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How to Properly Identify Rat Poop vs. Squirrel Poop

When it comes to squirrels and rats, they are some of the most common small mammals throughout the world. However, one small problem with them would be that they are pests for humans. Thus, how can you tell if you have an infestation of either rats or squirrels? One way to do so would be through examining their poop. But how can you tell the difference? There are several ways to do this. Take a look at the following:

Rat Poop vs. Squirrel Poop: Understand the Characteristics of Each Specimen

When you are examining the samples of rat and squirrel poop, the first thing you will notice is that they look very similar and it can be hard to tell them apart. First of all, rat feces will be tapered off at each of the edges, with a longer and thicker diameter. Additionally, rat poop will primarily be black or dark brown in color. True, squirrel poop will also be brown, but it is lighter due to their diet. Squirrel feces will often come in several other colors besides brown, including green or tan pellets. If you are able to monitor the specimen for a certain amount of time, then you will quickly realize that squirrel poop will change color over time, but rat poop will remain the same unless the specimen is very old.

Rat Poop vs. Squirrel Poop: Recognize How They Would Often Appear on the Given Surface

When squirrels defecate, they will often leave behind more poop than a rat would. This usually means that they will leave behind a number of large pellets that will be bunched up in the same general area. However, this is not the case with rats. They will usually have poop that is more strewn about throughout your given surface, so much so that it might even make you think you have an infestation when it is just a few rats and nothing more. Additionally, rats defecate while they walk, which is something that will spread out their poop a lot faster than their squirrel counterparts.

Rat Poop vs. Squirrel Poop: Identify the Shape

Finally, take a look at the shape of each specimen. Rat feces will have a bulging middle area and it will resemble a raisin in appearance. On the other hand, the fact that squirrel poop is rounded on both ends generally means that it will resemble a coffee bean. Knowing the shape of either one of these droppings is a great way to help you determine what type of animal is in your property.

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