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Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

Cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, house centipedes and stink bugs are primarily motivated by three things: food, water and shelter.

Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your home is paramount for maintaining peace of mind and security. Here are some ways to keep them out and prevent future issues:

Clean Up

After pest control treatment has been performed in your home, it is imperative to clean up the affected areas. Doing this will help minimize the likelihood of future outbreaks.

Cleaning will also help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses that may have been exposed to pesticides during an infestation in your home. For instance, rodents carry diseases like hantavirus and Lyme disease, which may cause flu-like symptoms as well as health issues in kidneys and lungs.

Make sure to use disposable gloves and dispose of any contaminated items as soon as possible. Place these into plastic bags for secure disposal or throw them away with the trash.

Additionally, wipe down countertops, cabinets and other areas where food may have been stored to eliminate dust particles that could increase the risk of illnesses and allergies.

It’s also wise to discard any old boxes or containers that could have served as breeding grounds for pests or other insects. Doing this will reduce the amount of clutter in your home and keep it more organized.

Once you’ve cleared away any clutter, the next step should be to discard any food or other items that may have been a source of contamination. This is essential because pests such as cockroaches have an appetite for discarded foods and could potentially return to infest your home once they’ve had a chance to pick through it.

Additionally, it’s wise to remove any portable items used during the infestation such as pots and pans, towels, pillows or blankets. These could contain hazardous chemicals released during treatment which pose a health hazard for you and your family.

Prior to any pest control treatment, it’s wise to do all of the following. This way, you can guarantee no residual chemicals remain behind and determine if the treatment was successful once a professional comes in and tests the area for you.

Seal Up

When pests invade your home, they’re searching for a place to hide and breed. That is why sealing up your house after an infestation is so critical; doing so will prevent pests from returning and re-infesting the property in the future.

The initial step in air sealing your home is to detect and fix any potential air leaks. This can be done through your crawl space, rim joists, and through openings in your attic.

Another way to secure your home is by using caulking to plug up any holes or cracks that could let pests into your dwelling. This is an inexpensive and simple solution for keeping the area free from pests, helping you sidestep any repair costs caused by infestation damage.

A professional can identify any areas in your home that may have air leaks and suggest solutions that will effectively seal them up. Stopping these leaks now not only prevents further pest infestation, but it also saves money on heating and cooling bills in the future.

Once you’ve identified any potential air leaks, it is essential to address them quickly. One of the quickest ways to do this is by applying caulking around the affected area.

This will prevent pests from returning to your home in the future, protecting any investment in pest control treatments you may already have purchased. Furthermore, improved insulation in your home can save on energy costs by decreasing energy usage.

To prevent pests from entering your home in the first place, conduct a thorough inspection and make any necessary repairs or upgrades. This could include replacing window and door frames, installing weather stripping, and correcting other small issues that might invite pests inside your house.

Monitor Your Yard

Most people do not know this but your lawn is a magnet for pests. One of the best ways to deter pests from your yard is regular monitoring. Monitoring can help you detect early signs of an infestation, giving you time to take action before it becomes a major issue.

Maintaining your lawn and landscape neat and tidy is another critical part of pest control. Overgrown brush, weeds, and other vegetation can provide attractive hiding places for pests; clearing these items away will prevent them from making your property their home and give you a clean and healthy environment to enjoy.

It’s essential to have your gutters cleaned regularly, so any standing water in your yard doesn’t accumulate and lead to an infestation. Furthermore, if you have a birdbath or kiddie pool in your backyard, ensure the water is changed frequently in order to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there.

If you don’t regularly monitor your yard, pests can build up and spread to other parts of the garden or inside your home. This could be an indication that pest control is necessary or simply that lawn and landscape need upkeep.

Start by inspecting your garden at least once a week. This will enable you to detect pests such as aphids, which are often present in gardens but difficult to spot. It also helps detect any seasonal specialized issues like cucumber beetles in vegetable gardens or sawflies on roses.

You can also keep an eye out for signs of plant damage, such as wilting or dying leaves. If you spot anything, inspect the plant and record what’s wrong.

It may not be a pest at all but rather an illness or weed. That is why it is essential to understand your plants’ botanical names – this way you can detect any issues early and determine what steps need to be taken.

Natural predators such as ground beetles and lady bugs, along with “good bugs” like lacewings can help control pests in your yard. Physical controls like traps, barriers or fabric row covers are also effective. If spraying is necessary, opt for less toxic products that won’t harm pets or children.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter can be a source of stress, frustration and embarrassment in the home. Not only does it make it harder to locate items, but it also saps your energy and focus.

Keep your home clutter-free by creating a regular decluttering ritual to get rid of excess items and ensure nothing gets missed or put away without thought. This ritual could simply involve picking up one item each day and throwing it in the trash bag.

This method can be especially beneficial when you have a small space that appears to have too much clutter, like your desk or kitchen counter. By getting rid of unnecessary items, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most and keep your space looking fantastic.

The initial step in this process is to take a large garbage bag or box and go around your entire home or apartment looking for any items out of place. These can then be threw into the trash, recycled, or donated if desired.

As you go through each room, group similar items together and sort them into separate areas where they can be stored more conveniently. For instance, if there are coins in the kitchen and pens on your desk, create a coin jar and pen drawer so that they aren’t scattered everywhere.

Another strategy that can help you manage your clutter is the one in, one out rule. This means when you purchase a new toy or book, one of your old items has to go in order to make room for it.

Once you make it a habit of adhering to this rule, clearing out your home will go much faster and ensure all items are put to use.

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free home is the best way to prevent pests from taking residence in it. Following these simple tips for clearing up will not only give your space an improved appearance, but it will also give you the peace of mind needed for good night’s sleep.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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