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How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment has been proven to be the best control option for bed bug infestation in comparison to the traditional chemical treatment. The full heat treatment is a chemical-free process in which hot hair is pumped into the infested space and it grants great benefits such as killing all stages of bed bug life development, destroying colonies, and eradicating their life cycle in one efficient process. This guarantees your total freedom from bed bugs. Thus, preparation for this bed bug heat treatment is vital to ensure that the heat administered reaches all the tiny corners where bugs may be hiding. Now, let’s dive into what you need to know about the preparations that should be performed before bed bug heat treatment to make your home ready and clutter-free. Follow these 4 basic steps.

Understand the Treatment

With the full heat treatment, the temperature is raised above 90 degrees. This is a suitable temperature for the bed bug populations. You will need to stay out of your facility for about 9-12 hours. Also, most items may not be damaged by the high heat but it is important to be sure of some items that will be needed to be removed to prevent heat damage or prepared for treatment.

Remove Certain Items

Removal of items listed below will have you on the safer side. Items like:

  • Electronics that are sensitive to heat damage need to be removed from the area in question to be on the safe side.
  • Plants, Pets, and aquariums would be affected, to avoid this move them to other areas of the home.
  • TV sets, Mobile Phones, Computers, Alarm Clocks, Speakers, items containing electronic processors, and other items that may melt or explode
  • Makeup, Perfumes, and other Cosmetics
  • Oil painting, artwork, waxwork, and other decorative items

Be Concerned with Materials Contained within the Affected Room or Area

Personal items like the mattress and box springs should not be removed from the home. Other decorative items may be removed but preferably sealed into plastic bags with an aerosol chemical to destroy any bed bug inside. Clothing should be treated at the highest heat and temperature and sealed inside airtight bags.

In some instances where open items cannot be moved away from the affected area, they can be shielded by covering them with foil or sheets, and in cases like this sometimes, heat treatment can be carried out manually using professional pest control multipurpose steamer.

Opt for Competent and Trained Technicians

Heat Treatment can be performed only by experienced pest control technicians using extreme temperature levels to eradicate the bed bugs. So you should leave the job in the hands of experienced professionals for accuracy and safety.


Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment Expensive?

In most cases, a full bed bug heat treatment is 2 times more expensive than the traditional chemical treatment. This is so because heat treatment requires a full day of effective cleaning and evacuation of infestations. Also, there is always a post-heat treatment visit where pest control professionals spend a fair amount of time going over important corners and items like beds and sofas in the affected area with a pest control multipurpose steamer.

Homeowners pay $2,000 – $4,000 or preferably by other professional pest control companies, per square foot.

How quickly should an infestation be treated? 

A bed bug colony grows as quickly as possible. A female adult bed bug lays from 5-to 12 eggs daily and in its lifetime, it lays up to 500 eggs. The worst and most complicated part is their movement pattern as they can move from one room to another before you know it. A small colony can easily become an infestation around your house so, this will require your fast action and quick-acting treatment as soon as they are discovered.

Is heat treatment effective for bed bugs?

The heat treatment is way effective in that it destroys the egg structure, and colonies, and reduces infestation in your home or belongings to a very great extent. As long as you do not move items while the treatment is being carried out, and what belongs to a room stays in the room under specified conditions (if any that could get damaged), we guarantee a great result.

Heat treatment or chemical treatment?

On a balance, heat treatment is way better and more effective. This option is preferred because you don’t have to go through moving belongings from one place to another. It is quick, discreet, and the most natural way to counteract bed bugs’ resilience and sneakiness. Trust that this process wins every time.

If you want a preventive measure, the chemical treatment may be suitable. But for a full and long-lasting treatment and protection, chemical treatment may be risky due to the fast resistance that these insects develop and the after-treatment chemical residuals.

What happens if I do not prepare before full heat treatment?

If you’ve ever heard that you do not need to prep before a full bed bug heat treatment, it is completely incorrect. If a house was left without proper preparation and the heat is administered, not only will the process not destroy the insects, belongings could be destroyed as well, and this you wouldn’t want. Failing to do preparations limits the effectiveness of heat penetrations into all areas in the home. If you do not want a reoccurrence or a great comeback, make sure you do the necessary preparations before the full treatment.

Final Thoughts

Preparation is key in all things, and so is it for a bed bug heat treatment. Make sure you prepare before the commencement of the treatment to ensure your belonging are safe and ready for the process. With the steps provided above, you are good to go!

Your full heat treatment requires expert services for a complete, effective, and absolute process. So, make sure you are on the right side when it comes to choosing professionals to work with. Although the process costs more, it’s more effective! If you are looking forward to a once and for all destruction of these insects, adopt the full heat treatment now.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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