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5 Most Commonly Found Pests in Your Kitchen

Pest Management plays a major role in saving food waste and different kinds of diseases and there is no doubt about this fact. In this piece of article, we’ll discuss the top 5 commonly found Pests in the Kitchen.

All workers in a commercial kitchen, restaurant, cafeteria or other eating establishments should make sure that the food given to customers should serve in a groomed way. For both your business and the general public, pests in the kitchen are a serious threat.

To help safeguard the public’s health, the Washington State Department of Health’s Food Safety Program mandates strict cleanliness and hygiene standards for these kinds of kitchens. The required precautions must be taken by these establishments to ward off all insects and pests, according to food safety legislation. Without maintaining these stringent standards of sanitation and hygiene, a variety of bothersome pests would take over these facilities.

What are the Major Signs that Depicts Your Home has a Bug Problem?

If there isn’t a serious problem, you might not instantly notice insects if you’re house hunting or have recently shifted into a new residential space. However, you might be able to tell what kinds of bugs are thereby keeping an eye out for other indications of insect life.

There is a strong possibility that your new house might have bug problems according to a pest expert. Insect holes in wood, hollow galleries in wood, or mud shelter tubes are more of an issue, according to Mills. Serious infestations could result in expensive pest removal charges.

What You Can Do If Your Kitchen Has Bugs Problem?

So, here is the big challenge that how can you overcome the bug problem in your new home’s kitchen that you’ve shifted?

In North America, many of the most prevalent insects are generally safe for people and buildings. Even so, it doesn’t always follow that you want them to remain. You ought to be able to start with a do-it-yourself pest management strategy for insects that don’t infest wood.

The most effective way for getting rid of the bug can change depending on the type of insect. Natural pest management techniques are usually sufficient.

The more serious issue with wood-infesting insects necessitates a more serious response. A licensed pest treatment company inspection is advised if wood-destroying insects, such as termites or old house borers, are found, according to Mills (A Pest Expert). 

List of Commonly Found Pests in Kitchen & Homes

Some of the common pests that can be found in homes are listed below. These are insects that are also can be found in North America.

1 Termite

Termites may cause a great deal of damage in a short period of time, making them possibly the pest that causes homeowners the most terror.

Termites also referred to as “silent destroyers,” can eat through wood, including the posts and beams that support your home. Termites frequently hide beneath the walls where they cannot be seen, but signs that they are present include bubbling paint, mud tubes, and abandoned wings. Contact a pest control specialist right once if you believe or know that your house has termites.

2 Spiders

Even though the majority of spiders in North American homes are not harmful to people, witnessing one can be unsettling.

Since the majority of spiders are solitary creatures, you should be able to handle each one independently. To prevent spiders from entering your home, make sure the seal around any exterior doors or windows is tight and fix any exterior cracks. You can catch and release one if you find one inside. Spiders can serve a helpful purpose within your home, though, as they naturally help with pest management.

3 Cockroaches

Cockroaches have a poor reputation for a reason. If you discover a cockroach in your kitchen, it should worry you as they are known to spread bacteria and are drawn to food.

Cockroaches come in a variety of colors, including reddish brown, black, and brown. They all have flat, oval bodies and lengthy antennae. If you discover one cockroach, chances are it has companions hiding nearby—likely somewhere damp, such under the sink. It gets worse because they reproduce quickly. It may be better to hire a pest control professional if you discover cockroaches in your home.

4 Ants

Ants are the largest annoyance in American homes, claims the National Pest Management Association.

The United States is home to hundreds of different ant species, such as pavement ants, odorous house ants, and carpenter ants. They are especially prevalent during particular seasons and can enter homes through extremely small cracks or crevices. Despite the fact that they can harm wood, carpenter ants are not known to be disease-carrying insects. Clean up any food crumbs or spills right away because a lot of ants are drawn to delicious smells.

5 Mosquitoes

You are already aware of how annoying these blood-sucking insects can be when outside.

You definitely don’t want them to follow you inside your house. In addition to giving itch-causing bites, mosquitoes can spread diseases to both people and animals. Use screens carefully in doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out, and keep an eye out for standing water outside your home where they might be breeding.

A pest control specialist might have some suggestions if you need to step up your defense.

Some Pests Control Tactics for Kitchen

1 Regular Cleaning

Protecting the kitchen from pests is one of the biggest challenges ever. Pests typically thrive in an untidy, wet environment.

Therefore, regular cleaning is the most effective strategy to maintain your home free of pests. Cleaning using a disinfectant cleaner should be done frequently on kitchen counters, nooks, and corners. Every two days, if not every day, the surfaces of shelves, appliances, worktops, etc. should be scrubbed down. 

2 Closing Entries for Pests

The biggest reason of pest entry in your kitchen is the open spaces which is quite true. So make sure you’ve closed unnecessary open entries for pests.

3 Fix the Taps

Leaks and the resulting wetness not only ruin the cabinetry but also serve as a breeding habitat for silverfish, which are tiny insects that can be discovered beneath shelves and in other hidden places. Usually found hiding and reproducing in cutlery drawers, under kitchen sinks, and behind kitchen cabinets.


So far, we’ve discussed the top commonly found pests in the kitchen that you should definitely know. We’ve also discussed about how you can overcome pests in your kitchen?

You can adopt these tips or call an expert for consultation. Managing and protecting your home and kitchen from pests is not an easy task. It takes proper knowledge, Tips and professionals advice.

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Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Barry Pitts, Synergy² Owner

Pharmacist and Synergy² Pest owner, Barry Pitts, is a long-time Madison, MS resident with a passion for applying advanced scientific pest principles to pest control services in the Jackson metro area.  Combining exceptional customer service with cutting-edge pest control technology allows Synergy² to provide residents of the Jackson metro area with the highest levels of pest control available today.

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