Termite Season and Swarmers are Here!

While termites are active year round devouring all types wood and cellulose products(including your home!), homeowners are most likely to be alerted to the presence of termites between early and late spring. It is termite mating season! A group of termites in the colony develop wings and have the ability to fly. Homeowners will notice these winged alates around windows, doors, and sometimes even inside their homes. Please see the attached picture to distinguish between winged ants and termite swarmers. What should you do? If your home is currently under a termite contract, call your termite service provider and request an inspection. If the inspection confirms active termite, your home should be treated at no cost. If your home is not currently under termite contract, call a local licensed termite company and request a termite inspection. Termite barrier treatments, while not inexpensive, are the best way to insure your most valuable possession is protected from devastating structural damage. Termite barrier treatments are typically guaranteed for up to 12 months. After that, the homeowner has the option of renewing protection annually with a termite bond. Termite bonds range from $125-$450 annually and are cheap insurance to guarantee your home is treated at no cost if termites re-appear. Synergy² is proud to offer cutting edge technology in the Termidor HP soil injection system. Benefits include no messy digging around your home, precise application of the termiticide Termidor, and up to an industry leading 12 year guarantee! Visit us at www.synergy2ms.com for more information.

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