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lots of cockroaches have been caught by the sticker or catcher

What Do Baby German Cockroaches Look Like?

German cockroaches are branded the worst species to infest your home. Most people focus on adult cockroaches, but the presence of baby German cockroaches is a telltale sign of a deep-rooted and growing infestation. You must know how to identify a baby German roach and eliminate them.


Baby German cockroaches are dark brown. Molting nymphs and newly hatched ones are white and soft and slowly gain their dark color as their exoskeleton hardens. Older nymphs resemble adult roaches and grow wings in their final stage before reaching full maturity.

They have antennae longer than their bodies and have cerci (a pair of sensory appendages) that they use in their lifetime. Baby German cockroaches have a distinct pair of black parallel bands. These bands run from behind their heads to the rest of their body’s length. When they first hatch, these baby cockroaches are tiny, about the size of a small rice grain.

Adult German roaches measure less than half an inch. Baby roaches are known as nymphs from the time they hatch till they reach full maturity. As they grow, they shed their exoskeleton frequently and grow a new, bigger one through molting. They molt an average of 6 times within three months.

Health Hazard

Baby German roaches do not sting or bite but carry bacteria from dirty places they’ve been and spread it on food and other surfaces. These bacteria cause diseases and allergic reactions. Cockroaches do not exist alone. Their existence in multitudes poses a big threat to your home since they breed continuously all year round.


German Cockroaches are attracted to dirty and damp places. They are mostly active at night to look for food and hide in cracks during the day. Due to their small size, baby German cockroaches can hide in places inaccessible to humans. Apart from bathrooms and kitchens, they can be found in basements, closets, and attics.


Since cockroaches hide during the day and scurry away when they hear any movement, you might not notice their presence immediately. Telltale signs of a cockroach infestation include dead roaches, egg cases, molted skin on surfaces, cockroach droppings, and a stale, musty smell. Cockroach droppings resemble tiny black particles collected on a surface or the floor, often mistaken for coffee grounds.


Baby German cockroaches are stubborn, clever, and resilient, making it hard to eliminate them. They grow and reproduce quickly, surviving on little food. Using baits and traps is effective but takes a longer time to take effect. Pesticides are quick and efficient but must be used in moderation to avoid creating resistance.

The most effective method is prevention control methods such as always cleaning dishes after use, proper food storage, and immediately cleaning up spills. Identify leaking pipes that provide moisture in dark places, clear clutter, and dispose of garbage appropriately.

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