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Ant control in the South can be a frustrating experience for homeowners.  A critical first step is identifying both the type of ant and where the ants are coming from.  Why are ants in my house?  The answer could be a number of reasons including access to water/moisture, food, and areas containing sugars or grease.  There are two main types of ant control products:

1.Granular and Liquid Insecticides-Faster acting but do not usually get back to the nest.

2. Ant Baits-Ant baits work more slowly but are effective at disrupting the reproductive cycle of ants.

A thorough inspection by an exterminator in Madison will help determine the type of ant and the location of any nests.  At that point a determination can be made as to the most effective treatment or combination of treatments.  The most common types of ants we deal with in the South are carpenter ants, little black ants(sometimes called sugar ants), fire ants, acrobat ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants.

Speaking of fire ants:  Number one pest in the South? Fire Ants! With mounds that can extend into the soil 20 feet deep and contain up to 200,000 ants, fire ants are extremely difficult to eradicate. Mound treatments can be effective for single mounds; however, there are usually many smaller colonies without visible mounds for every large mound you can see in a lawn. Compounding the problem is the fact that a single fire ant colony can contain dozens of queens, each capable of laying 1,500 eggs each day. 

The Synergy² Fire Ant Extermination Program combines cutting edge science and baiting technology with a single broadcast application of a low dose professional use insecticide. How low? Try less than 0.015%. With a 100x greater affinity for insect receptors, this single application stays tightly bound to the soil providing effective fire ant control for up to one year. As an added benefit, this product will also control fleas and ticks for up to 30 days following application. The Synergy² guarantee is simple. We offer our customers year-long protection with just one application. If you notice any new mounds within the 12 month period, simply call us and we will re-treat your property at no cost. Make your lawn a hostile environment for fire ants with the Synergy² Fire Ant Program.

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