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Synergy Jackson Pest Control: Answering Your Questions December 31, 2020

Tired of stings from yellow jackets. What are yellow jackets and how do you find yellow jackets’ nests?

  Yellow jacket stings hurt and can be deadly(if you have had anaphylactic reactions to stings from wasps, yellow jackets, or bees before). Most importantly, any type of treatment of a yellow jacket nest needs to occur at night when they are least active and aggressive. The first step to getting rid of yellow jackets is to identify any ground nests. Mark these during daylight hours. In the evening, use a two step method to kill them: -For an immediate kill, use an aerosol insecticide intended for quick knockdown. -After using the knock-down aerosol, apply a pyrethroid insecticide in dust form to the ground nest. The dust will have a long duration of action and kill yellow jackets as they come back to the nest the next day.

What are stink bugs? How do you get rid of stink bugs?

  Stink bugs are what’s called occasional invaders. They typically live outdoors but come inside your home to escape winter conditions. Stink bugs like warm places, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Spraying insecticides can help reduce stink bugs but insecticides are not the permanent solution. To get rid of stink bugs in your home, first seal off all points of access. Stink bugs can get into your home through dryer vents, cracks and crevices in trim and siding, and under and around windows and door seals. After all points of access for stink bugs have been eliminated, consider a two-step approach to get rid of stink bugs for good: 1.First, use a liquid synthetic pyrethroid insecticide to spray both the interior of your home and around the exterior focusing on two feet up and two feet out from the foundation. 2.Second, apply a granular insecticide around the foundation of your home.Granular insecticides offer much longer periods of control since they aren’t easily washed off.

How do you get rid of gnats, including fungus gnats and drain gnats?

  Depending on the species, most gnats prefer to live and breed in moist, organic matter. For fruit flies, this could be rotten fruit or organic matter in drains. For fungus gnats, this can be moist potting soil from an indoor plant. For drain gnats, this could mean moisture or leaky conditions around a toilet or sink or the drain itself. To get rid of gnats, it is essential to confirm the breeding site if you want to get rid of them permanently. Simply spraying insecticides for gnats only kills the ones you can see. The adult gnats at the breeding site as well as the eggs are not affected. Check out our recent blog posts on controlling gnats here:
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Can you tell me how to get rid of carpenter ants and what are carpenter ants with wings?

  The key to controlling carpenter ants and getting rid of them for good is to locate the nest on the exterior of your home. Carpenter ant nests are found outdoors in dead or decaying wood. When they nest indoors it can be inside of doors and window sills, anything that is hollowed out. Carpenter ants with wings are the reproductives. The least effective method of trying to control carpenter ants is the use of repellent pyrethroid insecticides found in big box stores. Non-repellent insecticides and baiting allow carpenter ants to transfer the chemicals back to the nest killing them. Need more information on ant control, check out:
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What do I do for ticks on dogs and how to remove ticks?

Frequently checking your pet and fleas and ticks can help avoid costly vet visits. If you find a tick on your dog, it is essential to remove the tick from the dog and quickly and safely as possible. Tweezers applied on the tick as close to the dog’s skin as possible should do the trick. Monitor the tick bite site for signs of infection after removing it. To prevent your pets from getting ticks, a granular insecticide applied every 60 days during the warm season months can help. While liquid insecticides will kill ticks more quickly, granular insecticides will last much longer. For more information on tick control and prevention, check out:
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How do you get rid of fleas on dogs?

  Flea infestations in your home can be very difficult to control. If you want to get rid of fleas on your dog and fleas in your home, coordination of treatment of both your pet and home is essential. Schedule a flea treatment for your dog at the local vet’s office on the same day as the flea treatment for your home. -For your pet, the veteranarian may use multiple methods to get rid of fleas on your dog including dips, oral medications, and topical treatments. An example of a oral treatment to get rid of fleas is Capstar. -For your home, the application of insecticides will most likely include liquid pyrethroid insecticides and insect growth regulators(or IGRs). IGR’s are critical as you need to disrupt the fleas’ ability to reproduce. Looking for more tips on getting rid of fleas on your pet and in your home? Check out:
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  Feel free to read more about us and decide if Synergy² is the right company for you.  We have over 270 Five-Star Google reviews for pest control service in the Jackson metro area (Jackson/Madison/Brandon/Ridgeland). Check out our newest location reviews for pest control service in Jackson, MS here at Synergy² Jackson Pest Control!
Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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