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Common Pest Poop Around the Home: Squirrel Poop, Rat Poop, Mouse Poop, & Chipmunk Poop

Different types of pests can invade your home anytime unknowingly. They range from small to big ones.

If you suspect that infestation is present on your property, you can perform a simple pest inspection. Regardless of what kind of pest is around your home, there are always ways to identify them. For instance, you can identify what kind of infestation you have on your property through their poop.

For sure, you might wonder how you can identify which is which. So, in this post, you will discover the common pest poop around your home.

Squirrel, Rat, Mouse, and Chipmunk Droppings: How to Identify Each Pest Poop 

Finding pest poop in your property is an eyesore and not a good sign as it signifies something worse – infestation.

If you see some droppings in your area, the first thing you should do is to determine what kind it is. Below is a simple guide you can use to get familiar with the common pest poop:

1. Squirrel Poop 

Squirrel poop might not be as dangerous and invasive as other droppings; it still presents a threat to your property. A gray squirrel is more invasive and common than a red squirrel.

Color and Size 

You can identify squirrel poop by its round and cylindrical shape. It is often approximately 3/8 inch long. It has a unique smell because squirrels have no diverse diet. The droppings are usually light brown.


If you wonder where to look for squirrel droppings, you can commonly see them below trees and around bird feeders. It is rare to see poop inside your property unless it is easy to access and a food source for them.

2. Rat Poop

Rat poop rate is higher than other pests. Rats leave feces behind as they move. So, it’s no surprise that a single rat leaves 25,000 yearly on average.

Color and Size 

Rat droppings are usually between 1/4 inch thick and 3/4 inch long. The poop shape depends on the rat’s species. In most cases, the droppings are pellet-shaped.


As mentioned earlier, rats defecate as they move. So, you cannot see droppings in groups. They are commonly seen in areas where there is a food source for them. You can also see them under beds or in dark places.

3. Mouse Poop

Mouse poop is the most common poop found in and around a property. It comes in the form of a pellet. You can quickly spot them since pellets are often found in groups. Mice deposits approximately 50 droppings daily.

Color and Size 

Mouse poop is often brown or black and resembles a pellet. The size is between 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Since the mouse and rat droppings look similar, it is critical to get familiar with how they differ from each other.


You can usually spot mouse poop in places where they explore. Since they are inquisitive, the droppings are scattered around your property. So, do not get surprised if you see droppings in the corners, under beds, behind fridges, and other dark areas. Mice are attracted to areas with leftover food, so clean them up immediately.

4. Chipmunk Poop

Chipmunk poop changes according to the diet and health of the chipmunk. If it is your first time seeing these droppings, you may mistake them as mouse or rat droppings.

Color and Size 

Chipmunk poop is tiny, ranging between 1/2 to 3/4 inch. It looks like pellets with long and pointy ends. The color of chipmunk droppings depends on the food they eat. However, you can see them mostly in dark brown or black color.


Chipmunks commonly eat from gardens and even burrow under foundations, sidewalks, and porches. In some cases, you may see droppings in the basements and attics.

The Dangers Brought by Pest Droppings 

Pests can cause dangers not only to your property but also to your health. They do not only deliver unsanitary conditions and property damage but health risks as well.

Squirrel, rat, mouse, and chipmunks are some of the rodents that leave droppings. Their droppings can cause allergic reactions, contaminate food, and spread bacteria. Droppings also spread viruses and diseases, including:


Infected rodents spread this fatal infectious disease. If the pests contaminated the food for humans and you consume them, you might get rat bite fever.


Salmonellosis refers to a food poising spread by droppings. You can also get affected by this disease by consuming the contaminated food by pests. Abdominal pain, fever, and diarrhea are the common symptoms.

Bubonic Plaque 

The bite of infected rodent flea often spreads this condition. Droppings can also carry this disease. Headache, fever, and painfully swollen lymph nodes are some of the symptoms of bubonic plague.


Hantavirus is transmitted to humans by pests. You can get infected by this life-threatening disease once you inhale or get exposed to rodent droppings, saliva, or urine.

Cleaning Pest Poop 

When cleaning, never stir up dust by vacuuming or sweeping up droppings. Ensure to wear vinyl, latex, or rubber gloves alongside the mask respirator. Spray disinfectant to the area and allow to soak for about five minutes.

You can use a paper towel or disposable cloth to pick up the poop. Then, dispose them in the trash can. Ensure to cover them securely. After removing the droppings, thoroughly disinfect the areas where you removed the poop. You also need to disinfect the nearby items that the pests might have contaminated.

Safe and Budget-friendly Solutions from the Experts 

One of the best ways to ensure that your living space is safe and healthy is to ensure no infestation. However, a pest problem may take place on your property without your knowledge. So, the first time you see droppings, ensure to contact a professional pest control company to confirm the problem and ask for their expert solutions.

Synergy2 Pest Control is here to help you get rid of a rodent infestation. We provide environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. We ensure that you will stay in a safe and healthy environment by eliminating pests.

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