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Do I Have Ants or Termites?

During the spring swarming season, it is easy to mistake a winged ant from a swarming termite. 3 easy keys to quickly distinguish between an ant and termite:

  1.  Ants antennae are elbowed, termites antenna are straight
  2. Ants have a narrow waist, termites have a broad waist
  3. Ants have 2 sets of wings with the front wings being longer than the back. Termites have 2 sets of wings with both sets being the same size

Other ways to identify termites:

  1. If you notice a pile of shed wings near the swarm, this is an excellent indicator of termites as ants do not shed their wings.
  2. Termite swarms are quick whereas ants may stay around an area several days.
  3. Mud tubes around windows or doors are specific to termites

If you’re still unsure about whether you have ants or termites, or if you just want to be proactive about keeping termites away, contact us today for all the help you need.

If you have questions about termite swarms or how to prevent them, please contact us today!

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