Synergy² Industry-Leading Guarantee

Synergy² Termite Technology with up to a 12 Year Guarantee

Don’t put your most valuable asset, your home, at risk to the devastating and often unseen damage from termite infestations. Gaps in the termite barrier around your home can begin around the 5 year mark from the time of the pre-construction termite treatment. Just a single gap in the protective chemical barrier around your home can allow termites in.

How do you protect your home?

1.Always renew the annual termite bond offered by the company that completed the pre-construction termite barrier treatment on your home. The bond guarantees that the company will come back and re-treat at no cost at the first sign of active termites.

2.If you do not have a current termite bond in place, contact a company specializing in termite management and request a termiticide barrier be completed around your home. Barrier treatments are guaranteed for one year and then annually renewable(called a termite bond) after that for a certain number of years.

Synergy² is one of a select group of termite companies nationwide that can offer no-dig soil injection barrier treatments. With no messy digging around your home and precise application of the industry leading termiticide, Termidor, termites don’t stand a chance. The use of Termidor allows Synergy² to offer one of the longest guarantees available on the market today, 12 years with annual termite bond renewal!