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15 Tips For Preventing Termites From Spreading In Your Home

Are termites “bugging” you? American homeowners often have to deal with pests invading their properties in the form of ants, fleas, earwigs, millipedes, and cockroaches, among others. But none of them are as troublesome as termites!

It shouldn’t surprise you that termites don’t carry any diseases, so they can’t infect you with anything. Unlike the pests mentioned above, termites don’t cause any medical problems other than asthma attacks or allergy reactions. However, these pests are dangerous to the structure of your home. Termites are nicknamed “silent destroyers” as they gradually demolish the foundations of a neglectful homeowner’s dwelling. For this reason, we shall explain how to get rid of termites.

Getting rid of termites in your home

The fastest way to eliminate termites is to prevent them from spreading inside your home. So, the tips we shall discuss here deal with both inhibiting their propagation and eliminating their population. Termites cause $5 billion worth of property damage annually. Dealing with the little wood-eating buggers isn’t difficult when you’re equipped with the necessary know-how to take this problem head-on. Our below-mentioned suggestions take into account certain well-experimented ways to prevent the spreading of termites in American homes.

1.Call in the experts

Arizona termites are notorious for being abundant. Experts believe 3-5 termite colonies exist in every acre of land in the Copper State. That’s why homeowners should contact professionals to deal with these bugs. You can find a reliable termite & pest control service online for keeping your house pest-free. Get a quote from these pest-removal experts and read online reviews to ensure their credibility. Calling in well-experienced professionals can make your home safe again.

2.Inspect your house

Have your living space regularly inspected for signs of termite infestation. You can easily spot any termite colony when you know the right signs. Unfortunately, many people confuse termites with an army of ants. Learn to tell the difference between these two creatures or simply call professionals to inspect your house. Some typical signs of termite infestation include termite wings and droppings, mud tubes, damage under paint and wallpaper, and stuck windows or doors.

3.Deal with moisture

Moisture! That’s the thing termites like because it allows them to expand their colonies. We suggest you remove excess moisture from your house and purchase a good dehumidifier to get rid of bugs in the house. This dehumidifier helps remove excess mulch, making your house less welcome to any bug infestation. Deal with the moisture problem and stop making your house a breeding ground for termites. Turn your AC on frequently in summer to keep your house’s indoor climate healthy.

4.Use the heat

Exposing termites to sunlight causes them to die quickly. You may observe how termites like to hide in the shade, and even exposing these bugs to open air can terminate them. Drywood termites, for instance, can be destroyed by exposing them to a 125-degrees-Fahrenheit environment for half an hour. This heat treatment won’t just kill bugs but also exterminate their unborn larvae. The trick’s simple, i.e., termites need moisture to thrive, but sunshine evaporates moisture. Ergo, sunlight exterminates termites! Remember to keep your pest-infected furniture out in the open.

5.Don’t bring outside furniture inside

Has your wooden patio furniture been affected? Even if it isn’t, you should refrain from bringing any of this furniture inside the house. Just consider it infected and keep it outside to avoid bringing pests home. Remember that wood serves as termites’ main meal, with drywall being some of a termite colony’s secondary sources of nourishment. That’s why carrying outside furniture inside the house can be dangerous. Be vigilant about the danger of causing a termite infestation in your place.

6.Avoid wood-to-earth contact

As termites love eating wood, don’t allow wooden objects to make contact with the foundations of your home. Bugs start to spread when the wooden portion of a building gets in contact with the soil beneath the structure. So, keep your home’s foundation and wooden doors at least six inches above the ground. That’s how you can prevent termites from entering your home. Concrete-embedded staircases also cause a similar problem. Don’t let the earth’s surface touch the wooden parts of the place you’ve built.

7.Avoid garden beds against your house

Garden beds against your walls can become breeding grounds for termites and other pests. We suggest you make your house pest-free by keeping vegetation away from your walls. A garden bed should be made a few meters away from the building. Any direct contact with your little house may cause the spread of termites. Water your house warily lest you invite bugs accidentally.

