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Rat Poison: Is It Safe to Use Rat Poison in The Home?

Almost every house has its problem with rats. Homeowners want to get rid of rats because these rodents have caused them many discomforts. So, some of them have settled to buy different rat poisons. But the question is that, is it safe to use rat poison in the home?

Common FAQ’s About Rat Poison

1.What is the best rat poison?

2.Does Tomcat rat poison work?

3.What about Home Depot rat poison? Is it effective?

4.Is there homemade rat poison?

5.What are the best rat poison blocks?

How To Know If You Have Rats at Home?

Before you get rid of rats, you must know first if rats are living in your home.  There are signs to know that there are rats inside your house. Some of its manifestations are the grease marks on the walls. Also, you will notice the dirt and waste of rats in different corners of your house. There are also distinct sounds produce by rats. Also, there are instances where homeowners may see these rats running from one place to another.  

Why Are Rats Considered to Be a Problem?

Health Issues

Rats are considered to be a big problem for homeowners. One problem that rats give is the possible transmission of diseases. They can transmit diseases through their bites, scratches, dirt, and urine. There are also instances where the transmission of disease happens when rats run across an open container where there is food inside, and the food is consumed by the homeowners.  

Diseases Caused by Rats

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis 

This is an infectious disease caused by the saliva and dirt of rats. This is characterized by having an abnormal increase of the lymphocytes.  This is also characterized by experiencing cerebral meningitis. Symptoms include fever, appetite loss, head and muscle pains, nausea, and even vomiting.  

Black Plague

This disease is caused by the bites of fleas. These fleas are living in the skin of rats. A person having this disease may experience symptoms like fever, head pains, and weakness.  


Homeowners can catch this disease when they drink water or have eaten food that has been infected by the feces of rats. This is also referred to as food poisoning. People who have caught this disease may develop diarrhea, fever, and chills. They can also experience vomiting and stomach pain.

Materials Damages

Rats do not only cause health problems to homeowners. They can also give these people headaches when their materials are being destroyed by these rodents.  These rats are best in gnawing plastics. They also bite the wood. These activities of rats may result in some structures in your house having holes.  Some of your clothes may also be chewed by the rats. You may notice some teeth marks on those things.  Rats also nest in a certain location in your home leaving those areas with an unpleasant smell.

Getting rid of these rodents

One way to avoid these problems caused by these rats is to get rid of them. Homeowners have invested their time, money and, effort in killing these rats. They found out that the easiest and most effective way of doing that is to use rat poisons.

What are rat poisons?

“Rodenticides” is another term used to call rat poisons.  These have chemicals used to kill rodents.  Although rodenticides are commonly used to kill rats, they can also use in killing squirrels and beavers.  

Some rodenticides are deadly for rodents after first exposure. Also, some rodents cannot be killed after the first exposure.  

There are some instances where animals who hunt dead rodents may experience poisoning if the rodents that they consume died because of digesting these rat poisons.  

Advantages of Using Rat Poison

Easy use and application

There are rat poisons that are known to use easily. They do not require too many instructions in assembling. This method can efficiently grant you to optimize the vitality.


This rat poison has a different way of killing rats. This poison has an active and appealing ingredient that will keep the rats from coming and chewing the bait. This can result in an effective death of these rats.

You can select the area

There are some locations in your home that you don’t want to be contaminated with this rat poison. So, one good thing is that you can select the area where you want to attract these rats.  

The Disadvantage of Using Rat Poison

One disadvantage of using rat poison its harmful effects on everyone, especially children. They may accidentally swallow this poison that may cause serious problems.

Is It Safe to Use Rat Poison?

There are instances where the use of rat poisons is potentially dangerous. In these instances, you have children and some pets at home. So, these are some harmful effects that may affect the safety of using rat poison in your home

Safety of Children

Children are known to be playful and innocent. They might play with something toxic and later on, chew on it. Some toddlers may swallow objects containing a poison that may lead to a serious problem.

Safety of Pets

Even though rat poisons are designed to kill rats, your pets may also be affected by them. When you have pets at home, they have also the tendency to be poisoned. They are animals who are curious and alert to everything that they see.  They can be poisoned if they play, bite or lick these dead rats that have died because of poison.

Safety to Home

The use of rat poison has been known for its effectiveness.  With this, there is a tendency that there are dead rats that may hard to locate. This can cause a foul smell all over your home.  There is also a possibility that you may not find the body of the dead rat until it decomposes.  

Safety to animals

There is also a tendency that other animals may get poisoned. This can happen if a rat escaped into your home after being poisoned. When an animal consumes this rat, this animal can also be poisoned and may lead to death.


There is always an advantage and disadvantage when it comes to using rat poison. You must carefully weigh those things to come up with a decision. Rat poisons are considered harmful if not handled properly. When using this rat poison, see to it that you are responsible for having it inside your home. You must also be informed of the possible dangers that it might cause.  

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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