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Can Bed Bugs Fly and Other Bed Bug FAQ’s

Can bed bugs fly?

Can bed bugs fly? No, lacking wings, bed bugs lack the ability to fly nor can they jump.  Bed bugs can move quickly to hiding spots using their legs.  As with most insects, bed bugs have six legs.

Even though bed bugs can’t fly, that doesn’t mean they won’t spread to other areas of your home.  Bed bugs can move under carpet, between rooms, and even walls to infest new parts of your home.

What are bugs that look like bed bugs?

Bugs that look like bed bugs in your home can be a concern.  Proper identification of these bugs is key to determining the best way to get rid of them.  Bed bugs have a distinctive appearance being oval shaped, reddish brown to dark brown, with no wings.  But there are a number of other insects that may look like bed bugs.

These include: Spider beetles, bat bugs, booklice, carpet beetles, ticks, fleas, and cockroach nymphs.

What do baby bed bugs look like?

Wondering what baby bed bugs look like?  Baby bed bugs are smaller versions of adult bed bugs, but depending on the nymph stage they are in, can look quite different.  Earlier nymph stages of baby bed bugs can appear as white and translucent vs a dark brown to reddish brown adult bed bug.

The presence of baby bed bugs can be an indicator of a rapidly growing bed bug infestation.

Early how to check for bed bugs?

Finding live bed bugs can be difficult.  Bed bugs prefer to hide during the day in cracks, crevices, furniture, mattress seams, baseboard, and carpet.  At night, their cue to feed is when they detect exhaled CO2 or warmth from a sleeping human.

To check for bed bugs, first look for signs of bed bugs if you can’t find live ones.  Signs of bed bugs include: red or black stains on sheets and mattresses, bed bug eggs or bed bug eggshells, shed bed bug skins, and even a musty odor.

Pictures of bed bugs?

Pictures of bed bugs can be very helpful in identifying whether your pest infestation is bed bugs or similar looking insects including: spider beetles, bat bugs, booklice, carpet beetles, baby cockroaches, fleas, or head lice.  There are a number of well-researched websites that contain pictures of bed bugs along with descriptions including: WebMD, Rutgers, Pest Strategies, and BedBug Supply.

If the pest infestation is confirmed as bed bugs, immediate action is required so that the bed bug infestation does not quickly grow out of control.

How big are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects but adult bed bugs are visible to the human eye.  At up to 7mm in length, bed bugs are reddish-brown and oval shaped.  Adult bed bugs are similar in size to an apple seed.  While adult bed bugs are easy to see, bed bug nymphs and bed bug eggs may not be.

Bed bugs have the ability to rapidly reproduce.  The presence of live bed bugs or signs of bed bugs in your home may warrant immediate action to prevent the bed bug infestation from quickly growing out of control.

How to find bed bugs during the day?

Finding bed bugs during the day can be difficult.  Bed bugs prefer to hide until they detect warmth or C02 from a sleeping human as their cue to feed.  While you may be able to find a bed bug during the day, it is much more likely you will find signs of bed bugs instead of live bed bugs.

Signs of bed bugs include: shed bed bug skins or exoskeletons, red or dark black stains from blood or bed bug excrement, a musty odor, and bed bugs eggs.

Does alcohol kill bed bugs?

Alcohol can kill bed bugs if applied directly to live bed bugs.  Unfortunately, alcohol has little residual activity.  Bed bugs are excellent at hiding during the day so finding all of the live bed bugs and treating them with alcohol will be very difficult.

Alcohol works as a solvent but also works as a desiccant to kill bed bugs.  There are other desiccant options to kill bed bugs with longer residual activity.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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