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Bed bug fear or bedbug worry concept as a cast shadow of a a parasitic insect pest resting on a pillow and sheets as a symbol and metaphor for the anxiety horror and danger of a bloodsucking parasite living inside your mattress.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs In My Home? Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are a nuisance to anyone who crosses paths with them. It’s unfortunate when they are spotted inside the home and can leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own house. You are probably wondering how they got there in the first place. Where do bed bugs even come from? How bad can it be when they get in your home? Should you call in the professionals? In this article, you can find the answers to all your questions about bed bugs.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are these reddish-brown colored tiny critters that bite. Victims of bed bugs do not realize that they live among them until they wake up to bite marks and swelling on their skin. These bugs show themselves at night when their prey is asleep. At first glance, these bugs resemble tiny roaches, carpet beetles, and ticks because of their similarity in color. They are flat and oval, which makes them easy to fit in small spaces and crevices.

Why Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Believe it or not, bed bugs exist only because humans and other animals do as well. They find areas that are populated with humans and animals and use them as hosts. They consume their blood to help them breed, survive, and continue the growth of their species.

Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites leave behind red, itchy bites that are either in a straight path or in clusters on the skin. If someone has allergies, then depending on the severity of the allergy, a person can experience anaphylaxis, fevers, and hives. These symptoms alone are reason enough to spot check for bed bugs frequently.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

There is no one specified location where bed bugs originate. Science says that they have evolved just as humans and other life forms have and have become acclimated to different regions of the world. Continents such as North and South America are where they are most commonly found, but there are other countries they can be found as well. So, no matter where you are, you can have bed bugs.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

There is an interesting fact about bed bugs that sets them apart from other crawling critters. Bed bugs rely on the transportation of personal belongings to get from one point to another. Doesn’t that just make your skin crawl? Yes, bed bugs can have access to luggage, clothing and shoes, blankets and bedsheets, bed headboards and railings, and even your pets or yourself! Be cautious of your company and locations they have visited before your home, and stay on the lookout for places that you travel to as well as bed bugs can latch on to your belongings.

Is My Home Infested with Bed Bugs Now?

Bed bug infestations are unsettling. Clusters of bed bugs can be found hiding in all types of furniture. They are usually found hiding beneath bed mattresses and in sofas. If there is a severe infestation bed bugs can be found in the seams of clothing, beneath wallpaper, and along the edges and corners of your wall where they meet. There are other ways that you can tell if you have bed bugs and an infestation.

Blood is what bed bugs feed on throughout the night. If you check your bed and notice little reddish spots scattered on the sheets, this is usually from bed bugs feeding at night. You might see dark, brownish-black spots, too, which are their excrement. Another way to tell if you have bed bugs is if you find tiny yellow like eggs.

One thing to note about bed bugs is that they do not target messy and cluttered areas only. Your home may just be in tip-top shape and condition. Even so, your home is not an exception to bed bugs cohabiting there.

How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

When deciding how you are going to get rid of bed bugs you have two options. You can get rid of them yourself by following a couple of steps to make the extraction most effective. If the clearance is too much to handle, it is recommended that you hire a trained professional to do the work for you.

DIY Bed Bug Control

Thinking of taking care of the bed bugs yourself? There are a couple of things to consider before starting. Earlier it was discussed that bed bugs can resemble other tiny critters. What you want to do first is make sure that it is bed bugs that you are performing the extraction for and nothing else. Otherwise, there is a possibility you can expose yourself to bugs that carry diseases.

Next, make sure to contain those areas. Do an entire sweep of your home and identify every space and room that the bugs may have infiltrated. Again, they are tiny so make sure to check small cracks in your wall and floor space as well. A handheld vacuum is useful in sucking the bugs up from their nesting places. Take all your blankets, sheets, seat covers and anything else you think have been affected and toss them in the washing machine in hot water. Heat is going to be your best friend dealing with these bugs. You also have the option of investing in a bed bug pesticide. Remember to wear safety goggles and appropriate attire to protect you from the toxicity of pesticides.

Lastly, take preventative steps to guard against bed bugs. Most stores sell insecticides made specifically for bed bugs. Use caution when spraying them in and around your home, especially if you have small children. Wash your laundry and clean out your luggage immediately when returning from a trip to prevent bed bugs from finding time to roost. Slipcovers for living and bedding furniture are available in most stores. These slipcovers help keep bed bugs from accessing the seams and creases that most beds and couches have and hiding beneath them. They are also available for infant mattresses.

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