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Killing Rats Instantly: How to Kill Rats in Your Home for Good

The existence of rats may be as old as the existence of human beings, but the possibility of a peaceful co-existence between these two species is not possible. For one, rats are known as a non-stoppable destruction machine that literally chews almost everything. It is also an undeniable fact the health risk it poses to the human population. Being a virus and bacteria carrier, it serves as a constant threat to human health, especially in that it crawls on food, bedding, and other personal belongings.

Being caught in a stressful situation of having a rat infestation, the only thing that comes into one’s mind is how to effectively “kill” this little culprit. The traditional idea of having a cat inside the house may drove away rats may seem not to be a good idea for cats may even be placed in a “dangerous situation” with the attack of packs of rats.

Killing the rats instantly may be a gruesome idea, but that is the only way to eliminate the rat infestation. Let us take a look at the different methods by which you can venture on in eradicating the rats.

Common FAQ’s About Killing Rats

1.Killing rats with salt. Does it work?

2.Does killing rats with coke work?

3.What is the best poison for killing rats?

4.Killing rats with antifreeze?

5.Killing rats in their burrows?

Methods of killing rats

Predators to kill rats

Everything is part of a cycle of a food chain, and most likely, rats are part of the food chain of some predators like cats and dogs. Dogs may be considered as an effective predator that is trained to kill rats. It may be gruesome to watch how dogs kill rats. An increased number of predators in the vicinity will most likely eliminate any rat infestation.

Rat Poisoning

It may be inhuman to resort to poisoning, but this method is a known method on how to instantly kill the rat. However, there are several states that already banned the use of “poisoning” for some environmental reasons. But in states that have not yet banned poisoning, this method is being considered as effective in killing rats.  Once the rat ate the rat poison, it will slowly kill the rat through internal bleeding. The ingested poisonous rat food will cause internal bleeding.

You can just dispose of the dead bodies of rats without exerting any effort of killing them. The only concern if the poisoned rats died indoors in small spaces of which cannot be reached, for if it will not be removed, the dead body of the rat will decompose and emits a horrible odor.

The poisonous substance may also be harmful to human beings and as well as to other animals. The rat that ingested the poison is also poisonous that may also have poisoned other predators that will eat the poisoned rat. This could be the primary reason why this method is not highly recommended.

Setting a Trap

Though it may be perceived as a traditional way, it is considered one of the fastest ways of getting rid of rats. It may not instantly kill the rat, but the rat trapped can easily be disposed of or killed.

In setting a trap, you must devise a strategic way of placing those traps. It should be strategically placed on the infested area, in the place with a large quantity of poop, in the dark corners, and may be placed behind the large appliances.

There are different types of traps, and it is better to look at these types to properly pick which type of trap may be appropriate to your place;

Types of traps

Snap Traps

This type of trap has two types of categories which are the traditional wooden trap and the plastic trap. You may opt to have the traditional wooden trap that has a spring-loaded bar that is being used to snap down the rat and kills the culprit instantly. If you want, you can try the newer type of trap which is the plastic trap, wherein it kills the rat instantly with its sharp jaws.

Glue trap

It is a single-use trap of which you can only use once in trapping the rats. It does not kill the rat, but it can catch the rat instantly. Once the rat steps into the glue trap, it will be stick into it, but it is not being killed. Once the rat is caught, it is up to you to decide how to eliminate or “kill” the rat.

The glue trap looks like a wooden or plastic platform that is laden with glue. You can place the glue trap on places which is the usual path of the rats.

Electric trap

Animal rights may not be applicable with rats, for you can opt to kill these culprits through electrocution. This may not be so humanely way of killing rats but may be considered as the fastest way of killing rats. The design of this trap is just like a cage that lethal electrical shock is being triggered once the rat got inside the cage. The lethal electrical shock will immediately kill the rat.

Live trap

It is being called a live trap, for the rat is being caught alive, and it does not in any way kill the rat. The rat is trap inside once the bait is removed, thereby triggering the trap. The rat is trapped alive, and its life is in your hands as to what method you are going to use in killing it. It is just placing the rat in a situation for it to suffer and for you to perform a gruesome act of hitting it with a shovel or drowning it.

Rat Zapper

This method of killing a rat may be a safer and better option than poison or setting up traps. It kills the rat instantly without leaving the rat wounded or alive that needs to be killed. But it may be a bit expensive for it uses a lot of batteries but compared to poison and traps, it is safe for the environment and your pets. The trap is specifically design for rats which is safe for your pet cat or dog to be trapped.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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