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Lawn Aeration-The Most Overlooked Component of Lawn Care

If spending a beautiful spring weekend renting a back-breaking lawn aerator and punching thousands of holes in your lawn isn’t your idea of fun, we completely agree! And yet, annual core aeration of your lawn is one of the best ways to insure a thick, healthy lawn that crowds out weeds and efficiently utilizes water.

Unfortunately, our area of the country is known for heavy clay soils, which are easily compacted, restricting the amount of oxygen and water that can reach the roots of the grass. Compacted soils also do not allow critical nutrients into the root zone of the lawn. Over time, soil compaction can cause serious problems related to overall turf health.

Core aerators punch thousands of holes in your lawn which allow water and oxygen to reach the critical root zone. This also provides room for extensive new root development. Benefits of annual core aeration:

  1. Relieve Soil Compaction
  2. Reduce Build Up of Thatch
  3. Improve Overall Turf Health
  4. Reduces Water Run-Off
  5. Thick, Healthy Root Zone Development

Next week’s blog will include tips on core aeration for the do-it-yourself homeowner! If you would like more information on Synergy², please visit us at www.synergy2ms.com

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