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Bed bug bites?  So you have just received the news from your pest company specialist that you have a serious bed bug infestation in your home.  How can that be?  Bed bugs are only found in places with dirty or deplorable conditions right?

Wrong.  The truth is bed bugs are everywhere!  From high end luxury hotels and million dollar homes to run down apartment and housing complexes, bed bugs don’t discriminate and are happy to live and thrive in all of those environments.  

How can a tiny insect the size of an apple seed cause such distress when we hear the words “you have a bed bug infestation” ?  Simple, an insect that bites us and feeds on our blood while we are sleeping is really creepy(and gross!).  Oftentimes, the first time a bed bug infestation is discovered is when a person wakes up with itchy bites and welts on their skin. 

A thorough inspection is essential if you suspect you have bed bugs.  Most pest professionals who specialize in bed bug management and extermination will deduct the cost of a thorough bed bug inspection from the total cost of the treatment.  Synergy² is proud to offer the Jackson metro with the most effective bed bug management protocols available today.  Call us to schedule a consultation!

FAQs About Bed Bugs

Several insects can look very similar to bed bugs.  A thorough inspection and positive identification of bed bugs is critical prior to treatment.  Common insects that may be mis-identified as bed bugs include: cockroach nymphs, carpet beetles, bat bugs, wood ticks, spider beetles, book lice, and fleas.

After confirming bites are really from bed bugs by confirming signs of active or recent bed bug infestations, treatment is similar to mosquito bites.  A topical steroid cream or antihistamine applied to the affected area is a good first step.  If you are experiencing severe itching an oral antihistamine may be required.  

Bed bug bites are usually painless; however, hours later they can develop into itchy welts.  The anti-coagulant injected by the bed bug during feeding, along with its saliva, are the most common causes of itching.  A topical steroid cream or antihistamine may help control the itching.


Home remedies are usually not successful in completely eradicating bed bugs due to their ability to hide in secluded areas.  Bed bugs are sensitive to heat so steam cleaning carpets and bedding may reduce bed bug populations.  Also frequent vacuuming and washing/drying  bedding and clothing on the hottest settings available may help. 

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye; however, they may be difficult to find.  Bed bugs range in size from nymphs(2.5mm) to adults(4.5mm).  A good rule of thumb is adult bed bugs are approximately the size of an apple seed.  They range in color from off-white to brown.  After feeding, they will appear as a rusty brown color.

Bed bugs feed at night and hide during the day making them very difficult to find.  Some common hiding places for bed bugs include: zippers and edges of mattresses, bed frames, chairs, couches, floor and ceiling moulding, and in electric outlets.  A tell-tale sign of bed bugs is the presence of blood spots on sheets, mattresses, and other bedding.

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