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Bat Removal Options: Cost To Remove Bats in Mississippi

The natural habitat of bats includes caves and trees. But, since the number of caves is getting lower, bats started living in man-made structures, such as porches, chimneys, louvers, soffits, and attics.

You can also find bats taking shelter behind shutters, siding, shingles, roof tiles, and even under eaves. Many people are struggling with these issues since these creatures can carry rabies and other forms of diseases.

Common FAQ’s About Bat Removal

1.Bat removal do it yourself?

2.Bat removal cost?

3.Bat removal from attic?

What is the Best Solution to Remove Bats from Your Home in Mississippi?

Although bats do not cause you a lot of hassle, you may still experience some problems. Take note that these are nocturnal mammals. This means that they can grow their population quickly.

Getting rid of bats from a building or home requires a critical process. The ideal process to eliminate bats is through exclusion. Exclusion is a process of sealing all the spaces, holes, and other possible bat entrances while giving them a single area where they can exit.

Trapping is not an ideal method of evicting bats since these creatures can fly for more than 100 miles to come back to their considered ‘territory.’ Also, fumigating or poisoning is an illegal way of eliminating bats.

Considering bat exclusion should be done by professionals, you need to hire a reliable company that can efficiently perform this process.

Remember, different wildlife removal companies offer a unique set of services. Some companies know what they are doing and use the right method for eliminating bats. But, there are other companies that use improper methods, including summer exclusions, bat traps, and even fumigants.

So, make sure that you will perform thorough research about the company before hiring them.

Bat Removal Principles

  • The following are the bat removal principles that wildlife removal companies should follow:
  • The company should be insured and licensed to perform its works in Mississippi
  • Provide services, such as attic decontamination and cleanup.
  • Seal all the gaps and spaces in your area properly
  • Do not perform bat exclusion, especially during the maternity season
  • Do not relocate or trap bats
  • Do not use fumigants or poisons that could result in the bats’ deaths
  • Perform a quality and efficient live bat exclusion

As mentioned earlier, bat exclusion and other forms of bat removal methods are not meant for DIYers. Professionals should remove bats from areas in your house properly, without hurting humans and bats.

Typical Costs for Bat Exclusion

Now that you know bat exclusion is the best and ideal process of getting rid of bats in your home or building, the next thing you may want to know is its possible cost.

Typically, the cost for bat exclusion varies depending on the home condition, the bat colony’s size, and the number of gaps or spaces that should be sealed. For instance, one-way entry and one bat colony exclusion for large-sized bat colonies will typically between $1000 and $3500.

After performing bat exclusion, wildlife removal companies will also eliminate bat guano or bat droppings for an additional charge. They also need to fix the damages resulted from the bat colonies. Structural repairs alone can cost several thousand dollars.

What are Bats Attracted To?

If you want to eliminate bats from your property naturally, the first thing you should know is to know what they are attracted to. There are three things that attract these pests, including protection, shelter, and food. These are the factors you need to keep in mind when trying to get rid of bats.


Hawks are one of the common predators of bats. Bats tend to live in areas near humans for their protection. When you have bats in your house, your property may be susceptible to different mammals that hunt bats, such as raccoons.


These types of pets are hibernated and nocturnal during the daytime. They are mostly seen in the caves. But since the number of caves in the world is decreasing, some bats prefer rafters, attic, and garage inside your house. They also love the spots in your property that prevent the sun from coming.

Bats are hanging themselves upside down during the day. So, checking possible bats infestation in your home during the day could be the perfect timing. Your home is not the best area for bats to live in but rather the hibernating spots available on your property.

Food Sources

Small insects are the main food sources of bats. So, if you are constantly dealing with a large number of mosquitos, bats could be beneficial for you.

Fact: A single bat can consume more than 500 mosquitoes per hour. If your home houses more than 50 bats, this means that thousands of mosquitoes will be eaten in just a night.

Aside from mosquitoes, bats are also attracted to lizards, flies, moths, and even beetles. On the other hand, having bats on your property could not be the best case if you are a gardener. This is because these creatures also love to eat seeds, pollen, and nectar.

Do You Have Bat Problems in Your Home in Mississippi?

Remember, bat exclusion should not be performed by DIYers or amateurs. There are lots of incidents where homeowners tried getting rid of bats from their houses by themselves, and this did not end up with a positive result.

So, if you are dealing with bats hibernating around your house, you should first hire a specialist. Bat removal companies will first inspect your property before they perform bat exclusion. Professionals will also give you some effective suggestions to permanently eliminate bats on your property.

Before hiring a bat removal company, do not forget to check their services offered, website, and reviews.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

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