Lawn Care

Core Aeration

The most overlooked and essential component in overall turf health and maintenance? Core Aeration. Thatch and heavy clay soils combine to choke out your lawn’s ability to absorb water, oxygen, and nutrients. Annual core aeration can significantly improve your lawn’s overall appearance and health.

Weed Control

How frustrating is it to spend valuable weekend time spraying your lawn weeds, only to see more weeds emerge the following week? Synergy² can help! The foundation of an effective weed control program is the consistent use of pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent herbicides form a barrier in the soil that can kill weeds as they emerge through the barrier. We utilize a series of four pre-emergent applications over the course of the year to significantly reduce breakthrough weeds. For existing weed control, Synergy² applies the latest and most effective professional post-emergent herbicide combinations to rid your lawn of unsightly weeds.


The application of Synergy² high quality slow-release granular fertilizers promotes the development of deep roots and overall turf health. Healthy, thick turf helps choke out weeds and requires less overall maintenance and irrigation.