8.Stack wood properly

Storing firewood against your house’s foundations can welcome unwanted pests into your house. So, instead of stacking wood against the walls of your house, keep them at a distance. Don’t create any contact between firewood and your dwelling’s foundations. Remove all plants touching your house to prevent the spreading of termites.

9.Repair your house

Do you realize how many houses in the country are damaged? Recent statistics indicate that around 25% of American residences must be repaired immediately. Neglecting to renovate your damaged housing facility may cause termites to create colonies without your consent. Repair your soffits and shingles immediately while repairing any damages to the HVAC system installed in your house. Your refurbishing endeavors can be life-threatening for invading termites and other pests. 

10.Use mulch sparingly

Mulch doesn’t attract termites but creates a habitual climate for them. That’s why we suggest homeowners utilize mulch carefully and avoid overusing it. Ensure this mulch doesn’t come into contact with the structure of your dwelling. Mulch has moisture-retaining properties. People have used mulch to grow more plants and create beautiful landscapes. But mulch can make termites colonize today easily beneath the foundations of your house. So, we advise against mulch.

11.Prevent water leaks

Water damage has become a common problem for many households in the country, and experts are sure that almost every American basement will suffer from this one day. So, prevent termite infestation by controlling water damage; prevent water leaks since these leaks create pools of moisture for these bugs. Inspect all signs of dampness in the house, check the guttering to ensure it’s working properly, and don’t let AC drip tubes leak up against your property. Be more cautious.

12.Seal leaky cracks

Heat, humidity, and rainfall may cause leaks everywhere in a house. You should stop pests from penetrating the house by sealing these leaky cracks after their appearance. These openings serve as pathways for termites and other bugs to colonize your house. That’s why it’s important to seal these leaks permanently or call for help from experts if you can’t.

13.Add essential oils

Research indicates that essential oils prevent termites from eating your house. The trick’s too simple to understand! Termites abhor strong fragrances so these oils keep bugs away from your furniture and home. A few drops of essential oils added to cleaning solutions ensure your house stays pest-free. We’ve included this tip to help homeowners find an alternative to harmful pesticides. Instead of filling your residence with these toxins, get some sweet-smelling oils to repel pests and keep the house fresh.

14.Declutter your house

Okay, clutter doesn’t lead directly to termite spreading. But it does make your house harder to clean or organize. Well-organized households can easily deal with termite infestations. Professionals shall find it easier to clean houses too. That’s why we suggest you declutter your living space today. Donate the extra stuff you’re hoarding or just throw away the garbage. You also have the option to invest in a proper self-storage facility.

15.Spray some Borax

We suggest you get some quality Borax to kill these pests. This white powder – called sodium borate occasionally – meddles with a termite’s digestion, causing it to die. You may have to wait three days or even a week before this powder kills the target. You can spray it on wood to save it from termite infestation and prevent these bugs from eating it. Homeowners utilize this powder to secure their furniture from getting eaten by pests. You can now buy quality Borax online.


Termites have become every exterminator’s nightmare because of the extensive damage they can cause to people’s houses. The CDC notices that many American homeowners don’t recognize termites because they consider them white ants, thereby harmless in their imagination. Remember that termites slowly weaken the foundations of your dwelling and demolish the structure of a building radically. For this reason, you must prevent termites from spreading by calling pest-removing experts immediately. An individual shouldn’t delay inspecting the house to identify termite colonies. Eliminate moisture, declutter, and repair leaks to exterminate the colonization of these pests.

Expose termite-infected furniture to sunlight since these pests can’t bear the heat. Spray it with borate; borate helps in termite prevention. Use mulch carefully because it creates a habitable environment for a termite colony. Stacks woods carefully and eliminate wood-to-earth contact to prevent these pests from attacking your property. Prevent water leaks to further control the problem of moisture. Seal these little leaks sparingly to prevent termite infestation. Don’t have garden beds against your property. Add some essential oils to keep termites away. Remember that any permanent solution to your termite problem relies upon calling professionals. Experts pest-killers can deal with these insects, so contact them now.

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