reactions in students who have low immune protection. Regular reviews of the pest situation allow preventing these harmful consequences for students as well as school or university administration. 

Help to Save the Face of the Educational Establishment

If the pest situation goes out of control of school chiefs, there is a huge probability of completely losing face, losing students, and even closure of a school or university. So if the administration is willing to keep growing in the area, they need to think about the safety of their students and staff, so nothing should distract them from working and learning. 

To Sum Up

When picking a school or university you are going to attend, please ensure they have implemented the pest control policy which is very important, just like the quality of education they provide. School or university administration needs to forget about the economy of pest control services if they want to build a successful reputation in the sphere by showing their care for the health and lives of their students.


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