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Synergy Jackson Pest Control Top FAQs-Get Rid of Bugs Quickly

I have a bee hive with honey bees in my house.  How do I get rid of bee hives?

Finding an active bee hive in the walls of your house can be a messy situation.  Killing the bees with insecticides may leave a pungent odor of dead bees and rotting honey that can be difficult to get rid of.  Getting rid of bees and bee hives in your home requires several steps.

First, contact a beekeeper and ask that they come remove and re-locate the hive.  It may be necessary to make a hole in the wall to remove the bees and then repair.  Next identify points of access around your home and make the repairs necessary to prevent bees from re-entering.  

What are yellow flies that bite?  How do I kill yellow flies?

Yellow fly bites can be similar to bites from horse flies, quite painful.  Yellow flies are found in the southeast and are most common in Florida.  They are very aggressive with bites causing swelling and pain.  

Preventing yellow fly bites is difficult.  When outdoors, wear long-sleeves and pants.  Yellow biting flies can be controlled with mistblower-applied liquid insecticides.  Also, there are specific fly traps for yellow flies.

What to do about squirrels in the attic?

Squirrels are cute until they are not.  Squirrels attempting to get inside your home or attic to nest can cause extensive damage.  Squirrels can chew through anything including siding and electrical wiring(causing a potential fire problem).  Damage caused by squirrels to a home can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

To get rid of squirrels first identify the points on entry into your home.  Next use traps specific for squirrels or exclusion devices like Evictor to remove all squirrels from the attic.  After that repairs must be made quickly to insure squirrels do not try to re-enter the home.

How do I get rid of bats in my attic?

Despite their scary appearance, bats are beneficial around our home as they consume thousands of mosquitoes each evening.  Bats are also federally protected species so killing them is not an option.  If bats do enter your attic and attempt to establish a nest for raising their young pups, quick action is needed.

Exposure to bat guano is extremely dangerous.  The first step to get bats out of your attic is to determine where bats are getting in.  Install bat arms(except during June-August) to allow bats to fly out but not re-enter.  Next complete structural repairs necessary to prevent bats from getting into your attic again.

Best way to trap possums?

Possums are great to have around the home unless they become a nuisance.  Possums eat tons of insects helping keep the insect population down around your home.  The main fear of possums, which is unfounded, is that they may carry rabies.

To get rid of nuisance possums around the home, trapping is the best option(not killing).  To trap a possum, use live traps baited with fish or apples.  After trapping, relocate the possum to a safe location.  To help prevent possums, keep garbage contained in closed garbage cans.

What are thrips and how do you get rid of thrips in the garden?

Thrips are common garden insects that are sucking pests.  Sucking pests damage leaves and plants by extracting plant juices.  The damage looks like scarring of the leaf surface.

There are several methods to get rid of thrips in the garden.  Insecticidal or organic soaps(Neem Oil is one example) are great at prevention when applied regularly and can help manage less severe existing infestations of thrips.  For more severe infestations of thrips, soil drenches of insecticides and/or liquid and dust insecticides may be required.

Where do blow flies come from and how do you get rid of blow flies?

Blow flies, also known as bluebottle flies, can spread diseases to humans since they feed on rotting flesh and other decaying matter.  Blow flies are larger than house flies with a metallic color of either black, green or blue.

When you see blow flies, the first thought needs to be where is the rotting flesh or vegetation.  Getting rid of the source attracting blow flies is critical to getting rid of blow flies for good.  Applications of insecticides and insect growth regulators via a mistblower will also help manage blow flies.

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