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Fruit Flies: Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

Have you ever heard of fruit flies before? Have you seen one already? Well, if yes, then you might have experienced how it affects a human’s daily living as well.

Fruit flies or gnats are commonly seen everywhere as long as there are ripening fruits, such as in trees, fruit farms, and even kitchens. This insect consumes ripening fruits for nutrition and daily survival, so once you have fruits in the kitchen and dining table, fruit flies can eventually invade inside.

Fruit flies’ favorite foods include grapes, melons, tomatoes, squash, and other perishable goods. Although it is natural yet, these flies can be inconvenient sometimes. Fruit flies can infest a home indoor, and that can be a nuisance to humans. Now, for further information about fruit flies, let us have the following discussion.

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Knowing Fruit Flies

A fruit fly is an insect related to flies, but the only difference is that it consumes perishable goods such as fruits. It can grow up to 1/8 inch (20.32 centimeters) long with big round red eyes. Its population and roots grow when female fruit flies lay their eggs in fermented to rotting foods. Anything moist and fermented, fruit flies can grow and strive. After some time, the eggs will turn into larvae and adult flies that will work on their own survival through purging for fruits, perishable goods, and more.

Moreover, fruit flies’ appearance can be eradicated through two things: prevention and eradication. Given that, here are more things to know to eliminate fruit flies!

Fruit Fly Prevention 

The very first thing is prevention which refers to stopping the growth and survival of fruit flies by applying preventive matters. This is applicable if fruit flies are not yet striving. This method effectively helps in keeping an area free of any fruit fly. So, here are the preventive matters!

Remove Food Sources 

As fruit flies are attracted to perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables, removing any trace must be done to prevent any growth in its population. Look for rotting and fermenting goods that can attract the fruit flies and dispose of them properly. Take out the trash bags and bins regularly to prevent any smell and potential home that can attract the fruit flies. Also, always make it a habit to keep the area, especially the kitchen, clean and fresh.

Keep the Perishable Goods Properly 

Perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables can be displayed in the kitchen, but if there’s a threat of fruit fly infestation, it is advised to keep it inside either clean cabinets or the fridge. Instead of the fruits, display freshly picked flowers and blooms. Keep the perishable goods inside the fridge to keep them safe from fruit fly infestation and keep it clean and fresh.


Next is eradication. This is the process wherein specific extermination processes are applied to eliminate the fruit flies completely. This process is applicable if the fruit flies have already invaded inside. So, here are the following things included in the eradication process.

Checking the infested area 

First, the infested area must be checked to be analyzed. This will help the exterminators identify the needed steps to effectively eliminate the pests, considering the materials to be used and space. This will also help the planning on how to remove the breeding site of the fruit flies completely for them not to come back again.

Application of Pesticide

Pesticides to be used depending on your choice or the professional help you have availed. If you do the eradication yourself, then you need to consider the ingredients and brand of the pesticide you’ll use. Aerosol-based pesticide is one of the best and most recommended since it is proven effective when it comes to pest elimination. This chemical has a strong smell and killing effect to pests. That’s why it can do the job effectively and quickly.

After applying the pesticide, the breeding site must be left still for at least a day to ensure that the pesticide has done its job. This time will also help the pesticide to get penetrated within the whole breeding site. Just make sure that no one is going to touch or have contact with it, especially the kids.

Check and remove the breeding site. 

After a day, check the breeding site to see if the fruit flies were completely killed. If there are still some left alive, reapply the pesticide and wait for another day. If done already, then you can eventually continue to the removal of the breeding site.

In doing this, ensure that you have safety gear, especially mask, and gloves as rotting and fermented surfaces are disgusting to look at and smell. Next, put the breeding site away from home properly or, better, bury it underground. This will help the site to be completely gone.

Use baits 

If you don’t have any pesticide available in your house, you can use another alternative to utilize fruit fly baits. Here, you only need to make use of fruits to attract the fruit flies and make the entrapment operation after ensuring that the whole clan has already got into the trap.  Moreover, here is one of the best baits to try.

• Jar and Paper Bait

This bait only requires you to have a jar, paper folded into a funnel, and bait such as a banana slice or apple cider vinegar. Place this bait in your kitchen and let the magic happen. If there are still alive fruit flies, kill them yourself or let them fly away from your kitchen. However, this bait does not guarantee complete eradication of the fruit flies as it can only a few but making more can bring better results.

Fruit flies are part of nature, yet it still brings discomfort at some point. So, by applying the mentioned tips on how to get rid of it effectively, may you have a fruit fly-free kitchen and house. Lastly, be safe while doing the mentioned things to prevent any accidents or problems.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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