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How to Find a Pest Inspector Who Will Put the Fear of God Into Meddlesome Critters

What do you think when a colossal cockroach runs across your bare foot while you’re in the kitchen getting a snack late at night? Probably the same thoughts potential buyers will have if they see them lingering in the home you’re trying to sell. No buyer wants to see pests of any kind crawling around a house. And certainly, no lender will want to lend money to a buyer for a home infested with pests. So, unless you plan to sell your house fast for cash to a buyer who will accept your house as-is, it is a good idea to find an outstanding pest inspector. 

You don’t need to hire someone who will set bait and hope and pray. It would be best if you had someone very knowledgeable about pests in the local area and how they build colonies and grow to discover the source and get rid of the problem. Essentially, it would help if you had someone ready to strike terror into these creatures invading your space and could potentially keep your home from selling. Let’s look at some of the peskiest pests that could interfere with your sale and look at ways good pest inspectors will annihilate them. 

Pests You Need To Address Before Selling Your Home

Any pests in your home could jeopardize the sale of it. So a good exterminator will try to address as many problems as possible. However, here are some of the worst types of pests to discover you have in your home when you are trying to sell it. 


Of all the problems, this one is probably one of the worst ones. They love to eat the cellulose in the wood in your home and can cause lots of damage that may go unnoticed for several years. But when pest technicians find them, the damage can be pervasive. Not only will you have to get rid of the termite problem, which could run as high as a couple of thousand dollars. But you will also have to fix the damage they’ve caused in their wake. For example, it could cost thousands more dollars to fix doors, windows, beams, and other structures they’ve gnawed through. 

Carpenter Ants

Another equally destructive critter is the carpenter ant. Many people get the impression that they eat wood just like termites. However, they don’t consume wood. Instead, they burrow through the wood to set up their nests. These pests “build” inside the wood instead of eating it. Thus, the name carpenter ants. But the damage they leave in their wake is just as destructive as termite damage. Getting rid of these pests may not cost as much as termite eradication, but it could still cost hundreds of dollars.

Bed Bugs

While these pests may not jeopardize your home’s structural integrity, they will cause itching and welts on your body that are so painful that you will wish they were eating your house instead. And if someone gets bitten by bed bugs and triggers an allergic reaction, this could be quite severe, causing something as detrimental as anaphylaxis. Bed bugs aren’t just a pest problem, however. The EPA labels this problem as a public health problem as it can cause skin infections, anxiety, insomnia, and other health-related problems. 

Roach Infestations

Not only are they ugly, but roaches are detrimental to your health and well-being. Roaches are very unhygienic and can get into your food and instantly render it unsafe to eat. This is because these disgusting critters love congregating in sewers, garbage cans, and other dank places. And if you have a cockroach problem, this could trigger allergic reactions and asthma. 


“Oh, look. An adorable little mouse,” said no one in the history of seeing mice in their home. If you have a mice infestation, this is not only a bad pest infestation but also a potential health problem. Mice are notorious for carrying all types of deadly diseases and infections. Sometimes it’s not the mice themselves that are harmful but the fleas on their body that help spread disease. As a matter of fact, fleas on rats were why the Black Death and other infectious diseases spread like wildfire in the past, killing millions of people and ravaging towns. So while you may not have to worry about plagues in your home if you have mice, it is essential to address this problem right away if you want to sell your house. 


Another potential pest problem you may develop is wildlife. One of the most common types of wildlife is squirrels. However, your house could be overrun with other types, including snakes, raccoons, and skunks. Not only are these animals a health threat because they can spread rabies, ticks, and fleas, but they could also destroy wiring and insulation. 

Tree and Bush Pests

While some of the biggest pest problems will probably be inside your home, there are others outside your home you should address also. For example, it may be tempting to disregard pests that are amassing in your trees and bushes outdoors, but this could be problematic when selling your home. For one, having decaying trees or bushes can ruin your curb appeal. Additionally, since pests compromise the structural integrity of a tree, this could cause the tree to collapse. Unfortunately, trees that cause damage to your home from pests may not be covered by your home insurance. And buyers certainly don’t want to risk buying a home with a tree on the property that could fall on the house. 

What Pest Inspectors Will Do To Help You Get Rid of Your Pest Problems

Unfortunately, there could be so many pests wreaking havoc on your property without you knowing it. Instead of waiting for a home inspection to reveal such problems, it is a good idea to take matters into your own hand and address your pest problems head-on. After all, whether a home inspector discovers the problem or you discover it, you will be responsible for paying to get rid of the problem. A great pest control company will work with you to eradicate your pest problem in the following ways. 


One of the best ways to get rid of pests will be to use chemicals. Other ways will include setting traps to help eradicate the pest problem. Many exterminators will set traps and other bait and come back at a later date to check for the presence of roaches or wildlife. Each company uses its own technique for getting rid of pests. Some may even incorporate environmentally friendly products. 

Seal Entry Points

Another way pest control technicians will help eliminate your pest problem is to discover how they are getting in your house. For example, pests such as mice may chew their way into your home and get in through holes they’ve formed. Exterminators know how to spot these holes and will seal them to keep the pests out. 

Advise You on How To Keep Them Away

Another great way that they will help you stave off future pest problems is by warning you of what may have attracted them and encouraging you to change those behaviors. Sometimes pests start congregating due to your own behaviors. For example, leaving out food, not wiping counters, and other issues could have encouraged the pest infestation. Changing these habits by cleaning regularly and minimizing clutter will go a long way toward preventing pests. Before long, you will get rid of your pest problem and be well on your way to selling your house. 

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