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What Kills Rats Home Remedies and Other Rat FAQ’s

Can rats swim?

One way rats can get into your home is through plumbing conduit and plumbing pipes, including toilets.  So can rats swim?  Absolutely, rats can swim long distances and stay underwater up to three minutes.  It is not difficult at all for a rat to get into your home or office through sewage pipes.

Control of rats getting into your home through sewer pipes starts with control of rats outside the home.  Rodent bait stations are a safe way to use rat poison outside to try to reduce the number of rats.

How to get rid of rats outside?

Getting rid of rats outside completely is nearly impossible.  Reducing the number of rats outside your home is possible, though.  The use of rodent poisons in locked bait stations can reduce the number of rats outside your home.  Use of poison is best understand the supervision of a licensed pest professional as poison is extremely dangerous, including accidental poisoning of humans, pets, and non-target wildlife.

If a homeowner chooses to use rat poison, it is always advisable to use lockable rodent bait stations.   Bait may need to be rotated to find a bait that is most attractive, or palatable, to the rats outside your home.

What are Norway rats?

Norway rats are known by a number of different names including Brown rats, Sewer rats, and Street rats.  Colorblind, and with poor vision, Norway rats compensate through exceptional senses of hearing and smell.  Norway rats are omnivores, meaning they feed on both plant-based and animal-based food sources.

Norway rats can enter homes in a number of ways including: through electrical and plumbing conduits, gaps in siding and between brick ledges, and other cracks and crevices.  Getting rid of Norway rats can be difficult with rat snap traps and rat glue boards being the best option for homeowners.

What kills rats instantly home remedies?

There are a number of home remedies that may kill rats instantly; however, the data to support some of these options is not very strong.  What kills rats instantly home remedies?  Several options include: dry ice, traps, and salt.  Based on the data these may or may not be effective.

Rat traps, including rat glue boards and rat snap traps, can be extremely effective.  In the hands of a licensed pest professional, rat poison is also very effective.

What are tree rats?

Tree rats, also called roof rats or black rats, are one of the most common rat species in the United States.  Tree rats or roof rats are much smaller than Norway rats.  Tree rats get their name from one of the most common ways they enter structures, through trees and onto roofs.

To manage tree or roof rats, structural repairs are often necessary.  First, remove all trees or tree limbs overhanging the structure which allows them access to the roof.  Next complete structural repairs to eliminate points of entry.  After that, rat traps and rat poison can be used to help reduce the tree rat population around your home.

What are sewer rats?

Sewer rats are Norway rats that have built nests and live in sewers.  Sewer rats or Norway rats are proficient swimmers and can enter a home through sewer pipes.  Larger than roof rats, sewer rats are also prolific breeders.

Getting rid of sewer rats can be difficult, especially if they are entering the home through sewer pipes.  For sewer rats inside the home, trapping is often the best option using kill or no-kill traps.  As a last resort, rat poison can be effective but is extremely dangerous.

What smell do rats hate?

Rats enter homes for three reasons: shelter, food, or water.  There is little data to support the use of essential oils and organic products to prevent rats from entering a home.  Depending on the reason the rats are trying to enter a home in the first place, this approach may or may not be effective.

So what smells do rats hate?  Strong odors from essential oils including eucalyptus, peppermint oil and other strong smelling products(like cayenne, garlic, ammonia, and moth balls) may be offensive to rats but not enough to keep them out of your home.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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