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Synergy Jackson Pest Control FAQ’s: February 27, 2022

How long do flies live?

A common misconception among homeowners is the flies only live a day or two and will quickly die off.  Ignoring a fly problem in your home can allow breeding to quickly create a serious fly issue.  How long do flies liveMany species of flies can live up to a couple of months, including house flies(30 days) and fruit flies(60 days).

The most important step you can take to address a fly issue in your home is sanitation.  Try to figure out the sources of what is attracting flies to your home in the first place and remove it.  Common sources of fly infestations include: dirty dishes in the sink, rotting vegetables and fruit, garbage receptacles, and organic matter in sink and bathroom drains.

What does a baby roach look like?

So what does a baby roach look like?  Baby roaches are often just smaller versions of adults.  Sometimes baby roaches, in early nymph stages, are white in color.  Baby roaches in your home can be a sign of a cockroach infestation that can quickly grow out of control.

American roaches and German roaches are two of the most common types of roaches found inside homes.  American roach egg cases contain up to 15 eggs each with a female American roach capable of producing 6 to 12 egg capsules in a lifetime.  German roach cases contain up to 40 eggs with female German roaches capable of producing up to  8 cases in a lifetime.

How to get rid of rats in house fast?

Getting rid of rats in your house fast can be challenging.  Many homeowners resort to rat poison which is extremely dangerous.  Rat poisons, which not used in locked rat stations, can cause accidental poisonings of humans, pets, and non-target wildlife.

A safer option, which is also effective, is the use of rat snap traps and rat glue traps.  Proper placement of traps is key: along rat runways, walls, and under appliances.  Many rat glue traps are pre-baited.  For un-baited rat glue traps and rat snap traps, consider using peanut butter, bacon and other meats, cereals, and/or cheese.

Best wasp exterminator?

Getting rid of wasps can be done by homeowners but the safest option is to find a wasp exterminator.  To find the best wasp exterminator in your area, check google reviews of local pest companies as well as the company websites.  Some pest companies specialize in difficult-to-solve problems, such as wasps and stinging pests.

A wasp exterminator will carefully inspect the exterior of your home identifying all wasp nests.  Quick-acting insecticides are used as a knock-down agent while nests are carefully removed.  After all wasp nests have been removed, long-acting liquid and/or dust insecticides are used to prevent re-infestation by wasps.

What food kills rats instantly?

Using food to kills rats instantly is risky.  If food you choose is dangerous to rats, it could also be dangerous to pets, other animals, and possibly humans.  Some of the foods people have used to try to kill rats include: blue cheese, licorice, poppy seeds, baking soda, and cornmeal.

A better and safer option to get rid of rats in your home is the use of traps.  Rat glue traps, rat snap traps, and live catch traps are some of the most popular.  The trick to effective use of rat traps is placement of traps and proper baiting.  Baits are trial and error.  Some baits may be more attractive to rats than others.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans.  Bed bugs are usually reddish-brown in color but turn much darker after feeding.  Bed bugs are visible to the human eye at about the size of a small apple seed.  Bed bugs don’t fly but aren’t excellent hiders.  Bed bugs hide until they detect CO2 exhaled from a sleeping human.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be difficult.  Throwing out mattresses and clothing does not often solve the problem.  In most cases, bed bug infestations are best solved by a pest professional specializing in bed bug extermination.

Are earwigs and pincher bugs the same thing?

Are earwigs and pincher bugs the same thing? Earwigs, also called pincher bugs, are the same thing.  Earwigs look intimidating with their large pinchers on the rear of their bodies.  Fortunately, earwigs are mostly harmless to humans.  Earwigs, or pincher bugs, only use their pinchers as defense mechanisms against predators.

Earwigs are not venomous and do not “bite”.  If threatened, an earwig will use it’s large pinchers to defend but are not aggressive.  Earwigs are considered occasional invaders in our homes.  To keep earwigs out of the home, insure all windows and doors are sealed properly.  For earwigs that do make it inside they are easily controlled with liquid or dust insecticides.

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