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Termite Bait Systems: The Advantages of Choosing Trelona Termite Bait over Liquid Treatments

There are various types of termite treatment plans that pest control companies use. Two of the most common methods to offering effective treatment against termites are liquid and termite baiting systems. Each of these treatment options can be incredibly effective. However, many customers don’t understand the difference between baiting and liquid treatment plans. This makes it challenging when picking the best course of action. This article is designed to provide all the information you need to know about these various treatment plans and the pros and cons of using such courses of treatment. 

What is Baiting Treatment for Termite Control? 

Baiting treatment is classified as a long-term approach to termite control. The design of baiting systems is equipped with features that make it slow acting. This is with the help of ‘insect growth regulators’ (IGRs), which include insecticides that make the termite control slow-acting. 

Due to this design, the baiting system is spread across because of foraging worker termites. These insecticides are transported by worker termites to the other members. Now, these members of the colony don’t exit the shelter to collect food. The purpose of these baiting systems is to disrupt the regular growth procedures in termites. 

When installing this specific treatment plan, termites typically die while trying to molt. This happens after a few weeks of ingesting the insecticides. These substances are present on the baiting systems structural component of wood called cellulose. 

What is Liquid Treatment for Termite Control? 

The process involved in liquid termite treatments includes creating a chemical barrier in the soil of your property. This is done around the foundation of your home. When creating this barrier, many gallons of pesticide solution is needed to make a continuous wall around this area. However, one of the downsides of using this liquid termite treatment process is that the copious amounts of pesticide used is known to harm the environment. 

Baiting vs. Liquid Termite Treatment Plans 

One of the most prevalent benefits of using a baiting termite treatment system is that it offers greater value when compared to liquid termite treatment. Not to mention, it’s also seen as being a more long-term solution. Adding to this, it’s a better way of handling termites. 

Nonetheless, the pest control industry still has an ongoing debate on which treatment is superior. However, there’s an astounding load of advantages that push baiting termite treatment stations to take the title as the best method of treating a termite problem. 

From extensive research, many people have found that termite baiting systems are designed to offer less hassle. It’s also a less intrusive option that requires less active ingredients. On the other hand, liquid treatments require extensive sums of pesticides that can be detrimental to your household and the environment surrounding your family. 

What are the Advantages of Using Trelona Termite Bait? 

Unlike regular baiting termite treatments, the lifespan of Trelona is prolonged to protect against termites for approximately three years. These Trelona bait cartridges remain effective for between two and three years when installed accordingly and placed under typical conditions. Some clients state that one of the best features of this Trelona termite baiting system is the control and independence that’s offered to the homeowner when using this product. 

Another advantage to using Trelona termite bait is that termites generally find these Trelona ATBS stations quicker than other models, such as Sentricon. In addition to this, the new annual inspection label included in the design of these Trelona termite baiting systems entails that homeowners receive year-round protection. This allows households to continue operating more efficiently and without the worry of termites.  

Although the effects of an effective baiting system take a little longer to start working, Trelona baiting products can begin working after approximately one day. These traps are placed around the structure where these termites are living. Once returning to the colony, the treatment starts to work. This can take as little as one day, but this is highly dependent on the size of the building that these termites have called home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do termite baiting systems work as a useful course of action against termite infestations? 

Studies have shown that termite baiting systems are the most robust method of eliminating colonies of termites. The reason for this is the slow-acting agent that slips past the defenses commonly found in a termite colony. This barrier is broken from the natural sharing of secretions and food. 

How long do these termite baiting stations last? 

Termite baiting treatment is known to typically last for one year. However, the termite bait stations needed to be maintained annually to ensure that this treatment provides optimal results. With that being said, liquid termite treatment can last for approximately five years, but this isn’t as effective as using baiting stations. 

Can you use liquid termite treatment and baiting stations together? 

Most customers choose to stick to one treatment plan, which is typically the termite baiting system. This is because it’s cheaper and more effective in the long run. However, some clients ask if they can use both treatments for enhanced results. In most cases, this is an acceptable treatment plan. Professionals often combine using the liquid treatment plan and the baiting systems. This happens if the home is already the site of an active infestation. 

When developing this treatment plan, the termites are placed under conditions that make these creatures stop feeding on the structure quicker. In addition to this, these termites are also provided with an alternative food source that’s equipped to destroy the entire colony. For this reason, combing these two methods is incredibly favorable because homeowners can more proactively intercept future termites before these creatures are given the opportunity to infest their homes. 

Is termite protection worthwhile? 

The fact is that household termite control is an essential element. It’s not unheard of termites being the cause of expensive damages to houses and property. However, taking the necessary steps to prevent a termite infestation can save you time and energy. Due to this, termite protection is a worthwhile investment that every homeowner should look into getting.

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