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Questions About Spiders?

What species are big spiders?

Many of the biggest spiders in the world are not native to the U.S.  So what species are big spiders?  These include: Goliath Tarantulas, Giant Huntsman spiders, Chaco Golden-Knee spiders, Colombian Giant Tarantulas, and Brazilian Pink Birdeaters.

How many legs do spiders have?

Spiders and insects differ by the pairs of legs they have, with spiders having four pair of legs and insects having three pair of legs.  But it is not only spiders that have four pair of legs, all arachnids do.  This includes scorpions, ticks, and harvestmen.

Because of their legs, some spiders can jump up to 50 times the length of their bodies.

How long do spiders live?

Spiders lifespans vary from as little as a few months to up to 40 years.  Normally, female spiders live longer than male spiders.  Common house spiders typically live about a year.  Female tarantula spiders can live up to 35 years.  Wolf spiders live up to 3 years.

Spiders also do not have to feed constantly to survive.  Many spiders can live going without food for up to two months.

What are parachuting spiders size?

Depending on the sex, parachuting spiders size can vary from small males to large females up with bodies up to an inch.  Including their legs, the female parachuting spiders can grow to 3 to 4 inches.  

Female parachuting spiders are distinguished by their markings which are bright yellow stripes on black bodies.  

Do spiders sleep?

Spiders do rest at times but do spiders sleep?  Yes, spiders sleep differently than humans, though.  Spiders don’t close their eyes, but adjust their activity levels to conserve energy.  Many spiders are more active at night, choosing to rest during the day.

Spiders activity levels, like humans, are determined by their circadian rhythms.

What are fishing spiders?

Fishing spiders are similar in size and shape to wolf spiders.  They are called fishing spiders because they like to live near lakes and streams to feed on flying insects.  Fishing spiders are not considered to be aggressive towards humans.

Fishing spiders are very beneficial to have around the home as they feed on unwanted aquatic pests.

What kills spiders?

There are a number of ways to kill spiders including organic treatments, insecticide treatments, and glue boards.  Killing spiders may not be the best option though.  Spiders prey on pest insects around the home, so most spiders are considered beneficial.

For spiders that do make it inside the home, contact insecticide sprays will kill them pretty quickly.  If spiders indoors are a recurring issue, insecticides with a long residual action are often the best option.

What are little red spiders?

Little red spiders are usually called clover mites.  Like spiders, clover mites have eight legs.  Unlike spiders, which feed on insects, clover mites feed on plants and grasses.

Clover mites are not considered harmful to humans or plants.  If clover mites get inside your home, manual removal through vacuuming is recommended.

What are spiders with wings?

No spiders have wings.  Some spiders may appear to have wings or fly when ballooning.  Spider ballooning is when the spider releases its silk to travel by wind.

So while some web-building spiders can fly through ballooning, spiders do not fly because of wings.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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