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Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites: What’s the Difference?

The answer to the bed bug bite vs. mosquito bite question may seem simple at a first glance, but don’t rush to make conclusions. Waking up with itchy red bumps all over your body doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bed bug infection. And, just because you started itching after going on a camping trip, doesn’t mean you have a mosquito bite. In this article, we are going to review more sure signs that will help you distinguish bed bug bites vs mosquito bites.

How to Tell Apart Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

At the first sight, bed bug bites and mosquito bites can appear quite similar to each other. They may be both red and itchy, but being able to tell the difference will enable you to follow the right treatment steps, while pest control professionals take care of the rest.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, which means that they will usually bite people while they are asleep and in bed. These bites can often resemble other insect bites or skin irritations.   Appearance. Bed bug bites appear puffy, red, and pimple-like. You can usually find a red dot at the center of the irritated area, indicating the site where the bug bit you. For people who are extra-sensitive to bed bug bites, the bites can be filled with fluid.   Itchiness. Bed bug bites are incredibly irritating and itchy. The pain or itching is usually the worst in the morning and gets better as the day goes on.   Location. Bed bug bites commonly appear on the areas with exposed skin that comes in contact with the bed, such as face, arms, and neck. However, bed bugs can also burrow under clothing.   Number. Bed bug bites are commonly found in groups of three or more, arranged in a straight line.   Bite duration. If you don’t scratch the bite, it will naturally go away within a week. You can treat the bite with aloe vera gel or a prescription cream.   When the bite marks appear. The bed bug bite marks appear between 24 to 48 hours after the bite.   Who may develop bite reactions. Different people may develop different bite reactions. Some may simply have small red patches, while others develop fluid-filled blisters.

  Health threats. Bed bugs do not transmit any disease, but one may develop a secondary infection due to scratching. In addition, reduced sleep could lead to psychological issues over time. Mosquito Bite Symptoms

Mosquitos look like small, flying insects that thrive near water. If you have spent time outdoors near a lake, pond, pool, or march, you are more likely to get a bite from a mosquito.   Appearance. Mosquito bites look like small, raised, red bumps. They can vary in diameter based on one’s natural reaction to the mosquito’s saliva.   Itchiness. Mosquito bites do itch, and people have varying degrees of reactions to them. More sensitive people can even develop blisters.   Location. Mosquito bites can appear on exposed skin areas, such as arms, legs, or hands. However, mosquitos don’t bite through clothing like bed bugs do.   Number. You can have a single or multiple bites from mosquitos. If you do have multiple bites, there will be no particular pattern, and the bites won’t be in a single line.   Bite duration. If you resist the temptation to scratch the bite, the bite marks will usually be gone within a week. Using a cream for insect bites can help to relieve the itching and aid in healing.   When the bite marks appear. The bite marks tend to appear during or right after the mosquito bite has occurred.   Who may develop bite reactions. Everyone will develop an itchy reaction after the mosquito bite, but the degree of a reaction can vary from person to person.   Health threats. Mosquitoes can transmit a wide range of highly dangerous diseases. In addition, in rare cases, a person may experience an anaphylactic reaction to a mosquito bite. This is a severe allergic reaction that causes throat swelling, hives, and difficulty breathing.

A Final Word on Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

While a number of insect bites may look similar, it is important to differentiate between bed bug bites vs mosquito bites. Should either bed bugs or mosquitos become an issue, the best thing to do is to contact your pest management professional to deal with the problem in a timely manner. An inspection, followed by an integrated insect management plan that includes expert recommendations, methods, and products, will surely resolve the issue and relieve you of unpleasant bites.

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