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Bat Removal From Attics and Homes

Among other pests, bats can cause extreme damage to your home. Thus, you need to learn how to get rid of bats or call professionals to do the work for you.

You don’t want your home to be infested by different creatures, such as bats, rats, snakes, termites, to name a few. Some of these pests could cause damages and benefits at the same time. For example, bats could be your beneficial neighbor when taken care of properly or if your home is located far from other houses.

Did you know that bats could kill thousands of mosquitoes in one hour? Bat Conservation International claimed that bats a single colony of bats could feed on more than 1,200 mosquitoes per hour. Beyond that, other bat species pollinate plants and eliminate beetles, which are beneficial for your crops.

But the damages bring by bats could outweigh its benefits when they are inside your home. For example, if a colony of bats houses your attic, you must get rid of them fast. Bat droppings can bring several problems, such as foul smell and structural damages. Beyond that, they can also grow fungus which could affect your respiratory system.

In that case, you might be asking yourself how to determine if bats inhabit your attic beyond actually seeing them? One way to know if there are bats in your attic is when you smell the pungent odor in that area. The bat’s urine or guano causes this bad odor. You can also hear their sounds during dusk hours and early dawn.

Common FAQ’s About Getting Rid of Bats

1.How to trap bats?

2.How to kill bats?  Is it legal?

3.Will wasp spray kill bats?

4.How to get rid of bats in attic home remedy?

Eliminating Bats From Your Home

Before thinking of the ways to get rid of bats from your property, the first thing you should know is not to use poison. A lot of states enforce a law restricting humans from eliminating bats by poisoning them because they play a big role in the world’s ecosystem.

Since your attic is an enclosed and dark area in your home, female bats will more likely raise their pups there. Bats search for alternative areas that look like a cave when their natural home is overpopulated. You cannot do bat removal during the summer season as female bats born their pups between April to June, and younger bats are not yet capable of flying.

Removing Bats From Attic

When you confirmed that your attic houses colonies of bats, what should you do next? The following are some of the easy and practical ways to keep bats away from your property. Read on to know further.

Use Bat Removal Repellent or Device

A bat repellent or removal device works well if you already determined where the bats stay in your house. A bat excluder has a tube or cone shape that can cover the hole where the bats enter. With this, bats will have a single way to exit your property. Upon leaving during the nighttime, your problem will be solved as they will not be able to return to their hideout.

But since bats come in different sizes, some of them could fit through even the little holes. In that case, it would be hard for you to know where they enter. So, it would be great to install a bat alarm that produces sound to leave the area.

There are several bat removal devices and repellants on the market that you can purchase inexpensively.

Cover Up Even The Tiniest Holes Through The Attic

After all the bats flew away from your property, the next thing you should do is to use caulk and cover up any cracks or holes in the area. Take note that these pests could fit through even in the smallest holes. So, you need to become more diligent to make sure that your previous winged inhabitants will not come back.

Start Cleaning

Wear PPEs such as protective clothes, masks, and gloves before cleaning the mess caused by the bats’ urine. Ensure that these PPEs are easy to clean or disposable.

The first thing to do in cleaning the mess is to dampen the droppings. After that, collect the droppings, put them in a tightly sealed bag, and dispose of them immediately. To finish the cleaning process, disinfect the attic and remove the contaminated insulations. In case there’s damaged wood, ensure to replace it right away to prevent further accidents.

Seek For Professional Help Removing Bats

If you do not know how to remove bats from the attic on your own, the best thing you can do is to call the professionals. Remember, attempting to remove bats from your homes and attic need some skills. Thus, it would be best to call for a reputable pest control agency in your area to do the dirty work for you.


To conclude, bats could cause damage to your property. Beyond that, they can also bring health problems to you and your family members. With that in mind, you must eliminate these pests right after knowing bats are infesting your attic. Consider following the tips we listed above or seek professional help.

If you don’t have the right equipment to perform the bat removal process, hiring a professional pest control agency like us is recommended. Searching for bat removal near me? Synergy2 offers professional help to eliminate different pests inhabiting your property, such as bats, rats, and others. We have state-of-the-art tools to ensure efficient work.

We want to deliver you the best quality work possible. Our company aims to keep our customers satisfied. Synergy2 values your effort, money, and time. So, rest assured that we will do our best to efficiently get rid of the unwanted bats in your home and attic. With us, you do not have to worry about any problems that you may encounter in removing bats with yourself.

At Synergy2, we keep your home free from disruptive pests like bats. We ensure to eliminate them safely. Our team wants to keep you, your family members, and your fur babies safe from the possible health issues brought by bats.

Synergy² Pest Control Jackson MS

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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