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Top 14 Tips for Hiring Household Removalist Services

You wouldn’t sell your home without a real estate agent, and you wouldn’t sign a contract without a lawyer or a conveyancer. But for some reason, many people take the risk and move their precious possessions without removalists.

Choosing professional removalist services can save your back, protect your possessions, give you complete peace of mind, and ensure a seamless move. However, before you choose a removalist’s services, it’s important to ensure that they are the best professional for the job.

To help you find the right removalist for your needs, we’ve put together 14 tips for hiring a household removalist’s services. 

1. Choose a Fully Licenced, Certified, and Accredited Removalist

You want your valuables to be in good hands, and one way to do this is by hiring a licenced, certified, and accredited removalist service. You can check the accreditations of a removalist service on their website. You can also ask the removalists directly when you enquire with them.

The most important thing is that your removalist meets relevant consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). That way, you’re protected if anything goes wrong.

2. Look for Insured Removalist Services

Your possessions could potentially be damaged or misplaced due to neglect or other unforeseen circumstances. Look for a removalist service that is covered by a wide swathe of insurances and go through their policy carefully to understand what sort of coverage and protection is on offer.

3. Consider Getting Additional Insurance of Your Own

If you’re looking for extra protection, you can insure your goods independently of the removalist company. Getting your goods insured may protect you when the mover’s insurance doesn’t offer you coverage.

4. Look for Written Quotes, Not Just Price Estimates

Asking for an estimate is easy, and it can be a crucial first step in finding the best removalist services. However, when it’s time to decide, you want a written quote. To get an accurate written quote that the mover will honour, you might need to have the company visit your house. Here, the removalists will catalogue your belongings and get key information about your move. Once you have a written quote, you can be confident in your decision.

5. Get Multiple Written Quotes

Speaking of written quotes, it’s essential to get multiple quotes. Getting at least five written quotes will give you an idea of services that may be overpriced or suspiciously under-priced.

6. Make a Deposit – Don’t Pay It All Upfront!

Certain red flags will stand out when hiring a removalist service. One of those red flags is the company asking for full payment or a huge deposit prior to the service being carried out.

While a deposit is standard practice, you shouldn’t be overpaying before your possessions safely reach their destination.

7. Try to Get a Feeling for Their Customer Service

While it’s difficult to determine a business’s commitment to customer service before you partner with them, there are little things you can look for.

Pay attention to how the company behaves when you get in touch with them, when you’re requesting a quote, and at other important touchpoints during your customer journey. If you’re put off at any point, don’t make a deposit and don’t sign a contract.

8. Ensure Your Movers Have All the Right Equipment for the Job 

When it comes to removalist services, some of the equipment to look for includes a fleet of different sized trucks, storage facilities, and equipment for lifting and carrying. Many movers will also provide materials to safely pack your possessions. Look for all of these and more when you’re booking a removalist service.

 9. Look for Removalist Services Who Take a Thorough Inventory and Do a Household Walkthrough

If a removalist doesn’t complete a walkthrough of your property and the items you are looking to move, they aren’t prepared to assist you. A removalist company should visit your property, ask questions, and take a thorough inventory. A walkthrough is also your opportunity to let them know which items (if any) won’t be making the move!

10. Stay at the Old House While They Pack and Be There at the New House When They Unpack

On the day of the move, stick around while the movers do their thing. This allows you to supervise and answer questions about how you want certain items packed. You can also be on hand to offer water and refreshments. Believe us, your movers will appreciate this small touch, and subconsciously, they will take extra care.

When unpacking at your new home, make sure you’re present to show the movers around and tell them where to place each box or item. This will make your job of setting up the house infinitely easier.

11. Check The Added Removalist Services They Can Offer

A removalist may offer packing boxes and packing accessories, and they may even pack up your items for you. Some removalists will help with house and office relocations, while others may only offer one of these services. If you need movers who can move grand pianos or pool tables, look for a specialist who will protect these heavy and precious items.

 Other Common Removalist Services Include Cleaning And Storage Services.

12. Look for Extra Costs and Hidden Fees

Extra services often come with extra costs, so be sure to weigh these up when making your decision. Packing costs may apply if you want the removalists to box up your items. Some companies will charge for boxes and packing materials, while others will provide them free of charge. Make sure the removalist you choose is transparent about their costs so you know exactly what fees you may face!

13. Referrals, Recommendations, and Reviews! 

Nothing is better than word-of-mouth! Look for a removalist company with hundreds or even thousands of positive reviews and you will know you’re on the right track. If you know someone else who has recently moved, you may be able to get a recommendation or referral from a trusted friend or family member.

14. Make Sure They Move Where You’re Going

Some removalist services operate locally only, while others can help you move interstate. Some removalist services even have overseas partners who can make the process of moving from one country to another seamless!

With these 14 tips on your side, you’re well on your way to finding quality removalist services. Make sure to do your research and due diligence, and good luck with the big move!

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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